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Specifically, President Obama and his economic team are relying on findings in behavioral economics to make people break old habits and adopt behaviors that are better for them and society. I believe that leaders of traditional and virtual teams who are interested in bringing about change can learn from this article. If virtual teaming is being planned, then provide training on how to work in a virtual team, something that is often overlooked.

"Social sites are building the database for the planet"

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Thanks to Melinda Meyer Moses , I was able to attend the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium yesterday. Although I wasn't able to sit in for the whole day, I was able to catch a few excellent sessions, including the one on virtual organizations (you'll have to scroll to find it on the agenda) where Simon Crosby , Citrix's CTO for Virtualization and Management, dropped quite a few gems. abbielundberg Virtualization threatens IT's existence - Simon Crosby, Citrix #mitcio.

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GeekDoctor: Leading by clicking around

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I'm doing a webcast on virtual leadership in a couple of weeks for eighty people, all situated virtually and all around the world. In preparing for the webcast, I asked a few questions of one of my virtual leadership role models, John Halamka , CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, whose answers I thought others would enjoy seeing: Q: You're on the move constantly.    My goal is to reduce the hours spent in airports through more virtual work Q.

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Blogging for IT Leadership: Future of Work Enabled

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I Can’t Fill This Job helps CIOs who are struggling to fill IT jobs see that the right candidate may be right under their noses. Who You Calling Virtual? questions what the real problem is with virtual teams and provides some tips on making dispersed teams successful.

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Small Team Collaboration: Seven Key Beliefs To Work As A Great Team

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Small Team Collaboration: Seven Key Beliefs To Work As A Great Team What makes great teams be such? Is it a matter of coincidental matters that some teams perform systematically above average or being a high performance team is due to specific traits of those that make the team up? Great high performing teams leverage strong shared beliefs and goals among other key characteristics to perform systematically above others.

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In a virtual world, what do we mean by “Community”? « Driving innovation in a digital world

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Home About Archives Driving innovation in a digital world Feeds: Posts Comments In a virtual world, what do we mean by “Community&# ? For a virtual community to survive, some key ingredients are required: A common, stated purpose (affinity). This isn’t stuff for the CIO.

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Ten leading platforms for creating online communities | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

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Whether you’re on the business side, in IT, or are just trying to build virtual teams around shared goals, online communities are rapidly becoming a popular way to organize people and accomplish work in a highly collaborative manner. This is because community forms the foundation and virtual tent within which network-based collaboration occurs.

A Journey In Social Media: Passion: The Secret Ingredient?

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We spend a lot of time as a team debating why certain people are getting proficient at social media (or 2.0 In a conversation I had with my CIO, I expressed how working on one of our first large-scale social computing applications had to be one of the best experiences Ive ever had. And after some pondering, I explained because everyone that was on the team (which by the way were all volunteers) were there because they wanted to be there.

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Collaborative Thinking: Building a Culture of Collaboration

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The opportunity for HR teams to redefine themselves (from an administrative function to a strategic partner for other business units) is immense given shifting employee demographic trends and the battle for talent in the marketplace that will occur over the next decade. KPMGs top HR executive is a member of the firms knowledge advisory team, Armacost notes. This link will bring you our team page.

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Implementing the Cisco Collaboration Framework

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review team—which included members from. technologies such as virtual workspaces, social networking tools, web conferencing. and virtual companies), have put collaboration in. tools, including blogs, virtual workspaces, wikis, desktop video, telepresence conferences, web. teams—and thesecapabilities make the basics of. foundation for virtual, global teams. Wikis, blogs, virtual workspaces, video. to group or team in a collaborative setting.