MDN: celebrating 20 years of supporting nonprofits

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There were suggestions at a seminar that something needed to be done about standards among this new “maverick” breed – perhaps some way of ensuring “good practice” The mavericks took it open themselves to get organised, and MDN was born.

How about celebrating the 20 year history of community networking and hyperlocal

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Chris Taggart’s Openly Local map shows hyperlocal sites throughourt the UK and Ireland. Openly Local Hyperlocal sites in UK and Ireland. The annual Talk About Local unconference #TAL15 on Saturday was a great opportunity to catch up with the world of local blogging, online communities and community journalism that’s now collectively known as hyperlocal.

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Celebrating the Simple Things

Hildy Gottlieb

For me, birthdays are about quietly celebrating all I have to be grateful for - every moment of my past, and every moment yet to come. Yesterday I chose to celebrate on perhaps my favorite drive anywhere - the Sonoita / Patagonia / Nogales / Tubac loop.

Lotusphere 2012 Notes: Opening Session

Portals and KM

The opening general session included: Keynote Speaker: Alistair Rennie, IBM General Manager, Social Business ; and other speakers, including Kurt De Ruwe, CIO, Bayer; and Premier Healthcare. The celebrity guest was Michael J.

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Social Media Club of Boston 5th Anniversary Celebration: The Evolution of Social Business

Portals and KM

Last night I attended the Social Media Club of Boston 5 th Anniversary Celebration: The Evolution of Social Business. They funded Acquia and helped it get started (see  Acquia Provides Drupal Commons to Support Open Source Enterprise Collaboration ). It featured a panel with Alistar Rennie, General Manager, Social Business and Collaboration Solutions, IBM; Andy Carusone from Lowe’s Home Improvement; and Ric Fulop, North Bridge Venture Partners.

Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

In Orlando at the Walt Disney World Dolphin, IBM is kicking off the Opening General Session for IBM Connect. Some notes : - The opening band is They Might Be Giants. Celebrating 20 years at Lotusphere; marking the start of the next 20 years. - Joe wanted to do more with other people, so started an open collaborative organization called HitRecord; see

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City Data City Apps: Open Data and Transparency

Collaborative Thinking

Interesting how government transparency is getting contagious - local municipalities (New York, San Francisco) are mimicking what the federal government has been doing with its various open data and app store efforts.

Intranet Innovation Awards 2009. Now Open

Michael Sampson - Currents

Step Two Designs in Australia has opened the doors for submissions for the 2009 Intranet Innovation Awards program. " The Intranet Innovation Awards are global awards that celebrate new ideas and innovative approaches to the design and delivery of intranets. The goal is to find these ideas (whether large or small), and to share them with the wider community. This year we’re hoping to see more fantastic examples from intranet teams.

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The State of Surveillance We, The Good People, Are Creating


Tons to reflect upon, I am pretty certain, but perhaps this week is just the perfect one to get things started as tomorrow we get to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day. How can we treasure and celebrate her legacy?

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Building a Solid Library of Use Cases


Asking Questions Openly: And, finally, one of my favourite business practices and use cases that I keep advocating for in terms of helping knowledge workers transition from the good old mantra of ‘ knowledge is power ’ to ‘ knowledge shared is power ’.

2016 201

Whatever Happened to Critical Thinking?


And insulted doesn’t refer to just using foul language, but also to simple things just like ‘Oh, sorry, you are totally wrong’ or way off base just because you think completely different than what me and my social media gurus and celebrities think!

2016 164

Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment – The Follow-Up


Open Direct Messages : By far, it’s one of my favourite capabilities from Twitter, as it allows everyone out there with a Twitter ID to reach out to me, via a direct message, without having to worry whether we follow each other or not.

2016 141

The Home You Never Left


Humanise Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Life Metablogging Open Business Open Leadership Personal KM

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Let The Next Adventure Begin – The Origins


Earlier on this year, to be more precise, on January 20th, I announced, to my former employer, right on the same day when I was celebrating my 17th year anniversary at IBM that I was quitting my job as a Lead Social Business Enabler and that February 3rd would be my last working day. It’s what motivates me to have a smile on my face, to always try to be helpful, empathic, full of energy and passion, keen on both sharing my knowledge openly and learn from others at the same time.

2014 175

On the Road Again, on Another Special Day


So while the rest of the world has already embarked on a massive celebration (Happy St. I am also celebrating something rather special, so I thought I would let folks out there know about it, since I keep getting asked time and time again. Life Open Business Travelling

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One Month Anniversary on the New Job as Lead Social Business Enabler


I cannot believe that, in just a few minutes from now, I will be celebrating the first month anniversary in my new job as the Lead Social Business Enabler at IBM and I hardly did notice how fast and furious it’s gone by.

2013 236

The Soothing Effect of Blogging


I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already since I left IBM and decided to go independent as a trusted advisor around Social / Open Business & Digital Transformation. Chief Emergineer, People Enabler and a well seasoned Social / Open Business evangelist and 2.0

2014 230

The Social Revolution – Remember Us


Have we forgotten what makes us all, human beings, unique in this world, where we have been given an exclusive, uncompromising, cherished opportunity to enjoy and celebrate it accordingly? Innovation Learning Life Open Business Personal KM Hippie2.0

2013 247

The Cultural Impact of The Future of You


Well, if you take a look into the article you would see how Dr. Chamorro celebrates three suggestions he thinks are going to work really well for knowledge workers, but perhaps he forgets how the whole thing changes as soon as you enter the corporate world. Open Business

2013 220

The State of Social Business – A State of Maturity?


It’s down back into a culture shift, a new mindset, about inspiring a new wave of working habits where people become more open, public and transparent. Innovation Knowledge Management Open Business

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Evaluating and reflecting on OldGlobeMOOC

Jenny Connected

To evaluate and reflect on the learning experience of myself and a colleague in the Old Globe MOOC, I have used the Footprints of Emergence framework developed by Roy Williams, Simone Gumtau and myself to explore the relationship between open and prescribed learning in open learning environments.

Working Styles – Where Fun Meets Work


Open Business

2013 213

Industrialisation of Social Networking for the Enterprise


Open Business #elsuasworkbook Or, to put it in other words, automation of your social networking presence.

2013 235

There Can Be No Resilience Without Transformation


A couple of days back, I celebrated my fourth month on the new job as a Lead Social Business Enabler at IBM and it just feels like such a long long time ago already. IBM Innovation Learning Life Open Business Personal KM Work Life Integration #elsuasworkbook Hippie2.0

2013 219

Remembering Brian

Viv Mcwaters

We were invited to his 40th priestly celebration a few years ago. “We work together,&# I would answer, “in Open Space.&#. Brian began as my Open Space teacher, advisor and mentor. In the manner of an Open Space facilitator – invisible, no fuss.

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The Trials and Tribulations of an Independent Freelancer – Your Online Bio Profile and Digital Footprint


celebrating my birthday shortly afterwards (@elsua v4.2 Social Business, Open Business, etc., Right there, indeed, I realised how most folks from my network do not necessarily know me because of my brilliant profile and extended biography, but more because of what I have done over the course of the years around the main themes I mentioned above already, and, perhaps, specially, around Social / Open Business. A well seasoned Social / Open Business evangelist and 2.0

2014 176

The Power of Pull + Social Business Edge + 140 Character Conference= ?

21st Century Organization

Photo: John Hagel & John Seely Brown at "Power of Pull" Celebration, NYC, April 12 1. By participating and sharing Best Buy staff's expertise openly in Twitter, consumers generally benefit and through the value provided, the brand is strengthened and new customers emerges.

2010 159

Engaged Customer definitions: Super Users, Influencers, Advocates

Community Guy

They share their opinions about the company openly, positive and negative. Their “celebrity” is a function of their in-community participation. . An “influencer” is a celebrity, major or minor, with influence over a specific group of people. They have created an audience through their celebrity and are using that audience to push products they’re paid to push. . Definitions are important. Language matters. .

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

March 18, 2008 The Proust Questionnaire E ach month Vanity Fair asks a celebrity the answer to a series of questions that Marcel Proust initially answered, twice, seven years apart, to measure how he hadchanged in the interim. Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. In search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works.

2008 35

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

I spent the past weekend at my in-laws in Vancouver, celebrating aspecial birthday. It is tolerable if yourevery attractive, or a celebrity with an entourage, but otherwise not. Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. In search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works. October 24, 2007 Shhh Cartoon from the New Yorker by William Haefeli. Buy his artwork here.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. In search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works. August 2, 2007 Could Social Networking Bring the End of Leadership?

2007 35

Tilburg Legend(s): what’s in an icon?

Making CommunitySense

This tradition is celebrated annually during the European Social Innovation Week, recently renamed to the Dear Future week. The TilburgsAns open source typeface. Tilburg is at the heart of a region in the southern Netherlands which has traditionally been very socially innovative.

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2010 WOW List!

Hildy Gottlieb

Last year we began a tradition I am eager to uphold – creating the WOW List, to publicly celebrate all we accomplished towards our goals throughout the year. Building "Creating the Future" Nonprofit Planning Transparency / Open Source

2010 79

3 Lessons in Changing the Way We See Things

Hildy Gottlieb

And so, herewith, our top lessons, as we celebrate the success of that campaign! Transparency / Open SourceWhen we change the way we see things, things change.

2011 78

What lessons can KM learn from Minecraft?

Chris Collison

Its Swedish creator, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, is rapidly becoming the kind of celebrity who needs a bodyguard for public events. Minecraft is a phenomenon.

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Fundraising Decisions and Transparent Engagement

Hildy Gottlieb

What if openly engaging in fundraising decisions actually builds a stronger organization – not just raising more money, but providing critical information we might not otherwise have (or might only find out the hard way…)?”. What parts do you think we should celebrate?

Practicing Engagement Right Here Now

Hildy Gottlieb

This month’s newsletter is dedicated entirely to Community Engagement, to celebrate the 5 Year anniversary of FriendRaising. Capacity Building Community Engagement Tools to Use Now Transparency / Open SourceI received this question via email this morning, and it made me smile.

Collaborative Economy Roundup for the Week of November 23, 2015

Online Community Strategy

As the United States prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, the team at Structure3C is thankful for another great week of growth and development in the #CollaborativeEconomy.

2015 51

Looking back – KM highlights from 2014 (part 2)

Chris Collison

Being exposed to the sheer breadth and depth of M&E activity in the development sector – and the natural way in which Knowledge Management dovetails into this important work was an eye-opener. Continuing from my top ten KM consulting highlights (in no particular order!) from 2014… 6.

2015 48

Tilburg Legend(s): what’s in an icon?

Making CommunitySense

This tradition is celebrated annually during the European Social Innovation Week, recently renamed to the Dear Future week. The TilburgsAns open source typeface. Tilburg is at the heart of a region in the southern Netherlands which has traditionally been very socially innovative.

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Charlotte Dawson, Cyberbullies and Social Media Pot and Kettle

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Women’s magazines bully and stalk celebrities openly gossiping and photoshopping lies into the discussion. But it’s ok because they are celebrities, y’know someone who is on telly or in film. I don’t support bullies online.

Gamification of a Community of Practice

Community Capers

But communities of practice are not just celebrations of common interests. Fro m its earliest conception PLANE’s has been designed as an open source community driven space. Festival of Learning Opening Keynote on Youtube Dr Bronwyn Stuckey – Oct, 2012.

2013 169

New Year’s Eve in Kerala, 2018

Jenny Connected

” “It’s in any case a good discipline to keep an open mind, not to think one knows it all, and to respect and to some extent feel in awe of what is greater than ourselves.

2018 139