Friends for Real

Hildy Gottlieb

And that the next time you hear someone talking about “raising friends for your organization&# as simply a prerequisite mechanism to asking for money, that you will send this to them. Her best friend passed away a few years ago. They were neighbors, and they became friends.

Celebrating the Simple Things

Hildy Gottlieb

For me, birthdays are about quietly celebrating all I have to be grateful for - every moment of my past, and every moment yet to come. Yesterday I chose to celebrate on perhaps my favorite drive anywhere - the Sonoita / Patagonia / Nogales / Tubac loop.

From San Diego to Los Angeles: Beautiful Humans CA Road Trip 2016

Hildy Gottlieb

friends and colleagues and. Two years later, when her husband, Mike, got a great job in Seattle, we were no longer “boss and employee” but friends for life. With Lizzie being away in Japan, her high school best friend, Jessica, has the keys to her apartment.

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Monday Morning Rock Out – MLK Day Edition

Hildy Gottlieb

But this MLK Day is a particularly poignant one for those of us living in Tucson, Arizona. Eleven days after the attacks, 200 musicians, actors, celebrities of all sorts gathered to create the video you see above.

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