Celebrate Incremental Victories

Evolving Web

Replacing worshiping failure with the celebration of incremental victories means that each retrospect finds ways to do things better (as opposed to stopping doing them wrong). Celebrate incremental victories! Life is short. Crap is plentiful. Thus defines the human condition.

Going Mobile: Twitter celebrities

e-Moderation Station

To celebrate the recent publication of our new book Going Mobile (co-authored with Gavin Dudeney), we’re sharing a number of activities you can try out with your students, to get them using mobile devices as part of the their language learning.

Celebrating emotions

Viv Mcwaters

There seems to be way too few opportunities in my life to really, truly explore emotions – mine, and the those of others. Today in the Playback Theatre workshop I’m taking we moved on to ‘moments’ In Playback, moments are emotional vignettes – the way someone might be feeling right now, or an experience from their day or week that had strong emotional aspect.

Gran Canaria – Celebrating the Mini-Continent


may well be enjoying the various different celebrations of St. So, if you are celebrating it, Happy St. I mostly put the year I was born next to March 17th, perhaps more than anything else, because when I came over here it all felt like I was being re-born again, so what a better tribute one could pay to such a special date than to celebrate it as if it were your real (Internet) birthday, right? . And, of course, it was time to celebrate such milestone, don’t you think?

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All on a Mardi Gras Day – New Orleans Celebrates

Portals and KM

In New Orleans we celebrate Mardi Gras will a lot of effort and fun. To the much of the world February 9 was just another Tuesday. Here some of the most beautiful and interesting costumes we saw. It was hard to pick so there will be a few more.

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WOM Lesson: Celebrate Customers

Ant's Eyeview Blog

What better way to create customers than to celebrate your current customers – give your current customers something to talk about – WOM 101. So how do you celebrate a customer? jackiehuba got us one step further, “lets make Rod a celebrity”.

MDN: celebrating 20 years of supporting nonprofits

Social Reporter

Last week the Management Development Network held its 20th birthday party, and I talked to one of the co-founders, Shirley Otto, about the formation of the network by those working in the voluntary and community sectors, and what’s happened since then.

Going Mobile: Raffle to celebrate the ELTONs

e-Moderation Station

To celebrate, we are running a raffle! My co-author Gavin Dudeney and I are delighted to be shortlisted for a 2015 British Council Innovation Award (ELTON) , for our latest book Going Mobile. To win a copy of the book, simply answer (correctly!) the four questions on our website.

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Famous Twits: 50 Celebrities on Twitter

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

So when people put together lists of “ interesting twitterers &# and less interesting ones I rushed off to find a celebrity list. So, who are Australia’s Celebrity Twitterers? Oh, and tell New Idea that I am available to write ‘celebrity tweets&# for them.

Live, Laugh, Celebrate from National Geographic

Portals and KM

It is Live, Laugh, Celebrate , a visual celebration of the human spirit, by Ferdinand Protzman. The book documents a vibrant collection of celebrations from around the world that speaks kindly about our human nature.

Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day – ¡Gracias, Mamá!


So I just couldn’t escape this year either and here I am again, once more, putting together a few words to celebrate such a special day. Yes, indeed, today I am going to celebrate this special Ada Lovelace Day in a different way; in a very different way.

Joining in Celebration 2.0: social media for sociable events

Social Reporter

I’m therefore particularly delighted to be part of John Popham’s team for Celebration 2.0, The genesis of Celebration 2.0 And adds: So the core of Celebration 2.0 Essentially, I will be going where people are having fun, helping them to use new technologies to enhance and amplify their events, engage new audiences, connect with others in the world doing similar things, and celebrate their traditions and cultures.

Celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day 2015 #CMAD

Managing Communities

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How about celebrating the 20 year history of community networking and hyperlocal

Social Reporter

The annual Talk About Local unconference #TAL15 on Saturday was a great opportunity to catch up with the world of local blogging, online communities and community journalism that’s now collectively known as hyperlocal.

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Going Mobile: Raffle to celebrate the ELTONs

e-Moderation Station

To celebrate, we are running a raffle! My co-author Gavin Dudeney and I are delighted to be shortlisted for a 2015 British Council Innovation Award (ELTON) , for our latest book Going Mobile. To win a copy of the book, simply answer (correctly!) the four questions on our website.

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Celebrating beginnings: David Woolley

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

I''ve worked online for years, using asynchronous and synchronous means, and I''ve found that to be quite a productive environment. I met David Woolley online years ago, thanks to a connection through Nancy White. Among other things, David hosts an excellent Web Conferencing Review reference site for systems we can use to connect at a distance.

Celebrating the Simple Things

Hildy Gottlieb

For me, birthdays are about quietly celebrating all I have to be grateful for - every moment of my past, and every moment yet to come. Yesterday I chose to celebrate on perhaps my favorite drive anywhere - the Sonoita / Patagonia / Nogales / Tubac loop.

Everyone's celebrating Ms Margaret Fuller

Endless Knots

Great roundup by Kimberly French in UU World of more than two dozen " Events to mark Margaret Fuller’s bicentennial " taking place this year. Includes a map of festivities in eight US states. There are likely so many more events than any of us knows about. If you hear of anything, please let me know and I'll pass it along.

Celebrating the circle

Chris Corrigan

Natalie Angier, inspired by Kandinsky, celebrates the circle, I also learned of Kandinsky’s growing love affair with the circle. This being December, I’d like to honor Kandinsky through his favorite geometry, by celebrating the circle and giving a cheer for the sphere.

Time to celebrate failure at FailCamp

Social Reporter

When you are starting something new the most useful stories are often honest accounts from those who have failed - as Clay Shirky said in an interview last year. Now the social media folk in Birmingham - source of many successes - are promoting the idea of FailCamp. As Pete Ashton says “A day where you tell us about your online experiments or experiences that went horribly, terribly wrong&#. More on Twitter. I’m with Pete when he says: Meanwhile I’m getting bored.

Twitter Celebrities and Geeks - Is That Your Online Digital Legacy?


Well, it looks like the folks behind Current have put together another hilariously funny , yet somewhat accurate , I guess (Although I don’t think I could relate too much to it, to be honest), video clip on the status of the Twittersphere : Celebrity Twitter Overkill.

Men in Dresses Celebrate the New Orleans Saints Going to the Super Bowl

Portals and KM

Below are some of the scenes of the celebration. When I first arrived in New Orleans last weekend for the Webtrends Engage event I walked around the French Quarter a bit. There were a few bands in the street.   In addition there were a lot of men wearing dresses.

Social Media Club of Boston 5th Anniversary Celebration: The Evolution of Social Business

Portals and KM

Last night I attended the Social Media Club of Boston 5 th Anniversary Celebration: The Evolution of Social Business. It featured a panel with Alistar Rennie, General Manager, Social Business and Collaboration Solutions, IBM; Andy Carusone from Lowe’s Home Improvement; and Ric Fulop, North Bridge Venture Partners. Alistar talked about how IBM got involved with social media. In 2004 they were working to become more integrated on a global basis. 

Celebrating Staff Tenure on Your Community

Managing Communities

photo credit: ClatieK Staff tenure is a great thing to track, acknowledge and celebrate on your community. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it truly is a case of “it’s the thought that counts,&# that you cared enough to remember and mention it. It’s simple enough to track. As part of the process of [.]. Managing Staff

Celebrating Member Birthdays on Your Community

Managing Communities

photo credit: kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop) Today is my birthday and, as with every birthday for the last however many years, I have received a bunch of email messages from communities (seemingly all powered by vBulletin) wishing me a happy birthday. I no longer visit most of these and the email didn’t make me visit [.]. Interacting with Members

Turning 40. and Celebrating It Traveling Home from London to New Zealand (But Not Until March 17)

Michael Sampson - Currents

I'm turning 40 next month. on March 17 to be exact. There's a few others that are turning 40 this year too. James, Jason, and Stuart to name a few, but I'll leave it up to them to out themselves when the time comes. Ah, yes, 1972 was a great year :-).

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Earning the Respect of reddit in a Way Most Celebrities Never Will

Managing Communities

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Lessons You Can Take from phpBBHacks.com’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Managing Communities

photo credit: joelogon Last month, I wrote about the 10th anniversary celebration over at phpBBHacks.com, a site that I launched on April 6, 2001. In brief summary, this is what we did to celebrate: Launched a special, dedicated section of our website, with an RSS feed and added a special section to our forums (for [.].

The Real Power of Community (or “Celebrities ‘Deserve’ Their Followers”)

Managing Communities

It was about a celebrity, I forget who. photo credit: the euskadi 11 Sometimes, people get caught up in thoughts that are very limiting, due to their own jealousy, insecurities, a lack of understanding or something else. One great example of this is a comment I once heard someone make. The person said that the [.]. Community Cultivation How Should I Participate

Celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day 2012 with Dell (and Me) on Google+

Managing Communities

photo credit: Dell’s Official Flickr Page The third annual Community Manager Appreciation Day, originally started by Jeremiah Owyang, will be celebrated on January 23. In honor of this event, Dell will be hosting an hour long Google+ Hangout on their Google+ profile, starting at 1 PM ET (UTC/GMT -5). During the hour, there will be [.]. ManagingCommunities.com Press

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As Our Nation Celebrates What Is Possible…

Hildy Gottlieb

We have created a world that is, in many ways, so defiantly inhumane that we celebrate a story like Steve Lopez’s as an exception to the norm. ’ She said they’d had a party to celebrate Beethoven’s birthday, and that all his musician friends came and it was wonderful.

Major Celebrities Could Hire Community Managers to Guide Their Fan Communities

Managing Communities

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Natalie Imbruglia: Stars on Twitter

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I blogged about the stoush between Perez Hilton and Ashton Kutcher where Ashton told Perez that basically he was just miffed because the blogger was being disintermediated - why do fans need people to blog/New Idea about celebrities when the celebs will tell us themselves through their own channel?

Verified Accounts on Your Forums for Celebrities, Public Figures and Well Known People

Managing Communities

On Twitter, you have what is called a verified account. In Twitter’s words, a verified account is among the solutions that they are beta testing “so users can trust that the accounts they follow are legitimate.&#. Furthermore, when Twitter users visit a verified account, they “know that tweets coming from well known personalities, organizations, government [.].

phpBBHacks.com is Turning 10 Years Old and Here is How We’re Celebrating

Managing Communities

phpBBHacks.com, the largest unofficial resource for the phpBB forum software and a website and community that I have managed since day one, will turn 10 years old on April 6. This is an incredible moment, one that seems absolutely amazing and insane, when considering the passage of time and one that is also emotional and [.]. Community Cultivation Interacting with Users

Twitter causes Jennifer Aniston John Mayer breakup

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Celebrity breakups on social networks - Twitter. Technorati Tags: break up , celebrity , famous , jennifer aniston , john mayer , social networks , Twitter. Tags: Online Communities social networks Twitter jennifer aniston famous break up john mayer celebrity O RLY? Rocker JOHN MAYER said he was too busy to return calls while Jennifer was away promoting her new film. But Friends star Jen spotted he was updating his page of the networking site instead.

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A huge sigh of relief – a title | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

had tweeted that I was going to make this cake in celebration of our finally naming “the book,&# and I was amazed how many people wanted the recipe.

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Green Chameleon » Intranet Innovation Awards 2009

Green Chameleon

“The Intranet Innovation Awards are global awards that celebrate new ideas and innovative approaches to the design and delivery of intranets. www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Intranet Innovation Awards 2009 It’s that time of year again! The goal is to find these ideas (whether large or small), and to share them with the wider community.&#

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Green Chameleon » Shhhh… the IP Addresses Have Ears

Green Chameleon

Network mapping software pioneer Valdis Krebs has just celebrated his twentieth birthday in the business. www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Shhhh… the IP Addresses Have Ears Well it had to happen.

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Launch Offer: Get Ken Thompson's 4 Systematic Guides for the price of 1

The Bumble Bee

To celebrate the official launch of my Systematic Guides to Management and Leadership, for a very limited period I am discounting each of the 4 books by 75% off their retail price of £15 (or dollar/euro equivalent).

2016 116

The Prisoners Dilemma, Trust, Cooperation and Effective Teams

The Bumble Bee

I have been reading Lord Sacks daily thoughts "Celebrating Life" and was impressed by his piece on "The Prisoners Dilemma" which I have written about previously and in my new book. Image Source: Chalkdust Magazine.

2017 116

Shake up your life

Jenny Connected

The first was to celebrate the life of a man cut off in his prime by bowel cancer (he was still in his 50s). His funeral, held at the crematorium was one of music, colour, loving words and celebration. Today I have been to the funeral of a friend who I knew for more than 30 years.

2015 209

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Dave Pollards papers on business innovation & knowledge management August 22, 2008 Friday Flashback: The Real Innovators Dilemma From 2006: I n his celebrated book The Innovators Dilemma ,Clay Christensen explains how successful companies can be "heldcaptive" by their best customers to the point that they become vulnerable todisruptive innovation from competitors and new entrants, and unable tosustain the types of innovation that brought them those loyal customersin the first place.

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