Facebook Developers | Integrating Facebook Chat Everywhere

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Every day people send more than two billion chat messages to each other on Facebook. Facebook Chat now supports Jabber/XMPP , the open standard for instant messaging. Now developers can integrate Facebook Chat with their Web-based, desktop, or mobile instant messaging products. Facebook Developers | Integrating Facebook Chat Everywhere. Finally. certainly took a while. Interesting given discussion of Facebook offering traditional email services as well.

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Technology Stewardship: App Integration Testing

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So I went searching for a white board or pinboard app that had Slack integration. Why the integration? and Slack integration. We used the chat to discuss the string. I wonder if it has Slack integration? Good question about why integrate.

Moxie Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Offered on premises or in the cloud, Moxie Software’s Knowledge Spaces™, Email Spaces™, Chat Spaces™, Web Self-Service Spaces™, CoBrowse Spaces™ and Social Media Spaces™ are immediately available to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ?

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BroadVision’s Clearvale Offers Integrated Enterprise Social Networking Platform

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However, these are often different programs using different tools that are not integrated.   You can create separate networks for each group but manage them as an integrated system. If they had done both he asked how many have integrated the two.

Facebook IM Integration

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First thought: If Meebo can integrate with XMPP systems - why can't Microsoft? Second thought: Why hasn't IBM integrated with Facebook's XMPP-based IM system? Third (and last) thought: Given Cisco's acquisition of Jabber and efforts with WebEx Connect - you would imagine integration with Facebook as well. meeblog » Blog Archive » MySpaceIM, Facebook Chat, and Meebo! meeblog » Blog Archive » MySpaceIM, Facebook Chat, and Meebo!

Socialtext Continues to Focus on Workplace Integration

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Eugene said that when Socialtext Signals and its microblogging capability, was introduced in 2008 the focus was on integration from the start. Socialtext wanted to enable more than water cooler chat. As I wrote in my 2010 interview with Ross Mayfield, it is fully integrated with the complete Socialtext platform. I recently added in a post, Putting Social Media to Work , this integration is what enterprise 2.0

Technology Stewardship: App Integration Testing

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So I went searching for a white board or pinboard app that had Slack integration. Why the integration? and Slack integration. We used the chat to discuss the string. I wonder if it has Slack integration? Gareth Marland) Good question about why integrate.

Persistent Group Chat in Office Communications Server R2

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Parlano's leading product, MindAllign, delivered "persistent group chat". With OCS R2 launched in February 2009 that mystery has been resolved: Persistent Group Chat - Downloadable Data Sheet. Persistent Group Chat - Downloadable PowerPoint (Features Overview). Persistent Group Chat - Interview With Demo . Persistent Group Chat - Official OCS R2 Launch Video. Note: Select "Breakout Sessions" from the top menu, then select "Introducing Group Chat in OCS" .

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A Great Example of Collaborative Tools Being Integrated into an Appropriate Way of Working

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What I really liked in David’s article was his explanation of how they have integrated their physical working world (and the use of private offices with collaborative physical places) with the use of online collaborative tools: We are an online company: we’ve been remote from day one and still to this day over half of the team (aside from sales) works from home. The only way to make that work is to keep the nexus of activity online: in chat rooms, Google Hangouts, Trello boards, etc.

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Collaborative Thinking: Integrating SharePoint And Confluence

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It would be valuable for Microsoft to continue down this path of providing well-defined and public interfaces (as opposed to vendor point-to-point deals) so that other blog and wiki vendors could integrate with the platform.

Integrating online and face-to-face participation in a community of practice

Jenny Connected

For whole group activities and presentations we are connected through Adobe Connect where we see them on video ( projected on to a large screen ), and can use the chat room and their sound comes to us through Skype. In this sense the online and face-to-face participation is integrated and it has been noted that it has taken us all less than four days to get used to this way of working. Is it possible to integrate the learning?

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Top 10 Twitter-LinkedIn Integration Takeaways

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Take for example the recent integration of LinkedIn with Twitter. Small talk and chit-chat are the norm on Twitter. The Twitter-LinkedIn integration helps LinkedIn by adding new life and meaning to its neglected status-update function and by adding much more dynamic content to the site as a whole. The Twitter-LinkedIn integration helps Twitter by attracting new professional users from LinkedIn who were previously too skeptical to join.

The Principled Approach 2

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But research studies aside, the million dollar questions for teachers are: How do I to integrate technology into my classroom? This can be informal training via contact with fellow teachers, either online through social or personal learning networks, or chatting in the staff room.

Tips for facilitators in Ning

Joitske Hulsebosch

Integration of external pages You can use external pages and make them a tab in your ning. Chat option. Though I ticked the chat function, I don't really see it working. What you can do is integrate an external chat function like meebo and embed it in the ning site.

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Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Unified Communications & Collaboration Keynote

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New: Ericsson integrating with Sametime - click on a name and start a call and then move call into a conference, onto a mobile phone or traditional phone, etc. New: NEC also integrating its telephony server with Sametime. Nortel will see and integrate Sametime as well.

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Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Social Computing Chess Match

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Previously, Microsoft had integrated with Socialtext as well. Yes, IBM has wiki technology and you can integrate Notes, QuickR and Sametime with Connections - but for purposes of this post, Im looking at Connections in a turnkey way.

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Skype as a community platform

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If you are a technology steward, it’s not only a great tool but it’s also a handy example for illustrating some of the use and integration issues that we have to deal with and be able to talk about. Chat: SMS and alert. Chat is one of the most versatile tools we have.

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Moxie Software Adds Better Mobile Support to Customer Spaces

Michael Sampson - Currents

Furthermore, Moxie Software is also adding XMPP support for chat – an open protocol that will make it easy for popular chat client’s or web service to integrate with Customer Spaces’ chat. Moxie Software added better support for mobile devices to Customer Spaces, a customer service application: Moxie Software™ is extending its powerful Knowledgebase that crosses all channels of communication to mobile platforms.

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Moxie Software and Microsoft Partner to Enhance Customer Service Capabilities

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See –  Moxie Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM ).  In March, Moxie announced full integration with MSFT Lync to further strengthen their contact center capabilities. Lync provides integrated voice, IM, screen sharing chat, and more.

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Windows Phone (2011)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Key ideas are: - Integration between the same conversation that's happening across multiple apps (eg., text, Facebook chat, instant messaging). - I like the concept of integrating conversation fragments from across multiple apps into a unified view.

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Notes on INV103 Social Communications Strategy and the IBM Sametime Roadmap

Michael Sampson - Currents

There's a number of sessions here at IBM Connect about the use of Sametime in organizations, and the integration into business processes. Integrates with Connections for uploading files directly into the meeting. Special call out to Arkadin (voice conferencing added to Sametime), Epilio (to integrate PGI audioconferencing with Sametime), Cisco (for telephony, done some interface simplification), and others. Tight integration with IBM Connections.

List of 3rd Party Social Media Tools #Blab #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

This list is not exhaustive, just what we covered in the 1 hour chat. Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Radian6) for CRM integration.

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Convofy Provides Comprehensive Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networking

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It is built on the Adobe platform and integrates two distinct realms: person and group-centered social networks and collaboration on digital content.  This integration allows for more comprehensive collaboration. Here is the related chat.

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Skype as a community platform

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If you are a technology steward, it’s not only a great tool but it’s also a handy example for illustrating some of the use and integration issues that we have to deal with and be able to talk about. Chat: SMS and alert. Chat is one of the most versatile tools we have.

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SIKM community presentation

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A Peek at the public back-channel : The SIKM chat in Etherpad and Twiter. John Smith: Peter West’s questions in the chat focuses us on what is NOT being said. How do we integrate the tools and platforms that one community uses (or integrate the outputs that are generated)?

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Moxie Spaces Enhances Customer Engagement

Portals and KM

Moxie has taken this a step further with an integration of these domains. These include email, chat, communities, and a knowledge base. But this is a product that is integrated with the externally facing one.

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Growing ideas and PKMastery workshop


So, when I got back on Twitter, just at the right moment to get an invitation for a Personal Knowledge Mastery workshop by Harold Jarche in Eindhoven, I had all the fun of getting an update from the first hands of someone who was helping ideas to grow further integrating insights of different people. You start to “chat with people as they were your friends” (Dave ) and they eventually become your friends.

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Microsoft’s Intelligent Communications Strategy

Michael Sampson - Currents

Everything that Skype for Business Online used to offer will eventually be integrated into Microsoft Teams, and it will be based on the Skype infrastructure rather than Office Communications Server and Lync in the cloud.

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Weekend Reading 09.12

Michael Sampson - Currents

” New capabilities for Microsoft Teams during October and November: PowerShell management, new usage reports, UK data residency option, new group chat functionalities, improved settings and notifications, and more. There are many people doing interesting work around the world.

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Harmon.ie Provides Social Email to Push Enterprise Collaboration Adoption

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Their presence can be observed and IM, video chat, or email can be sent to them as shown below. Harmon.ie has now released a cross-platform suite of enterprise collaboration products designed to boost user adoption of the dominant enterprise collaboration tools.

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Talking About Social Business with IBM at SXSW

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I talked about the need for integration of both the tools and the people with business processes and added: “And part of that is cultural and part of that is the thought process. I later added: “Which gets to the one other point that I wanted to make about integration.

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Putting Social Media to Work

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For years I saw and wrote that the only knowledge management efforts (where I had direct contact) that were successful were those that were integrated into work processes.  A number of the vendors that I have been talking with are coming to this conclusion and making integration with workflow oriented enterprise apps a priority.  The biggest failure is the lack of workflow integration to  drive culture change.”

KM World 2014: Some Useful Sessions: Thursday, Nov 6

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This interactive session includes a variety of tips shared by our seasoned KM practitioner such as using daily themes, Twitter chats, live tweeting, mentioning people, Twitter lists, integrating Twitter with LinkedIn and Google+, Facebook communities, using LinkedIn connections, Google+ Hangouts and Communities, Google Sites, Foursquare, Quora, SlideShare, SharePoint, Yammer, Pinterest, Storify, About.me, and Divshare.

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Deep conversation needed on BIG’s Ageing Better community platform. How about asking people in for a coffee?

Social Reporter

So the answer to the challenge of how to keep the conversation going could be as easy as “pop in for a chat and a cup of coffee” And tweet it as well. As a small contribution to the online chat I’ll also be posting shorter pieces over on this Known blog that I hope will more easily integrate posts and social media comments.

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CRM Meets Twitter: Will Vendors And Organizations Take The Time To Get It Right?

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Back then, much of the focus was on e-mail response management and chat. SAP demos new Twitter integration By Barney Beal, News Director 18 Jan 2010 | SearchCRM.com.

My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #2


I use it on my iOS devices, but what I like the most about it is that it’s fully integrated with other apps, like Tweetbot , allowing me to go through my Twitter feeds and save for later links shared by my networks that I may find of interest.

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7 Things You Should Know About Backchannel Communication


I can’t remember the exact date when I first took part in a backchannel chat while participating in a virtual event; I guess it must have been a few years back when I first started making use of Lotus Sametime for group chats while at work, back in the early 2000s.

Notes on ID502 What's New in IBM Docs

Michael Sampson - Currents

Integration of Sametime chat. - ECM FileNet integration. Will add more integrations - eg., will also integrate assignment alerts into the Activity Stream in IBM Connections. Integration with Connections Mail. Beyond 2013 - will focus on better integration between Web meetings and co-editing sessions.

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Bitrix Provides Robust Intranet with Social Components

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Finding other employees is augmented through Active Directory and Outlook integration. Whenever an employee is connected to an item, you see the employee profile with the ability to start internal IM style chats and video chats. The IM chats are archived for future access.

How to Enhance TV Viewing with Social Media and Interactivity

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Many consumers view TV while surfing the Web, texting or chatting. Social interactivity (via co-viewership, gaming) : MTV turned TV watching into a gaming experience by inviting viewers during episodes of the The Hills to join chat rooms to write and rate comments. The traditional media people who best integrate with new social media will be the winners. PSFK recently posted on How To Enhance The Viewing Experience, Rather Than Interrupt It.

R and Google Spreadsheets (and the context)

Learning Alliances

Here are some examples of the data issues that pop up for free-standing communities that depend on technology for their existence but are not contained by an organization: The Portland R Users group is just fine using Meetup for chit-chat, scheduling, and sharing resources.

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Archeology and legitimate peripheral participation


As I chatted with archeologists at the location about the value of this experience for the kids, we talked about the parallels of their work and research in general (of course, I had to bring my own archaeology and ethnography in weblog research there ;). In October I went with the kids to join as volunteers for recent excavation in Katwijk. Yesterday there was a follow-up opportunity to join the team, this time to help with identification the findings.

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Can IBM Watson Workspace Save Our Productivity?


As a starting point, we will have Watson Work Services , which means that it will provide an opportunity to be integrated with almost everything that’s out there that would want to tinker around with its open APIs.

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