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Roles in communities of practice

Joitske Hulsebosch

Does a learning community or community of practice need roles to function well? What roles can you distinguish? Formal or informal roles?

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The changing role of the online teacher

Jenny Connected

What is a teacher’s role? Is there a role for automated teachers? and by implication ‘What is our role?’. 2013). 2014, p.62).

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The Changing Role of the Learning Facilitator

Jenny Connected

It seems to me that these two approaches, i.e. one on learning, the other on business, could affect the role of the facilitator. Do you see these new developments as creating possibilities for your role or as putting you out of business? The convenor’s role is to provide the learning space and invite people into it.

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How ‘Engagement Roles’ Blur Organizational Boundaries

Alchemy of Change

Engagement roles ” are one way to do that. Engagement roles blur the line between what’s inside an organization and what’s outside it.

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Competencies for Effective Societal Change Systems

Networking Action

To be effective, Societal Change Systems (SCSs) develop seven roles that require distinct competencies. Academically these roles are usually … Net DevThis conclusion arises from a large amount of research by many people, including work that I’ve done with Global Action Networks.

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Literature Review: Improving Work Practices in Times of Change

Collaborative Thinking

Improving Work Practices in Times of Change. Social roles are represented by the actions people perform in certain situations (e.g.,

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Can Cloud Computing Elevate the Role of IT, Making It More Strategic?

Portals and KM

Here is an interesting study by IDG that found that cloud computing is enabling a more central role for IT in shaping business strategy and driving innovation. The vast majority (96 percent) believes that the primary role of IT has changed over the past five years, and 71 percent feel the trend to continue over the next two years. 

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Looking at Middle Management’s Role in Business Software Decisions

Portals and KM

  So this study looked at the current role of middle managers in software purchases.   Without a baseline from prior years, it is hard to tell if this role is increasing due to the changing market factors.  Here is a report that asks an interesting quesion. "  They start with an interesting point.

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Changing IT Mindsets From Deployment To Adoption

Collaborative Thinking

To make up for the shortsightedness, we respond (after the solution has been deployed and after the project has officially ended) with governance programs, user experience enhancements, change management processes, and community outreach efforts. We used to love e-mail back in the nineties – now we know hold it in disregard. The point? value.

Teams, technology and change

Joitske Hulsebosch

It is a good model to use when you're dealing with a change in which technology plays a role. We organized a teamhackathon.

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White Label Online Change Management Game (cohort) from Bioteams Design

The Bumble Bee

You can also totally customise the change scenario and the executive profiles. Business Simulation

Consumer No More: How the Web Changes Us

Alchemy of Change

The web has changed a lot of things about the way we consume media. Now to be fair, the web does change a few things about advertising.

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How the poor adapt to climate change in Kenya and Ethiopia

Net-Map Toolbox

… and what role their formal and informal networks play in this. Farmers in Ethiopia (picture credit Stevie Mann, ILRI).

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Behavior change strategy cards (from Artefact)

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

change. changing people’s behaviors. To use the cards Identify a behavior you’d like the change. Influence of fantasy ability on attitude change through role playing. How might we help users role-play. either role-played the persuader or the. to change the way they actually. Behavior. strategy.

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How helpful is journalism for People Powered Change? Further thoughts.

Social Reporter

million programme of news hubs for local communities, which I reported here and here. I’ll ask. The pilot sites are private.

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Guest Post: Adejare Amoo on an Industrialist’s Role in eLearning in Africa

Nancy White

Adejare’s role was to illuminate how business can be part of innovating in eLearning in Africa. Read on! And thanks to Adejare!

In Frankfurt Enterprise 2.0 = Organizational Change & People Challenges

21st Century Organization

e20s was a management rather than technology conference, with organizational impact and change the elephant in the room. W00t!". Enterprise 2.0

Reflections on Community Manager Appreciation Day

Online Community Strategy

The intention of #CMAD is to raise awareness about the role of the Community Manager, and to recognize the hard working women and men who support this role for their organizations. Specifically, I hope that Community Management is seen as a role, as well as an intention (to form and nurture a network of relationships).

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Changing the World One Idea at a Time


You know that summer is almost gone when September comes along in full force, work peaks up again a notch or two, and conference month kicks in.

2013 21

Blog>> Social Media and a Changing China

Green Chameleon

Fascinating TED talk on how China is changing and the role social media plays in its evolution

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Complementary Roles of Tablets, Smart Phones, and Television

Portals and KM

A recent article by Clayton Morris, Study Reveals Changing Role of iPads, Tablet PCs found that 70 percent of tablet owners and 68 percent of smart phone owners use their devices while watching television. Now bed is one of the places I watch TV, the other is in my office next to my laptop. At least that is my view.

How Our Narratives Inform Our Hopes for Change

How to Save the World

Do we need to believe that the economics of oil production will be the key driver in changing our economy and how we live? by which we live.

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Teaching with technology: changing roles

Jenny Connected

My third question in this series (from the list I posted) is: How has your role changed as a result of working with technology? Recently – it hasn’t changed a lot, since I have been working and teaching online for a number of years now. Could I be in a rut when technology is changing so fast?

Three roles of a facilitator

Michelle Laurie

Thank you International Institute for Facilitation and Change. Still, it’s worth the watch! Uncategorized Facilitation metaphors

Building Social Business: The Seven Types of Social Roles in Employee Communities

John Tropea - Delicious Community

One of the key parts of the framework is the 7 types of social roles are lurker, learner, connector, moderator, organizer, teacher, super-user. The moderator can have some subtle recognition systems in their control to make people into role models - to trigger more desired behaviors. community roleand Organization Development.

SXSW Notes: Content As a Means for Social Change

Portals and KM

This is the session on Content As a Means for Social Change led by Biz Stone, CCO/Co-founder, The Obvious Corporation and Brian Sirgutz, SVP, Social Impact, AOL/Huffington Post. As social and Internet entrepreneurs search for ways to effect IRL social change by using online tools and platforms, the focus has been on social media.

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What’s in a Role? Another relic of the industrial age?

Governance in a Networked World

How should roles be described? More importantly, how does one assess whether a role is being performed adequately or not?

Does Anger Motivate Change?

Hildy Gottlieb

What part does anger play in creating change — personal change, organizational change, social change?

Technology: the potential role of blogs in changing development

Joitske Hulsebosch

ODI has started a blog with commentary from leading development experts. Enrique Mendizabal blogged about blog development, blogs. He sees the value of blogs and other social technologies to bridge the IT gap between resource rich civil society organisations (CSOs) in developed countries and those in developing countries.

Role of facilitation in disaster recovery

Viv Mcwaters

Back in 2006 BB (Before Blogging) I attended a training course for facilitators on the role of facilitation in disaster recovery. And I thought that the role of the facilitator began only after disasters. At the time I said it was probably the most significant training I’d ever done as a facilitator. Boy, was I wrong!

Predictable Success, Truth Telling, Dealmakers, and Ecosystems: Highlights from the Inc 5000 Conference

Partnering Resources

exactly – hold the role of dealmakers. Business Ecosystems and Change. Business Ecosystems Change Navigation Leadership

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10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

Last week I had the pleasure of providing my final virtual webinar for the first of the UN’s KM Online blended learning programme. Slipstream.

What can knowledge interventions contribute to development?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Or if you'd like to call this knowledge too, then I would like to clearly distinguish it from 'actionable knowledge', knowledge that leads to changing practices. A lot of research never gets transformed into changing realities. Rather, I look with a learning lens knowledge and change. So how to close this gap?

Monday Morning Rock Out: Building a Movement for Change

Hildy Gottlieb

Each of us has the power, right now, to be the change we want to see. What change will you show the world is possible, just by your actions?

BIG CHANGE Webinar Series Starts Today

Nancy White

For the last two years I have been part of Nexus for Change. This year we decided to take a break from the work of putting on a F2F gathering and a subgroup has been preparing for some online work, this time in the form of the BIG CHANGE Webinar Series. Go to and click on Big Change to register.

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100+ Tried & True Problem-Solving Tools

Partnering Resources

It helps leaders gain a clearer map of positions and people affecting the change process. What tool do I use? Simple Problem-Solving Tools.

2016 15

My KM World Notes: The Role of Social Techniques in Search & How It Impacts Your Organization

Portals and KM

    It is titled:  The Role of Social Techniques in Search & How It Impacts Your Organization by   Charlene Li ,    P artner, Altimeter Group.  She said search will change to provide more social content both inside the enterprise and on the Web. There are three ways search will improve.

Democracy undergoing change


It's not abandonment, it's pursuit. Because it's already reflecting a new empowerment of horizontal networks. It's a critical moment.

Nice Press for AppGap on Future Changes

Portals and KM

Future Changes has a series on blogs to watch in 2009. The post said that AppGap is: “A blog about the future of work and the role new tools play in addressing age-old problems. Stewart Mader, the author of Future Changes blog is also the author of the books Wikipatterns and Using Wiki in Education.

Social media changes the local landscape

Social Reporter

Two conversations in Manchester this week deepened my understanding of the changes social media is bringing to communication at local level - and the potential for new collaborations between journalists and community activists. More on that later. This could help fuel the development of local content and conversations. Who else?