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A calendar of seasons for my time and place

Chris Corrigan

This is the time of year people on the west coast write to their friends and relatives in the east and show pictures of the daffodils coming up. We mark some of these days locally, with a May Day festival, and a huge community celebration on Hallowe’en as well as its solstice celebrations.

2019 72

From 2015 to 2016


Improv, playing on stage and on the floor, making fire, old and new songs, Rijksmuseum, skating, walking, laughing, cooking, sharing thoughts and food with friends, big and small. And knipertjes that came as an unexpected gift, just in time to celebrate the year about to end. Hugelkultuur, three sisters guild, seems-to-be-infinite potato harvest, replanting mature asparagus and just those hours of grounding and enjoying the fruits of it. Those three days were a lot of fun.

2016 89

Will the Collapse of Civilization Begin With Global Corporatist Totalitarianism?

How to Save the World

I expect we’ll be surprised at what emerges, and I believe the surprise will be pleasant, a Darwinian celebration. STAGE. WHAT COLLAPSES. SIGNS OF COLLAPSE. E.G. OF CULTURE AT THIS STAGE. COPING/RESILIENCE MECHANISMS. Financial Collapse.

2013 102