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Joitske Hulsebosch

A wonderful way of looking at the often mentioned problem of 'information overload'. If I say I'm reading and following 100 blogs people are really shocked and I quickly add that they don't have to. These networks may be formal as well as informal.

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Social Business Is People to People Business – The Iberia Story


As part of the series of “ Social Business Is People to People Business “, here’s the next take of what living social is all about. I mean, so easy to keep your customers informed about what’s happening, right?

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Blog>> The Information Lifecycle

Green Chameleon

These thoughts are very valid for global activities, though we are starting in our company to look at a second approach: implement knowledge sharing in people’s daily activities without imposing additional work. With the right setup people will be self-motivated to engage in knowledge management. The base for this approach is to look at the ‘Information Lifecycle’, how is information created from first drafts to published final documents.

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Organizational Entropy and Information Abuse

Evolving Web

My friend Jay Fienberg left a comment at the end of my Intellectual In-Breeding post that raised this point: I think this is an interesting idea, but either overstated or in need of more exploration: "Information is, by its very nature, subversive.

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Stimulating informal learning in organisations

Joitske Hulsebosch

It is estimated that professionals learning informally for 80% or even 94%. As Harry Vos states in his dutch blog "more formal or workshop learning supports informal learning and not the other way around ". The European PILIP project has created a website about informal learning.

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Productivity Tips on Presentations: Inform, Inspire and Motivate


In fact, I had a total blast with that experiment, to the point where nowadays I am much more inclined towards not doing any kind of slideware and instead just delivering a speech where I can sense, experience and fully live that people-to-people conversation that I have been missing all along.

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Open Business – From Document-Centric to People-Centric Collaboration


Essentially, making the successful transition from content is king to people AND their conversations are king. Such presentations can be sent around so that even other people can speak to the same ‘powerpoints’. People become unnecessary.

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Twitter is Not a Social Network

Alchemy of Change

Just because a service connects people doesn’t automatically mean we should call it a “social network.&# What’s more important is what the service actually does with all those connected people. Yes, Twitter connects people – lots of people.

That Guys An Asshole Two Stories of Information Hoarding

Evolving Web

It was possible for nearly 200,000 people to show up during concurrent events. We had created a system to guide people to parking and to dynamically move police, roadblocks and traffic revisions based on available parking and pedestrian movements.

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Informal volunteering continues to decline


We now have Citizenship survey figures for informal volunteering for the first half of the present year (April - September) and the decline ought to be of real concern to policy makers. I've suggested before that this trend might just be a bit critical in terms of care for older people.

State of the Net 2012 – People Tweet Tacit Knowledge – Part Two


Truly enjoyed his definition of such concept as well as that other notion that we all live in a state of messy-coherence, although I won’t be saying much more on it, other than encouraging those folks in favour of management, and managing things and people, in general, to go and have a watch.

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For Opelousas/Lafayette LA Tourist Information: St. Landry Parish Visitor Information Center

Portals and KM

Landry Parish Visitor Information Center. Tomorrow and over the two following weekends I will be writing about what I found in terms of music, food, countryside, and welcoming people. His actions were typical of what I encountered from many people.

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Blog>> Knowledge Sharing Activities in People’s Daily Work

Green Chameleon

In my previous entries and at many other locations we discussed that it would be significantly beneficial if knowledge sharing activities of people are not an additional task but an integral part of their daily work. Many platforms - digital or not - require that people access another tool or step out of their daily routine. Integrating knowledge sharing into people’s daily work would be without doubt a strong driver for user adoption.

Social networks and informal support: the big shift for policy


It’s obvious that informal support and social networks can be critical to the way society looks after its members. When people can use their social networks to get support without going through formal agencies, there are social and economic benefits.

IBM’s Lotusphere 2011 Highlights – People-Centric vs. Content-Centric by Louis Richardson


Welcome to the successful transformation from a content-centric organisation to a people-centric one! People-Centric vs. Content-Centric: A Copernican revolution needed to become a social business from louis richardson on Vimeo. . .

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The Metamovement: Moving Beyond Marches and People in the Street

How to Save the World

Since it only needs to be agreed to by consensus if it is put forward as a proposal at a General Assembly, does this encourage people to circumvent the collective decision-making process by just saying “I’m going to do this — who’s with me?”

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People Powered Change needs ppchange communications

Social Reporter

The launch of Big Lottery’s People Powered Change, which I wrote about earlier and have just attended, generated the usual mixed reaction online and in the room from romantics, boosters and critics. For People Powered Change to succeed, it needs People Powered Communications.

Innovation: Less Structure, More Informal Collaboration #collaboration #innovation #cycling

Michael Sampson - Currents

The breakthroughs came through informal / chance encounters: " In other words, innovation is less a product of structured processes and more a result of informal conversations. It may be as simple as hiring great people, making sure they meet one another, and letting them talk. ". Carol comments on a recent MIT study that found that 80% of breakthrough innovations didn't occur in training sessions or formal meetings.

10 messages in planning digital engagement with young people

Social Reporter

Below are 10 messages to consider in planning any project using digital technology to engage young people and address the key challenges they face. Tim writes at : This Thursday we brought together a fantastic crowd of 25 thinkers, social entrepreneurs, funders, youth workers and young people at the RSA in London to explore some of the messages that had been emerging so far in our Young People and Digital Technology exploration. Who are the young people?

10 messages in planning digital engagement with young people

Social Reporter

Below are 10 messages to consider in planning any project using digital technology to engage young people and address the key challenges they face. Tim writes at : This Thursday we brought together a fantastic crowd of 25 thinkers, social entrepreneurs, funders, youth workers and young people at the RSA in London to explore some of the messages that had been emerging so far in our Young People and Digital Technology exploration. Who are the young people?

How helpful is journalism for People Powered Change? Further thoughts.

Social Reporter

People need to share stories and tips, chat about what’s worked for them and what hasn’t, and get some help in filtering the mass of information evolving online.

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Monitoring informal learning with a Learning Record Store

Joitske Hulsebosch

The teacher may use this information to adapt his class teachings. Especially if you have the ambition to monitor both formal and informal activities of employees it might be useful. However, someone commented that many people have lost their diploma from school or university.

2016 11

If Teaching is Relational, How Does That Inform Online Teaching?

Full Circle Associates

” I keep pointing to the importance of practice, context , reflection, informal learning. Treat people like real, human beings. I was in my car the other day, thinking about all the workplace learning projects I’m currently involved in.

How Our Narratives Inform Our Hopes for Change

How to Save the World

Eric’s point is that the markedly different positions staked out by well-meaning, informed people on this issue stem from their different worldviews — the way they see our human culture operating and functioning, how they perceive the world really works.

The Information Needs of Communities

Alchemy of Change

The report is called “The Information Needs of Communities: The Changing Media Landscape in a Broadband Age &# and it’s not your typical government bureaucracy report. What prompted the FCC’s interest in the information needs of communities?

State of the Net 2012 – People Tweet Tacit Knowledge – Part One


2012 40

Public Policy and the Idea of the Vietnamese State: The Cultural Political Economy of Domestic Water Supply

Net-Map Toolbox

A Net-Map study on formal and informal water governance in Vietnam , by Nadine Reis and Peter P.

2015 29

BIG’s People Powered Change may catalyse a more bottom-up big society

Social Reporter

With the launch this week of People Powered Change , the Big Lottery sets out its plans for a distinctive niche in the Big Society agenda , supporting local bottom-up community projects. The People Powered Change site offers a question and answer page that provides some insights into the policy behind the initiative: What is People Powered Change? BIG Lottery Fund is refreshing its England wide portfolio of programmes around the concept of People Powered Change.

2011 41

Influencer Programs: How to Engage Smart People Outside Your Organization

Ant's Eyeview Blog

One of the most powerful concepts from the popular book, Wikinomics is the notion that there are more smart people outside your organization than inside it, no matter how enormous the organization is.

Enterprise 2.0: Two Success Stories on Connecting People with People to Make a Difference!


Focus on the people and I can guarantee you it will be coming around! right from the start: the opportunity to successfully connect people to people AND make a difference as a result of such serendipitous encounters.

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Informal support: I ask you


JRF has some fascinating work going on at the moment under the heading of ‘ Risk, trust and relationships in an ageing society ’, which includes a theme frequently covered on this blog, ‘everyday, informal support between neighbours, friends, and in communities.’.

Enterprise 2.0 Summit: Learning from Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, Yves Caseau, BASF & More "How People Matter"

21st Century Organization

based Information Week carried a cover story designed to capture attention with the headline " Enterprise Social Networks: Dislike ". Surrounded by really smart, disciplined business thinkers, Enterprise 2.0 Summit Paris February 7-8 2012 was the place to be. .

2012 31

Informal networks save public money


I was struck by it partly because I’ve recently been writing about the interdependence of informal and formal care (this used to be called ‘interweaving’).   Older people The Neighbourhood Network schemes in Leeds have an enviable reputation.

40 Maps that wil help you make sense of the world

Net-Map Toolbox

Net-Maps often tell the story of formal and informal connections between people and how they influence a given outcome. International development musings Other people''s work Uncategorized maps other people''s work population density telling a story

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Sharing information

Viv Mcwaters

Increasingly, I’m being asked this question of face-to-face meetings: “How can we make sure people have received our information unless we do a presentation?” Those asking it do indeed have important information that they have for others.

In Frankfurt Enterprise 2.0 = Organizational Change & People Challenges

21st Century Organization

Implementing enterprise social software platforms is changing organizations but that's a topic not being discussed widely in adopting companies because people don't like change. . is about People.

10 Ways to Help Your People Shine

How to Save the World

But we’ve discovered that this Pattern Language is being applied by some of the 2000+ people and organizations using it in ways we had never imagined. Unearth Your Organization’s Shared Values (and those you share with the people using your products and services).

What Can You Do When Information Leaks from a Private Forum?

Managing Communities

Private forums are meant to be private – the information contained within is supposed to only be for the people who have access to that forum. But, people don’t always respect this fact and eventually, you may have someone leaking private information to people who shouldn’t have it. photo credit: Vivian Chen [???]

2012 13

The future of online sharing is mobile, appified and people-centred

Social Reporter

I first posted this on , where John popham and I are blogging for Big Lottery Fund about development of People Powered Change. I wanted to find whether experience in the private and public sector could be useful in development of People Powered Change as a knowledge-sharing space. This year Steve is again chairing the Online Information Conference.

The hidden wealth of informal activities


And really, one can’t help thinking that poor people just have to work harder, it’s not good enough, let’s see what else we can plunder from them. Start with people explored the connections within and beyond civil society that are forged in community organisations.