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Challenges of Social Business in the Workplace


More than anything else because in one of the questions put together we talked about what are some of the main challenges behind Social Business in the workplace today, June 2014, and somehow the answers that came through were not the usual suspects that you see coming up time and time again. . That’s right! Who knew, right? Daily.

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A Civil Society Transformation Challenge

Networking Action

Civil society has failed miserably to influence critical trends such as climate change and the social-economic development agenda. That was the message from Kumi Naidoo at the annual Civicus World Assembly in Montreal. Kumi, since 2009 the Greenpeace International Executive … Blog Net Dev civicus

Change Experts’ Change Challenge

Networking Action

What are the impediments to scaling change strategies to address the global breadth and transformational depth of critical issues? Conversations at MIT and Oxford meetings in October, and discussions over the past few months with large system change experts , … Blog Change

Change Leadership Challenge 4: Meaningful Employee Participation

Partnering Resources

Pull employees together in small, cross-functional groups to discuss successes and challenges associated with the corporate initiative.

Social Business in 2013 – A Challenge


Ok, back to what I feel would be the main two key business challenges for Social Business over the course of the next few months. To quote: .

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RBS Embraces Facebook at Work: My Reflections and Questions, and the Challenge Ahead

Michael Sampson - Currents

From an adoption point of view, it’s not the how that’s the critical challenge, it’s the why. RBS has had this for years.

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Design Guidelines to Address Global Challenges

Networking Action

Just published is an article that asks the question : What design principles should guide people who aim to address global challenges like climate change, food security and the global financial crises? The article identifies four key “integration” challenges that … Net Dev

Change Leadership Challenge 5: Use Networks for Change

Partnering Resources

The post Change Leadership Challenge 5: Use Networks for Change appeared first on Partnering Resources. Image from This is the fifth in a series of posts about change leadership. I’ll tell you how communication really works around here,” the data architect told me over coffee. Jeff, Susan, and Ramesh make a decision.

2014 52

The challenge of networking civil society

Social Reporter

Summary: local activists and volunteers need to share their achievements and experience in hard times. Posts here. In addition Newsnet (£1.89

Life Without eMail – Year 6, Weeks 21 to 24 – (Newcomer Challenging for King Email’s Crown)


In fact, today’s entry will be about a Newcomer Challenging for King eMail’s Crown. . Well, yes, I surely am! Well, not really.

2013 60

Teaching and Learning in the Rhizome: challenges and possibilities

Jenny Connected

As a location for learning, the rhizome challenges traditional views of education, allowing entry anywhere and knowing no boundaries. As such we spoke for about10 minutes, and then spent the remaining time discussing the challenges and possibilities of rhizomatic learning with our audience. This is the Abstract we submitted. 2015).

2015 25

Leading Virtual Teams Continues To Be Challenging

Leading Virtually

Talk to those who coach leaders and they will tell you that leading virtual teams continues to be challenging. Set 1. Set 2. World.

Enterprise 2.0: The Human Challenge

21st Century Organization

Conference was all about change and especially the human challenges the rate of technology advance pose. Here are some thoughts on the continuing escalating human and organizational challenges to expect in a smart Web and Big Data world along with an invitation to question my ideas. Having visited the Paris Enterprise 2.0 Conference.

Response to David Wiley’s Challenge

Jenny Connected

I have never taken on this type of challenge before and hope I don’t get ‘egg on my face’ – but here is my contribution for what its worth. If you see flaws in it then you can rest assured that I see many more and needless to say I can already see what more/less I should have said/explained/justified!

SharePoint: #1 Challenge is User Adoption

Michael Sampson - Currents

From early results (as above), the #1 challenge facing organizations with SharePoint is user adoption. My Comments. Interesting.

Gartner Reports that Big Data Challenges Go Beyond Managing Large Volumes of Data

Portals and KM

The article begins buy noting that many IT leaders are managing "big data" challenges by focusing on the high volumes of information and properly covering the many other dimensions of information management. According to Gartner, this can leaving massive challenges to be addressed later. Big Data is certainly a hot topic.

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What Challenges Are You Facing on Your Online Community?

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. Thank you.

2013 17

#LeadWithRespect Meme: a Challenge for 21st Century Management


I can’t remember the last time that I participated on a blog carnival or meme blog series for that matter. I guess the only way is up, right? . Again.

2014 11

In Frankfurt Enterprise 2.0 = Organizational Change & People Challenges

21st Century Organization

Demailly's findings identify the early stage challenge: ".organizations W00t!". captured the abundant spirit of Enterpise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0

Protected: Challenge: can the online collaborators join up to demonstrate how to network civil society?

Social Reporter

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: All posts Our Society social media newsnet peoplepoweredchange yoursquaremile

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Taking on the Sustainable Enterprise Challenge

Networking Action

Vastly accelerating the transformation of business into sustainable enterprise requires addressing at a global scale the economic (eg. markets), political (eg. regulations) and social (eg. values) factors that limit and enable any one firm’s actions. In GOLDEN , I’ve been … Change Net Dev GOLDEN

Re-visiting the challenge of networking civil society as Khub closes

Social Reporter

Part of the challenge was how to develop new business models for smaller Communities of Practice, like the Ning-based Fiery Spirits system that had been supported by the Trust. And smaller ones too. There’s the rub. But it is a skilled business, and it costs. How do we earn a living? That’s for another post. Part 1. Part 2.

2013 16

On the Increasing Rate of Adoption (Acquisition) of Office 365, and the Challenge of Getting to Effective Use

Michael Sampson - Currents

Read more: On the Increasing Rate of Adoption (Acquisition) of Office 365, and the Challenge of Getting to Effective Use. On LinkedIn last week: By any current measure that I have seen, the adoption rates of Office 365 are going more than well. Adoption & Effective Use Microsoft Office 365

2016 14

Facilitate! Don’t be a Clever-Bully

Net-Map Toolbox

Clever-Bully (picture by Diamond Select Toys). I’ve been teaching Net-Map a lot, lately. to teach, is to facilitate a Net-Map session well.

2013 50

SEEFA symposium identifies challenges to innovation in Ageing Better – it’s culture as much as tech

Social Reporter

Summary: a symposium on innovation, technology and later life provides confirmation that many of the challenges to making use of tech for ageing better are organisational and cultural as well as technical. What’s now important, I think, is focusing on key challenges and developing ideas tro meet them. More on that later.

Culture Challenges and Adoption with Collaboration - A Response to Joe Leno

Michael Sampson - Currents

Activities like these and the disciplines they are composed of go a significant way towards overcoming the challenges Joe indicates.

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The $100,000 3D4D Challenge – aided by machines that re-make themselves

Social Reporter

The Challenge offers a prize of $100,000, with ideas being developed at workshops in New York, London, Johannesburg and Nairobi. Yes indeed.

The $100,000 3D4D Challenge – aided by machines that re-make themselves

Social Reporter

The Challenge offers a prize of $100,000, with ideas being developed at workshops in New York, London, Johannesburg and Nairobi. Yes indeed.

GE's Ecoimagination Challenge: The Power of Ideas, Ecosystems and Scale

21st Century Organization

November 16 I was fortunate to attend GE's event announcing the first winners of their Ecoimagination Challenge that strives to speed solutions to smarter power grids and energy technology. By crowdsourcing the pool of ideas and energy around the Ecoimagination Challenge are maximized. What companies and programs impress you?

10 tools challenge: making youtube playlists

Joitske Hulsebosch

This is my first contribution to the 10 tools challenge. 10 tools challenge elearning. What a pity! Do you have videos to add?

BigBlueButton Challenge

Jenny Connected

Next week (May 18th 2011) I will be working with a team, George Roberts, Rhona Sharpe, Joe Rosa (from Oxford Brookes University) and Andy Coverdale (University of Nottingham) to present a one day online course bearing the title – Benefits and challenges of communities of practice in HE. link].

Social Business Implementation Challenges - Metrics, Risk, and Change Management

Michael Sampson - Currents

Debra comments on three big social business implementation challenges , coming out of a recent IBM study. " But all of this doesn't just happen by virtue of establishing presence on external social networks or even by implementing an internal social business platform, the respondents noted. My Comments. Change is a risk.

"The Adoption and Use of the Tools is the Biggest Challenge" - Melanie Kittrell

Michael Sampson - Currents

in my experience, it isn't the tools, it is the adoption and use of the tools that is the biggest challenge. I think Melanie's comment is a succinct and clear articulation of the big challenge. Yes, I agree that adoption and use of the tools is the biggest challenge. But don't get me started. My Comments.

Organizational Hierarchy -- Adapting Old Organization Structures to New Challenges via Horizontal Links

John Tropea - Delicious Network

hierarchy network management

I will take the 10 tools challenge 2013

Joitske Hulsebosch

When I read about the 10 tools challenge 2013 of Jane Hart I immediately thought I should take this challenge. 10 tools challenge

Blog>> Cross-Post: KM Implementation Challenges

Green Chameleon

This is a piece of research we did about 12 years ago, on KM Implementation Challenges. The case studies inside are constructed as learning games (“decision games” ) and we regularly use them in workshops to explore the implementation challenges and potential pitfalls in KM. KM_Implementation_Challenges.pdf.

mLearning highlight challenge

e-Moderation Station

Here's the challenge. Have you ever found an especially fabulous blog post, and bookmarked it? Yes, of course you have. This happens to me.

Virtual Course: Network Development Challenges

Networking Action

This module title is Network Development Challenges. In partnership with The Network University I am offering a three-week virtual courses for people who are working in, for or with networks. It introduces core network concepts and further develops them … Events

The real challenge of facilitation

Viv Mcwaters

This might lead to nobody being unhappy, and also nobody being particularly excited or challenged either. While it’s easy to focus on techniques as a facilitator, what’s more challenging for me is working on compassion and bravery. The real challenge of facilitation is a post from: Of something.

Huffington’s leadership challenge

Ken Carroll

This article on on the recent AOL/HuffPo merger describes the leadership challenge facing Huffington and her team. If the author is correct she’s not up to it. . First, it seems she has recklessly agreed to take on AOL tasks and responsibilities that are way beyond the team. Ouch. It looks bad but she could save it. Any suggestions?