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Enterprise 2.0 Report: Intranet Collaboration Features and Social Networking

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Social Software on Intranets A Report From the Front Lines of Enterprise Community, Collaboration, and Social Networking Projects 168 pages, PDF format Download Report (from eSellerate) $298 for a single report, $598 for the report and a site license to make copies within your organization and place on your own intranet. (No Case Studies Findings Its Not Just About Tools, But Tools Do Matter Gently Guiding Users, Integrating Social Features Content-is-King 2.0

Introducing Social Networking Tools and Social Networking Analysis to Business: What To Do

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September 27, 2007 Introducing Social Networking Tools and Social Networking Analysis to Business: What To Do I attended a meeting yesterday of a self-managed KM group facilitated by the Conference Board of Canada. SocialPublishing: Blogs, podcasts, social bookmarkers, photo journals,memediggers, product evaluators, personal diaries (FaceBook etc.):Again, Mindmaps: Used by quite a few organizations, but not really as a social networking tool.

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What's up with collaboration?

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Innovation iPhone Knowledge in Practice Knowledge Strategy Networks Presentation RSS Sensemaking SNA Social Bookmarking Social Networks Story Telling Talent Management Web 2.0 What I did find interesting is how collaboration can be regarded as one of the catalysts underpinning the four drivers I have previously mentioned that are moving us into a networked world: Web 2.0 - it is peoples desire to communicate and collaborate that has driven the development of Web 2.0

IBM SJ 46-4 | A model for CIO-led innovation

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In the following section we discuss four case studies: a social bookmarking service, a tool for managing remote meetings, an enterprise directory application, and an advanced instant messaging (IM) application. A volunteer team of veteran innovators, known as ThinkPlace catalysts, monitors the community ratings and selects the top ideas to support and bring to the attention of managers who could further support the development of prototypes.

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Full Circle Associates " Notes from the Seattle Online Community Meetup

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Any social graph representations? New social forms are arising. Some people feel more connected as a part of the connection in that social web. Organizational, professional reluctance to get within anything with social networking. That was a catalyst for subsequent action.