Newsgator Integrates Social Software into Core Work Process

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I have written about NewsGator on a number of occasions (see for example:  NewsGator Enhances its Social Sites 2010 Platform for SharePoint ). NewsGator is a long time Microsoft partner for enterprise social on SharePoint with millions of active users of its Social Sites offering.

Telligent Releases an Integrated Suite of Collaboration Tools with High Powered Metrics | The AppGap

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s products also includes enhancements that address the issues that have impeded the adoption of community-driven collaboration technologies in the enterprise, such as integration with existing business applications, manageability, ease-of-use, measurability and ROI.

The AppGap » Connectbeam Offers New Social Networking Application Integration Possibilities : News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

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Connectbeam Offers New Social Networking Application Integration Possibilities by Bill Ives April 28, 2008 at 8:07 am · Filed under Reviews Recently, I had a chance to catch up with Puneet Gupta, CEO of Connectbeam. We saw a demonstration of Connectbeam integration with Sharepoint.

Congratulations to Lewis Silkin on SharePoint-based Document Management

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I met with Jan Durant and Carol Skinner for an demonstration of their document management system for SharePoint. A few years ago they determined that their current document management system (Open Text DM 5) was not up-to-scratch, and decided they could do better by building their own in SharePoint 2007. It took them 3 years, with some problems during the development due to design limitations in SharePoint 2007 (2000 items per folder was a particular problem).

2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions eBook Now Available

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I have covered them several times on the TheAppGap (for example see: Awareness Summer 08 Release Brings Sharepoint Integration and New Features ). It aims to prepare business leaders and marketers alike for the changes about to impact brands of all sizes in the coming year. The continued growth of mobile -- smart phones as the primary device to access the web and use social -- will totally change the game for social marketing,” Debi Kleiman.

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Opening Keynote at the SharePoint Conference in Auckland

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Day one of the SharePoint Conference in Auckland is kicking off, with a two-hour Microsoft keynote. lots of global / macro changes – connectedness of things, borderless business, devices, unpredictable change (need to be more resilient to changes), etc. -

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News Updates (June 19, 2009)

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Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator 2.0. of its SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes. Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator extends the Lotus Notes platform to include SharePoint, integrating Lotus Notes email and Sametime instant messaging with SharePoint document sharing, calendar, and team collaboration features. introduces new features that enable users to: (1) Manage SharePoint team events from the Lotus Notes 8.5

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News Updates (September 9, 2009)

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Nuance released Paperport 12, with new features and SharePoint integration. PaperPort Professional 12 is able to communicate with the Microsoft SharePoint Services 2003, SharePoint Portal 2003, SharePoint Services 2007 and SharePoint Server 2007 document management systems. For added convenience, ScanDirect supports scanning to PDF with the results directed to SharePoint. PaperPort 12.

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News Updates (February 9, 2010)

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LotusLive Labs will be available, with a range of pre-production services that are fully integrated with LotusLive, later this year. Co-Working. Co-working provides an opportunity for people working remotely from work to still have time with others.

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2009: Planning Considerations For Enterprise 2.0

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SharePoint Next": Call, Raise Or Fold. Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) is a disappointing platform for social computing in my opinion. Still, many organizations are deploying SharePoint for many valid reasons unrelated to E2.0 NewsGator) to augment what SharePoint has in terms of E2.0 As I mentioned earlier, it's unfortunate Microsoft implemented RSS within SharePoint - many organizations will be stuck with RSS until this mistake is corrected.

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technology is completely changing how we interact online and the way in which modern businesses operate. If change is not forthcoming, then the adoption of social computing tools is likely to fail.

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My evidence for this is purely anecdotal, as I haven't worked in the enterprise for quite a while, however, for the past couple of years I've had tangential connections to Microsoft SharePoint projects. These are only just starting to roll out in the enterprise - It takes big companies forever to change how they do things (the proverbial business processes), but once an idea takes hold, change can happen quite quickly. Neither is SharePoint.

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The AppGap " " Dotster Provides On-line User Communities for Business: News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

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It allows for integration with other enterprise applications, as well as features like single sign-on. They can also be standalone or integrated as tab on a Web site.

The Connectbeam Social Computing Blog: Forrester Reports that Corporate Social Networks will Augment Strategic HR Strategies

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The Connectbeam Social Computing Blog A resource and viewpoint from Connectbeam on how social computing is changing the way we work. applications by 2013 (see F orrester Predicts a Large Growth in Social Networking Market but How Will Its Integration Occur with the Enterprise? ).

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Tomoye: Bringing Web 2.0 to Communities of Practice

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The system based so it hooks with Sharepoint. The open APIs allow for mashup integration. About | Contributors | Contact us | Subscribe: via RSS , via Twitter UPCOMING WEBINAR: No Time, No Budget, Fewer People? 5 Big Ideas for getting all that work done. Tomoye: Bringing Web 2.0