using Australian Vodafone iPhone in Singapore

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Being a cheap kinda gal, I thought I’d blog some key points of setting up my Vodafone iPhone on free wifi and using services in Singapore. change the setting in Carrier back to SGP-M1 (Mobile One). Vodafone link for Postpay don’t blame me if it gets changed.

How Twitter changed to include everyone

Endless Knots

jlipnack Mega thx to @panklam @isaacgarcia @clarashih @billives AND THE BRILLIANT AUDIENCE for #e2conf21 How Twitter Changes Everything!     theRab [link] - #e2conf21 panelists @jlipnack @panklam @isaacgarcia @clarashih @billives #e2conf How Twitter changes everything?!

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Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Read More » How Online Collaboration is Changing Scholarship Brian Pagels in Influence 17 May 2010 It was refreshing to attend a web communications conference where the moderator of the first panel discussion wasnt someone like me: a member of generation X or Y with an English degree who can passionately argue on behalf of his favorite Twitter client, but cant program a lick.

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Feedback from the Cascadia R Conference participants

Learning Alliances

Here are the histograms from the new R skimr package, which suggests that everybody thought the location was great, a few people had problems with WIFI, and keynote topics and overall talk quality was very (but not completely) positive. Satisfaction with Quality of the wifi/internet access.

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Education Technology Action Group consultation


within the schools sector, a seeming reluctance to engage with or countenance these changes as mainstream, and 3. They can play a critical role in BYOD implementation, and support the cultural change this approach represents. Change Communities & Networks Digital Literacy EdTech Events & Meetups

How Am I Doing? Measuring Success in Personal Kanban

Evolving Web

The beauty of both these messages is that small changes make big differences – if they are the right small changes. What do you need to identify the right small changes to increase the will to work better? If you want wifi and code, you design your life to allow wifi and code.

#Movistar Killed the Web Star


Yes, I do, but that’s not been very helpful, either, as I currently have got a 6GB quota allowance per month that, given the kind of work I do, I pretty much basically burn it all out in about 2 to 3 days and, once again, here I am, back to stealing friends’ wifi connections at their own homes.

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The Trials and Tribulations of a Mobile Knowledge Worker in a Social Business World


Well, perhaps time for a wake-up call for all of us social computing evangelists… Change is not happening as fast as what we would have thought and perhaps that is ok. for a wifi service that even at our very own homes is much much better!

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Putting social tech two clicks down

Social Reporter

One of the recurrent bits of conversation around the social media scene is “of course, it’s not about the tools, it’s about people … how they share … changes in culture … challenges to hierarchies&# often followed by “and have you seen this latest iPhone app “ To be fair, there isn’t a total contradiction in that, because smartphones often help us converse, connect, collaborate without a lot of the desktop computer hassle.

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Must Have iPad Apps

Community Guy

Via 3G or WiFi. I’ll bet there’s some stories that will change your mind. Photo Transfer – Transfer your iPad (or iPhone) photos to your computer (if your computer and iPad/iPhone are on the same WiFi network) without having to go through iTunes/iPhoto. As my friends, colleagues, and random strangers have learned, I love apps. I have tested, played, installed/uninstalled a metric ton of apps of various sorts.

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Is social housing (still) sleepwalking into a digital nightmare?

Social Reporter

Research suggests this is partly because of lack of vision, lack of skilled staff and funding and the need for organisational culture change. Back in 2002 a group of us co-authored a book for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation about why social landlords, and their residents, should be concerned about joining the online world both for its benefits and because of the way public services were going digital.

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It’s the Latest, It’s the Greatest, It’s the Library

Hildy Gottlieb

And when Dimitri and I would travel, we would seek out libraries as places to gain instant info about a community (and more recently, free wifi!). In 1967, when I was 10 years old, an ad campaign for libraries swept the nation.

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#Movistar – The Only Boss You Need to Pay Attention To


A surprising and rather refreshing change even, because, in his words, my new boss as a freelancer and independent advisor is no longer my organisation, whatever that may well be, as the traditional hierarchy disappears into thin air since that artificial construct is no longer needed, nor relevant.

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My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #8


At the moment, it’s the main app I use for all of my iPhone photos to be copied across into my MacBook Air, connecting over the same WiFi network, selecting the folder or photos I’d want to move and off it goes.

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A tasty intro to digital – Tea, Toast and T’Internet

Social Reporter

Digital Inclusion Officer Nathaniel Spagni recently installed WIFI in the lounge. Quotes from residents: I was never interested in learning about computers and always thought I’d stick with pen and paper but the demo of tablets has changed my mind.

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The dangers of social media for youth

Joitske Hulsebosch

And there was no wifi so live-blogging was not even an option. Phishing Tips: Change your password every 70 days, using 5 digits 2 3 Unicode characters. The high school of my daughter organised a meeting about "internet and social media".

Green Chameleon » No Longer a (KM4Dev) Virgin … and Catching Up with Social Media

Green Chameleon

I have had conference delegates asking me for the hashtag and sometimes even free wifi so that they can tweet.

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How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


At the time I’m writing this we already have got 16 different episodes now in the books that we host every two weeks where we are trying to change the world to transition from #toomuchemail to #lessemail to #noemail altogether.

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Slowing Down to Pay ATTENTION – the #365 Photo Practice

Full Circle Associates

My own random experiment has already morphed and changed because of posting pictures on Facebook and engaging with people like Eugene. I can’t always post from my phone while overseas, so I did more with my tablet and wifi.

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Lotusphere 2012 Notes: Opening Session Wednesday

Portals and KM

Network readiness - #G and 4G and wifi – they are ready to facilitate the bandwidth. Tim said the semantic web is important as people start to connect you can get disruptive change. You need to be the first with this disruptive change to fully benefit.

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Driving Through Hurricane Sandy To New Orleans

Portals and KM

During the summer I changed my move date to the end of October. I changed from my original route via Scranton, south through the Shenandoah, and passing through scenic eastern Tennessee before going west. Then the strong wind changed to a steady wind.

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Barriers of Social Software Adoption within the Enterprise: It Will Cost You More than You Think!


I probably wouldn’t even change it for anything else. How many times have you been at the airport, waiting for that flight, connected to the WiFi, paying €6-€10 "just to be connected"?

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Notes on Wednesday's Keynote at Lotusphere 2012 - The Future of Social Technology

Michael Sampson - Currents

What changed, and when? - readiness of the network - 3G, 4G, and WiFi. -. To Manoj - what kind of changes are going to take place in the lives and role of the knowledge worker as AI and the semantic web become more pervasive? - (Manoj) It will create growth opportunities from a career perspective. In the medium term, you can drive discontinuous change. To Tim - what about the cultural changes in organization?

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cloudhead - Cooperation vs Collaboration

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

With a little tinkering, off the shelf wifi products will do the job. It’s easy to create small, spontaneous, cooperative networks with wifi, but if you want to join these networks together with decent performance, you need to rely on point to point links to handle the long distance traffic, which by definition, requires collaboration between people on either end of the link. Collaboration isn’t ‘bad’ but it changes the dynamics of the network.

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The week’s tweets

Chris Corrigan

openspace today w/ top researchers and policy people on adverse childhood experiences with an eye to making big policy changes in WA state. #. Lovely space, free wifi, all the tools for a good # openspace [link] #. But if we all work in community from the same information sources we can change things." The gales of November come lashing. #. Lovely train ride down to Seattle, working with my friend Teresa and following the midterm election carnage. #.

Interview with David Allen on Lotus Notes

Michael Sampson - Currents

13m36s What about WiFi in the air? What would be involved in David changing away from Lotus Notes. - In mid-December, I interviewed David Allen from The David Allen Company. The main focus of our conversation was his use of Lotus Notes as a tool to support his work and life.

'50 Ways to Meet Your Neighbour'


The language and issues have not really changed: the style, however, couldn't be much different. And this from Roxanne - networked multi-user games in temporary public wifi spaces.

UC And ROI: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

Collaborative Thinking

Thumbs-Down: The concern I have here is that the total cost of ownership is not clearly outlined, a reasonable TCO model would establish a timeline (say 3 years) and include the total costs, including various weighting factors for planning, operational support, integration costs, help desk, change management, and so on. If instead you use Sametime to make your calls over your WiFi connection, you can avoid these international fees.

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Connected Libraries: project summary and recommendations


Most young people expect the library spaces to offer both digital and physical resources i.e. computers should be available with wifi access. Picture shared under Creative Commons Licence by Skokie Public Library.

My KM World Notes: Enterprise Search Technologies

Portals and KM

However, I asked if the real time capabilities of Twitter were changing those expectations.   The wifi started working so Miles showed us Web sites with good search capabilities.   This is another in a series of notes from the  2009 KM World.    Enterprise Search Technologies  was a preconference workshop. These notes are done near real time so please excuse any typos or spacing issues.

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Online Educa Berlin 2010 Keynote: Building Networked Learning Environments


Making change happen. While we have cheap or free network access in the UK through local libraries, UK online Centres, schools, public wifi provision and internet cafes, personal device ownership and any time access are still salient points. The rise and rise of social networking and media services means that what the majority of people do in their daily lives has changed.

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E L S U A ~ A KM Blog Thinking Outside The Inbox by Luis Suarez » Successful Social Networking for Business Collaboration by Ed Brill

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

I guess Lotusphere is far from the only conference struggling with on-site wifi…both Web 2.0 Changes, Changes, Changes.

How to: 5 Steps for hosting a successful online event


Some users are more savvy with Twitter and wikis, while others need help just accessing the conference wifi network. You never know what you'll find on-the-ground at a conference site and you may need to change your strategy depending on people's access to the Internet, their comfort with the tools, etc.

Online Community Unconference 2007 / Online Community Unconference 2007

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Conference wifi is found on the open network "workshop" Wiki Index Schedule See the complete Schedule. Socialtext Mobile Settings Help Log in Register Search this workspace: Home People.lists the people you are following. You must register or be logged in to use this feature. Workspaces.lists the workspaces you belong to. You must be logged in to see your list. Workspace: Online Community Unconference 2007 Whats New Weblogs Loading.

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