Challenges of Social Business in the Workplace


More than anything else because in one of the questions put together we talked about what are some of the main challenges behind Social Business in the workplace today, June 2014, and somehow the answers that came through were not the usual suspects that you see coming up time and time again. . Where are some of the challenges you have identified in the social space? . What advice (or insight) can you share about utilising social tools to leverage workplace learning?

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Workplace Analytics for Teams

Michael Sampson - Currents

Microsoft hasn’t announced the above capabilities in what’s now called Workplace Analytics, but it has announced some new team level capabilities that are good forward steps.

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Trust Falls at Work… Seriously? Trust in the Workplace

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Some consultant, sometime, somewhere, must have actually done trust falls in the workplace. Saj-nicole Joni shares a pragmatic model for trust in the workplace in The Geography of Trust. If you’re in a role or department that people don’t naturally trust, you have a challenge.

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Self-regulated Workplace Learning: A Pedagogical Framework and Semantic Web-based Environment

Taming the spaces

The IntelLEO project has ended with a paper Self-regulated Workplace Learning: A Pedagogical Framework and Semantic Web-based Environment Self-regulated learning processes have a potential to enhance the motivation of knowledge workers to take part in learning and reflection about learning, and thus contribute to the resolution of an important research challenge in workplace learning. ontology semantic web technology workplace learning

The Future of the WorkPlace – Social Business


Today, in this blog post I would want to reflect a little bit further more on what the future of the workplace is , and, more specifically, how the use of all of these social software tools is changing the way knowledge workers get their jobs done.

Review of Digital Workplace Trends 2013: Part Three – Selected Details

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As I wrote in the first part of this series, I recently received a review copy of Digital Workplace Trends 2013 by Jane McConnell. You can purchase the report through its web site, I think this is key to getting real value out of the digital workplace.

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Digital Workplace Conference 2016 in New Zealand

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Last week I attended the Digital Workplace Conference in Auckland. Some comments on those: Ambiguity, Fetishes and Teddy Bears: The Modern Workplace Survival Kit (Paul Culmsee and Kailash Awati), focused on the positive and negative ways that models (a way of reducing uncertainty and ambiguity) can used in organisational life. It was a live (and therefore risky session to pull off), but Darrell was up to the challenge.

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The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization – Part 2: New Features

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Jane McConnell, Netstrategy/JMC, has recently published her excellent annual report, The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization. The Digital Workplace Scorecard is based on nine dimensions of the digital workplace model Jane offers in the report.

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Transforming the Workplace with Radical Management by Steve Denning


But, hey, who doesn’t like having a good challenge ahead that will take months, if not years, to master and resolve?),

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Review of Digital Workplace Trends 2013: Part Two – Selected Details

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As I wrote in the first part of this series, I recently received a review copy of Digital Workplace Trends 2013 by Jane McConnell. You can purchase the report through its web site,

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#LeadWithRespect Meme: a Challenge for 21st Century Management


The challenge then becomes how well connected you may well be in the network based on the trust and respect for others you may have shown over the course of time. I can’t remember the last time that I participated on a blog carnival or meme blog series for that matter.

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Twitter in the Workplace

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The challenge is the space between the enterprise and the public Internet. Twitter in the Workplace. Compliance Building · Twitter in the Workplace. From a management view, it's not quite that simple. First, you'll want to check with your legal team. Then, you'll want to revisit your code of conduct/ethics and related policies and procedures for technology.

Digital Distractions Are Expanding at the Workplace

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The fact that these attachments are stored on multiple local computers complicates the challenge of finding the latest document versions as well as merging feedback from multiple reviewers. All of this points to a very disorganized workplace. I quoted Nick Carr whose new book, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains address this issue, “companies need to challenge the assumption that employees should always be available.

Socialtext Continues to Focus on Workplace Integration

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They also announced the availability of Socialtext Radar, a people recommendation engine that allows employees to create rich profiles by describing their experience, interests, passions and other configurable dimensions, and uses that data to identify the most relevant people to connect with and solve business challenges together in real-time. I have admired the capabilities within Socialtext for some time. It was one of the early enterprise 2.0 providers, well before the term was coined.

Digital Workplace Trends 2013 - and Participation Opportunity for 2014

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I have quite a backlog of articles, reports, and books to read / review / comment on, and one such item is the Digital Workplace Trends survey and report by Jane McConnell. A feature I liked in the 2013 report was the inclusion of one page case studies from practitioners; for example on page 24, Thomas Maeder, the Head of Communication and Collaboration Experience at Swisscom AG, writes about their digital workplace journey.

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How the Social Enterprise Defines the 21st Century Workplace – Moving To The Edge


One challenge for organizations is getting people to realize that what they know has little value. The main challenge remains though for all businesses out there: what are you doing to help prepare and facilitate that army of socially networked Intra/Entrepreneurs, both internal and external?

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Driving Effective Use of Office365 – my Workshop at the Digital Workplace Conference 2016

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On the day after the Digital Workplace Conference in Auckland a couple of weeks back, as has happened at conferences before, Paul Culmsee and I delivered the post-conference workshops. Paul’s workshop was on becoming the ultimate SharePoint business analyst; mine was on driving the effective use of Office 365.

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A World Without E-mail: One Man’s Vision of a Social Workplace – Wear Sunscreen


Usually, weekends, as most of you already know, are rather quiet over here in this blog and in most of my virtual social networking hang-out places.

Life Without eMail – Year 6, Weeks 21 to 24 – (Newcomer Challenging for King Email’s Crown)


In fact, today’s entry will be about a Newcomer Challenging for King eMail’s Crown. .

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Cross Cultural Networks -a bigger governance challenge?

Governance in a Networked World

One group from the middle east mentioned that in their culture it is still not universally accepted that men should communicate with women in the workplace! I've just returned from a couple of weeks in Europe, during which I was on a cruise down the Dalmation coast with a mix of nationalities from France, UK, Asia, Australia, USA etc. It was interesting to observe how the emerging social groups were so strongly defined around firstly language (somewhat as expected) and then country.

Building a collaborative workplace (or community. or network)

Nancy White

It is out today on the Anecdote site –> Anecdote – Whitepapers – Building a collaborative workplace. Our challenge doesn’t stop there. I think the issue is beyond building a collaborative workplace.

Expecting: more kids and challenges


The fun of anticipating and preparing for a new arrival comes together with challenges of figuring out how to combine it with my professional life, especially given that I just started figuring out what and how I actually want to do after my post-PhD dip. Crafting one’s workplace to fit personal preferences.

"Play Devil's Advocate to Create Collaboration in the Workplace" - I Don't Agree

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Writing at Talent Culture, Kirsten suggests that playing devil's advocate allows the creation of collaboration in the workplace : " The void in communication may be due to a lack of questioning. I’ve come to think that there is a lack of “why” in present day workplace culture. Of course no one particularly wants to challenge their superiors (although a good leader shouldn’t make you feel intimidated or afraid of confrontation!),

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A World Without Email – Year 3, Weeks 11 to 18 (Social Networks Spur the Demise of Email in the Workplace)


Like I have just mentioned in another blog post, I am making my way already to Boston to attend, and present, at the Enterprise 2.0 conference event that will start taking place next week Monday. And the excitement is building up more and more by the day.

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Workplace Anxiety - Good Or Bad Omen For Social Tools

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The narrative leadership teams establish within the workplace can have a subtle influence on how people react. Fear Factor in the Workplace - Room for Debate Blog - These anxieties are transforming the workplace. Mitchell Lee Marks , who teaches at the College of Business at San Francisco State University, is the author of “Charging Back Up the Hill: Workplace Recovery after Mergers, Acquisitions, and Downsizings.”.

Socialising in the workplace

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

This was the challenge facing David Fairhurst, chief people officer at McDonalds.

Who would you like to sit near at work?

Governance in a Networked World

But also they might be people that are different enough from us to challenge and stretch us without descending into acrimony. This assumption is becoming highly questionable as workplaces become increasingly interdependent.

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Anecdote - Whitepapers - Building a collaborative workplace

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Building a collaborative workplace. Our challenge doesn’t stop there. Communities can be challenged because they don’t have the ‘stick’ of ‘do this work or you won’t get paid’, and the status of organisational role may not be relevant. Identify some people with common interests in a domain that is important to the business Meet with each person separately and ask them about the things that interest, challenge, excite or intrigue them.

4 ways to use Instagram in learning trajectories en training

Joitske Hulsebosch

An example that was mentioned was asking service engineers a photo from their workplace locations which need improvement. elearning 10 10 tools challenge elearning. This is a guestblog by Lyset den Blijker. How to use Instagram for learning?

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On Twitter and in the Workplace, It's Power to the Connectors - Rosabeth Moss Kanter -

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At Harvard, she is chair and director of the Advanced Leadership Initiative , a University-wide faculty group aimed at deploying a leadership force of experienced leaders who can address challenging national and global problems in their next stage of life.


Should you care that someone’s not reciprocating your friendship?

Leading Virtually

Even in the workplace, friendship can be a source of happiness and improve our work performance by leading to trusting relationships in which those involved have each other’s back. In the workplace, the lack of reciprocity in friendships can be damaging in a variety of ways.

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Distributed Agile: communication and common ground


Distance between team members across different locations creates a vicious circle: lack of common ground , the need for using technology and addressing time issues make communication challenging. Tags: Being social Changing workplace Agile distributed teams informal communication

Shrunken communication in distributed teams (the egg of communication :)


As promised – more thinking from our project looking at the challenges in distributed Agile teams. Tags: Changing workplace Digital traces Agile distributed teams informal communication

Accelerated leadership trajectories in communities of practice


Of course, it’s not a totally independent process – any meaningful engagement in the leadership tasks requires some understanding of the community practices (that’s why I find contributing to KM4Dev core group so challenging ;).

PhD recovery plan


This is actually the one that’s more challenging: I’m stuck in unproductive routines, being stressed by the amount artefacts, digital and otherwise, that have accumulated in wrong spaces while I tried to focus on the core activities of getting the PhD done and making sure my family survives in the process. Tags: Changing workplace PhD process life

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PhD writing done, future workspaces and blogging


Tags: fws PhD news life Different workplace PhD

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Green Chameleon » Why Do We Share Knowledge?

Green Chameleon

I wanted to challenge the assumption that all knowledge sharing is created equal. In my limited understanding, I believe that Intentional Knowledge Sharing is one of the most essential type of knowledge sharing at workplace.

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Green Chameleon » Blog comments

Green Chameleon

I wanted to challenge the assumption that all knowledge sharing is created equal. In my limited understanding, I believe that Intentional Knowledge Sharing is one of the most essential type of knowledge sharing at workplace.

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How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations


Now imagine you swap the wordings ’ teaching ’ for ‘learning’ and ‘our schools’ for ‘ our workplaces ’. That’s why Workplace Learning is broken and why heutagogy may need to come to the rescue to save us all….

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How to stimulate creativity in online teams: A 100% online process to design a blended learning trajectory

Joitske Hulsebosch

It was for me the first time for me to do kind of creative process completely online - it was a challenge, but I thought it would be possible with clever design and tough facilitation. Our tools set consisted of Adobe Connect in combination with Google docs and a Facebook Workplace group.

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Bring your meetings to life in 2016 – February workshop dates announced

Viv Mcwaters

Beyond the traditional ‘facilitator’ role – What does leading a meeting mean in today’s workplaces? How do you deal with challenges, stage fright, a crisis of confidence?

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New Leadership Tools: Finding Direction through Network Maps: Mini Case #1

Partnering Resources

Instead, people operate through networks: informal webs of relationships that people instinctively form in the workplace. It was a positive step for her—recognition of her competence and effectiveness—but a challenge for Jerome and the organization.

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Weekend Reading 18.11

Michael Sampson - Currents

Because today people aren’t only collaborating with people, they have the added challenge of collaborating with machines.” There are lots of other people doing interesting work around the world. Here’s a selection of the interesting ideas I have come across this week.

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