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When Context Transcends Change Management


What if everything we have been told about Change Management over the course of the last few decades was all just … plain wrong?

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The 10 Key Principles of Change Management

The Bumble Bee

For example, asking an outright opponent of the change to become a champion is not likely to be a very useful intervention. Be patient.

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White Label Online Change Management Game (cohort) from Bioteams Design

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You can also totally customise the change scenario and the executive profiles. Business Simulation

The River Diagram: Strategic community change management

The Bumble Bee

I am always on the lookout for good simple visualisation techniques to support change management. In other words you start with a Maturity Model for the particular Change Management area you are working on. The River Diagram idea is quite straightforward. What does it tell you - 3 things: 1. The South Bank. 3.The River.

Change Management for Digital Transformation – my Keynote at the Digital Workplace Conference 2016

Michael Sampson - Currents

It was a great privilege to be able to speak at the conference, especially on the topic of change management for digital transformation, an area I have focused on for most of the past decade. slides 15-16) there are various names applied to these changes, and one commonality is that “tec(h)” is central to them all.

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Social media: a new type of hammers for change facilitators in organisations

Joitske Hulsebosch

This is a column Sibrenne Wagenaar and I have written for the management site. There is little real movement and change as a result.

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Strategic engagement – with snakes, elephants, baboons, mosquitos and meercats

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Manage possible power struggle between positive high influencers. I am just back from work in Southern Africa. No, not quite. Who commands them?

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Leadership is an activity, not a position

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Can you change organizational culture?

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” Digging into this will allow you two things: Reformulate your mission as you understand what should be preserved and what should be changed.

What’s more important? People or structures?

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If you look at any great change, in your organization, in history, and you ask people to describe who this happened, most likely you will get one of these two stories: Story 1. It holds the promise that, if you want to replicate it, you just have to change the structure in the same way and everything will fall into place. Story 2.

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What is the one little thing you can do?

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Want to eat an elephant? Take it one bite at a time (picture copyright by Phil and Pam on flickr). Have grand New Year’s resolutions?

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Scaffolding for sharing knowledge

Chris Collison

Benchmarking Change Management Communties of Practice Knowledge Asset Knowledge Sharing WHAT THE BRITISH SAY . WHAT THE BRITISH MEAN .

The Net Work of Change Agents

Patti Anklam

I included some insights that I have learned from working with nonprofits who develop logic models supporting their theories of change.

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10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

management consultancies operate their KM programmes using the demand for knowledge which accompanies each new assignment. Top Down, Big Bang.

From Net-Map to Action in less than a Minute

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Picture by junussyndicate on deviantART. And I witnessed the fastest move from a Net-Map to action I have ever seen. And so he did.

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Making KM Fun!

Chris Collison

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Looking back – KM highlights from 2014 (part 2)

Chris Collison

After nearly ten years of independent consultancy in KM, I finally managed to combine a business trip with an extra family holiday. Tearfund.

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Agile international development?

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Responding to change over following a plan. I was once in a project meeting where the donor representative said: “You know, this is a learning project, so if you realize in the middle of it that you need to change your approach, that is fine.” “We are uncovering better ways of developing. Continue to improve.

Net-Map – Agile – Organizational Change

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But that it means significantly changing processes, power and incentives within the organization. So introducing agile is not just a technical switch but actually an organizational change effort. case studies Change Management notes from the field Organizational Learning Other people's workWhat does that mean?

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Advocacy Judo vs. Advocacy Weightlifting

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Advocate, don’t break your back (picture copyright by Mr. Moss on flickr). Convince them of the importance of [fill in the blank]. Well, no.

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Introducting social media in organisations to improve the learning function is more difficult than you may think.

Joitske Hulsebosch

The report is very interesting, because it shows that the actual practice of changing habits in organisations is very hard! They allowed me to blog about it and I think it has some valuable lessons like shape such a process as a real change trajectory (I'm personally convinced about this). change management elearning organisation2.0

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Is “development 2.0? the same as “agile international development”?

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start-ups) is how to institute these radical changes in large hierarchical organizations. I’m not sure. But it does sound very similar.

Looking for interview partners on innovation in large corporations or government agencies

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Using Net-Map to become more agile

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If you come to an organization (as internal or external Agile coach) and you want to implement Agile, this is not like saying: “We are going to use this new product now… but we will keep on working the way we did before” It’s a radical change in what the organization does and how it does it. That is a great first step.

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Is evaluation a cost or an investment?

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Change Management Evaluation Monitoring Organizational LearningTurn your evaluation into a catapult (picture by

Knowing, Telling, Writing, Acting.

Chris Collison

Change Management KM Knowledge Management QuotationsI’ve had a couple of workshop events with clients in recent weeks where we have gone back to some of KM’s first principles, using some foundational quotations. So here’s the first viewing of a Polanyi/Snowden/Collison triptych.

Don’t Net-Map this!!!

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Imagine you start an organizational change process by involving people from all parts of your organization in participatory Net-Map sessions. And they might start initiating some grassroots change just building on their insights and networks developed during the sessions. or am I?). If you don’t know what you want. ”).

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Net-Mapping at Agile Coach Camp, Columbus, Ohio

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career coaching case studies Change Management facilitation notes from the field Organizational Learning UncategorizedThese fish are ready for the next cocktail party! copyright by Sugar Daze on Flickr). Getting out of your comfort zone opens your brain and turns all the switches to learning and observing.

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Gossip, Collaboration, and Performance in Distributed Teams

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

What do you think the typical manager might say if you told them their employees don't gossip and engage one another in non-work related tasks enough? Most managers have heard of the watercooler effect without ever having the meaning of the concept sink in to their understanding of how it relates to performance and collaboration.

Being a leader without being the boss

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We’ve all been there and maybe you are there today: You feel responsible for the success of an initiative, change process or project but have little or no formal authority to tell people what to do. Well, whether ordering people to do stuff actually leads to sustainable change is a different question. and what lights your fire?

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change management through language?

Social Abacus

What would it look like if you encouraged all constituents to "story" their relationship to an enterprise? If the words we use are 'literal' reflections of our social orientation, illustrating how we relate to ourselves, others, situations, objects, etc., Moving from "I" to "We" is no simple, linear task. It's going from a monologue to a dialogue.

If you want to change the world, teach!

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Change Management musings Organizational Learning training Uncategorizedto the philosophical (How are truth and perception related?). Some of them had very concrete projects in mind when they signed up for the training, one even brought the draft of a paper where he wanted to use a Net-Map to visualize the complex results.

The happy selfscanner: lessons about introducing new technologies

Joitske Hulsebosch

change management elearning social technologyMy supermarket introduced self-scanners. For instance I'm secretly against the microwave.

Martin Risgaard Rasmussen on User Adoption Strategies, "a book for everyone who is working with change management and adoption"

Michael Sampson - Currents

Martin Risgaard Rasmussen published his review of my book, User Adoption Strategies yesterday: " The initial chapters focus on adoption and change in a more general perspective and provides a nice introduction. One thing that becomes increasingly clear after reading this is that change is not about tools and methods - Change is social!

Share2010 Session: Erica Toelle from InfoShare on "Don't Reinvent the Wheel: An Overview of People Change Management Research as Applied to SharePoint Maturity Model"

Michael Sampson - Currents

Erica Toelle from InfoShare in Seattle WA talked about people change management research as applied to SharePoint maturity. Erica has been working with SharePoint since 2004, with a major emphasis on enterprise content management. document management), stage 2 (content management - eg., Questions.

Coining the right term

Joitske Hulsebosch

advisory practice change management knowledge managementShare your learning curve is a brilliant term for this.

What stops us from putting knowledge into action?

Chris Collison

Now let’s park the BMW analogy and think about knowledge management (which, coincidentally, BMW are also very good at).

A Leaders Guide to creating High Performing Teams (HPTs)

The Bumble Bee

A unique aspect of the framework is that it integrates both individual team member change management work and whole team process development work.

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Yes we can, but very slowly (and not always)

Joitske Hulsebosch

However, we noted that these teachers were already a bit tired of volunteers because they try to change everything.

Is your most annoying opponent really the most dangerous one?

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Can you do something about their fear (of change), need for recognition, feeling of exclusion? Is this a mosquito?