Playing through council plans for digital participation in the face of cuts

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Over the past few years Drew Mackie and I have used fictitious characters and organisations as the basis for our workshop games, with successful explorations of how digital tech can be used by community enablers, nonprofit consultants, older people and other groups. All posts games Slipham

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You can stimulate curiosity for self directed learning

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Within the SPOC, on the Curatr platform, sources like short video clips or cartoons were shared as conversation starters on topics such as classroom atmosphere, structure, variety in lessons and attention to individual students. 52 people were asked to choose a short computer game to play.

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We Have No Choice

How to Save the World

New Yorker cartoon by the late Charles Barsotti. Asynchronous communication (thoughtful back-and-forth online discussions over an extended period of time) is a feeble attempt to achieve this exchange of knowledge and understanding without face-to-face contact.

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Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Culture and TCFL

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2) is Chinese education (languages or otherwise) so bad that it has resulted in a disaster for the country, are the Chinese exchange students at such a disadvantage that they grab most of the PhDs in Western universities? Playing games work.

Monitor: Better ways to collaborate | The Economist

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It allows people to send messages to individuals or groups, to hold online discussions and to exchange documents and other files.

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How to Save the World

O f late I have, at last, begun to act in accordance with my stated beliefs and intentions — spending more time in beautiful natural places, and composing creative works (poetry, music, games). cartoon by arnie levin in the new yorker.

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