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Teaching with mobile devices: FAQs [part 1]

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in class, you’re swimming against the tide. Question 2: Some schools invest in class sets of tablet computers to get around this issue. There are the purely technical issues such as devices not working or not connecting to the school wifi.

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Mobile Learning #5: A Case Study

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Or: Mobile learning in your high school]. Imagine you are the principal of a high school in the USA. Students are constantly bringing their mobile phones and iPods to school. But the kids keep finding ways to sneak them into class.

Online Educa Berlin 2010 Keynote: Building Networked Learning Environments


Our focus is to ensure the City's current school building programmes delivers flexible, inclusive learning spaces that support the transformation of education - raising standards, and improving the life chances and wellbeing of all our learners. It's in this context - although there are many other drivers and benefits - that schools have a powerful and essential role to play in supporting and modelling the use of technology.

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