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Can we role model graphic recording? Part 3 in the series

Full Circle Associates

Background : This is the third of three posts about some recent visual experiences at the 7th Annual GFRAS Meeting in Limbe, Cameroon, where I was invited as their graphic recorder! Thanks, Keerthiraj – also one of our newly minted graphic recorders.

Guest Post: Sylvia Currie’s Reflections on the RosViz Graphic Facilitation Workshop

Nancy White

Nancy’s Note : In July Michelle Laurie and I ran another graphic facilitation workshop in beautiful Rossland, BC, Canada. What happened at the 2011 RosViz Graphic Facilitation Workshop? TED Talk Graphic Scribes. Graphic Facilitation Workshop 2.

Most Viewed Posts First Quarter 2009 - What next?

Nancy White

Want to learn Graphic Recording? Tips for Chat/Talk Show hosts. Harvesting knowledge from text conversation. Online facilitator humor. Faciliplay:Play as an Online Facilitation. I was poking around my WordPress installation this weekend and realized I could see the top posts from the last quarter. I was curious what garnered attention and how that might inform what I write going forward. Well, actually, I’m not that disciplined.

2009 100

Full Circle Associates " Notes from the Seattle Online Community Meetup

John Tropea - Delicious Community

When we talk about having to connect w/ people after the event, it used to mean chat on the phone tomorrow. Have to facilitate it over and over again. We facilitate conversation.