The Passion of The Explorer or The End of Your Great Career


Quite a thought provoking read, just as much as the TEDx event with some rather witty and smart quotes, like this one: “ Find and use your passion and you’ll have a great career.

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Job Description - Cisco Career Connection - Cisco Systems

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Together, along with tight integrations with Unified Communications, IM, Presence, and Video, these capabilities form an Integrated Workforce Experience.

Job #SocialMedia – Digital Marketing Co-ordinator- Sydney @p2pKirstie

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

With a service focus that starts right at the top, career progression and genuine recognition for hard work are critical to this company’s success. Be able to integrate the CRM with social media channels. Maintain brand integrity across social media, website and email marketing.

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2014, The Year That Was


Going solo , as they call it, although I have never been, nor felt, alone, as some people say when you are just getting stated with a new career. elsua General Interest In the News Learning Life Metablogging Work Life Integration And nearly four months later… I am back to blogging.

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Why I Fired Myself from IBM


It’s been in my mind for about 2 years when I first started contemplating the thought of making a move and figure out what I would want to do next with my career. If that didn’t work out, for whatever the reason, I would still be relatively young to look up for another career opportunity. elsua Freelancing General Interest IBM Learning Life Open Leadership Work Life Integration

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Let The Next Adventure Begin – The Origins


I know that this may sound crazy, but I have always felt that my entire working career has been defined and shaped up by serendipity. No, I am not a techie and nor will I be pursuing a long term career in that field. And you are just an integral part of them and whatever physical and virtual barriers they are no longer an issue. IBM Learning Life Open Business Open Leadership Work Life Integration Life works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

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The participant who drives you crazy is not you at all!

Net-Map Toolbox

If they are your missing half, how can integrating their views and personality lead to a more rounded experience? What can I learn from someone so different? picture copyright by Temari 09 on flickr).

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Is your most annoying opponent really the most dangerous one?

Net-Map Toolbox

Can you adapt the content of your innovation to integrate some of their ideas or can you change the public appearance to give credit to them in one way of the other? Is this a mosquito?

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Relief: Stop banging your head against that wall…

Net-Map Toolbox

She had a very strong desire to integrate her uncle in family festivities again and had put a lot of energy in trying to push for this. career coaching case studies Conflict Resolution musings notes from the field personal developmentif you just can't help it: Bang head here (copyright by jcrakow on flickr).

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The AppGap » Connectbeam Offers New Social Networking Application Integration Possibilities : News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Connectbeam Offers New Social Networking Application Integration Possibilities by Bill Ives April 28, 2008 at 8:07 am · Filed under Reviews Recently, I had a chance to catch up with Puneet Gupta, CEO of Connectbeam. We saw a demonstration of Connectbeam integration with Sharepoint.

The Value of Community Ecosystems

Online Community Strategy

I’ve worked with some form of community my entire career. Integrate Community Into The Fabric of the Organization.

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Green Chameleon » Doing KM One Person at a Time

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Doing KM One Person at a Time Yesterday, for the first time in my KM consulting career I did something that I had not had the chance to do before. If I were to run the same programme again, I’d definitely make the clinic an integral part of it.

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Am I killing publication opportunities with blogging PhD results?


I know that sharing openly brings all kinds of good things back, but next to it there is a feeling that a successful professional career requires more than coming up with good ideas and sharing them. Integration After being in a solitary confinement for so long (this is how working on a PhD feels) I’m happy to see that what others find useful what I wrote, especially given my fears that for many of my peers the findings would look like yesterday’s news.

SIKM community presentation

Digital Habitats

The concept of “community of practice” has had a career because it makes social learning as a concept accessible. To keep building on Thomas’ question, the issue is not so much standardization of tools and platforms as it is of integration. February 16, 2010.

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10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

If you like the sound of that, and can live with the lack of recognition, then perhaps a career as an independent KM consultant awaits you! . Last week I had the pleasure of providing my final virtual webinar for the first of the UN’s KM Online blended learning programme.

What did Socrates ever do for us?

Jenny Connected

But maybe by signing his own death sentence Socrates scored the most important goal of his career and ensured that he would go down in history as the founder of moral philosophy, who established the method of trying to get at truth through persistent open questioning.

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Reflections on Community Manager Appreciation Day

Online Community Strategy

My key hopes for next year (#CMAD 2013): That there is a more integrated approach to Community-building, as part of most organization’s social business efforts. Today was the third annual Community Manager’s Appreciation Day, or #CMAD. The intention of #CMAD is to raise awareness about the role of the Community Manager, and to recognize the hard working women and men who support this role for their organizations.

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Australia: Social Media Marketing Job at Commonwealth Bank

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

The Commonwealth Bank Group is one of Australia’s leading organisations providing integrated financial services to more customers than any other Australian bank. Commonwealth Bank are looking for a Social (Media) Marketing Manager – Any takers? Social Marketing Manager – Sydney.

Notes on SW101 Building a Smarter Workforce

Michael Sampson - Currents

need to shift to a continuous learning model - leveraging coaching & mentoring, career curriculum, communities of practice, social networking, etc. -. offer learning and career, not training. -. is my company internally integrated, to offer the best value end-to-end for customers. Have now integrated Connections into the internet. Three speakers are talking about building a smarter workforce: - Denis Brousseau, VP, Global HR Practice Leader, IBM.

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Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week.

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The influence of technology on professional identity

Joitske Hulsebosch

They argue that more attention is needed for professional identity in case of changes in a domain, career- and cooperation issues. I think that Erikson's identity creation phases (trust, autonomy, initiative, fidelity, identity, intimacy, care, integrity) do not apply anymore.

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Howard Rheingold on the Social Media Classroom

Digital Habitats

Some of the things Howard talked about included: the importance of an on-ramp to new media - with integration of tools being an important early experience that helps us be more confident when we start using tools in a more “free range&# manner. (Crossposted from my Full Circle Blog ).

My New Cheese – Lead Social Business Enabler for IBM’s w3 and www Connections


Both extremes are always disruptive enough to make you question your entire career and what you would want to do with your work / personal life next. I eventually decided to find my new cheese in an attempt to move further on in my professional career. This is it! The moment of truth!

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Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

communities - an integrated meeting room. -. Foresee in Germany, have integrated Connections with a full touch capable table. -. Notes 9 Social Edition - integrates social capabilities into the inbox. -. FileSync capability for integrating / synchronizing across multiple devices. Applying analytics for predicting the right teams for client engagement - this IBM technology will be integrated into Kenexa. -.

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Net Squared - the Mashup Olympics for Doing Good

Connectable Dots

My interest is in how people can build community and passion for their cause using the photo sharing site with or without integrating Flickr image feeds into an external site. Mashups for the greater good. Net Squared, year three: Nonprofit web innovators congregate.

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The Future of Work by 2020


Long gone are the times where we were aiming for long term careers and their big aspirations, for loyalty to a specific business or company, for a long-term opportunity to have an impact over the course of decades. Fascinating topic, don’t you think?

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Howard Rheingold on the Social Media Classroom

Nancy White

Some of the things Howard talked about included: the importance of an on-ramp to new media - with integration of tools being an important early experience that helps us be more confident when we start using tools in a more “free range&# manner.

Trust and Networks

Alchemy of Change

I have to earn your trust through the integrity of my actions over time; by doing what I say I will do and by ensuring my actions help, and do not harm you. Trust makes networks work.

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The Humanity of the Web: Reflections of a Social Computing Evangelist


I moved on to a career in humanities instead. That’s why, after years of evangelising about the enabling capabilities of the Social Web, I decided to take things to the next level and make it an integral part of my work and personal lives.

2014 240

The changing role of the online teacher

Jenny Connected

I have had this experience in my teaching career. As the Edinburgh team realized, we have responsibilities that involve caring for our students and we need to develop personal qualities such as respect and integrity in both us and them.

2015 246

Social Network Sites As Connective Infrastructure

Collaborative Thinking

When I've talked to folks in HR, the quicker companies can get their new hires connected into the fabric of the company, the more confident they are that the new employee will see how they fit into the organization, possible career paths, ways to get involved in various communities, etc. . This study focuses on the transition to college, a major life event requiring integration into new settings, the negotiation of informational challenges, and the mastery of new roles and identities.

Pistachio Consulting’s Enterprise Microsharing Tools Comparison

Portals and KM

The report covers 6 pure play tools, 4 open source, 3 enterprise-built (but may come to market), 3 integrated, 2 self-service and 2 that are labeled as pseudo. Since the report came out there has been a rise in integrated micro-messaging with platforms. directory integration, groups, location, sharing, and SMS. Nineteen micro-sharing applications are reviewed and compared in Pistachio Consulting ’s E nterprise Microsharing Tools Comparison.

Reclaiming Work

Michael Sampson - Currents

But they do need to identify their talent – their innate capacity for excellence – and take a proactive approach to integrating it into their career. I receive many story pitches every day, and ignore most of them as being irrelevant. This one stood out today.

2012 109

An enduring insight

Ken Carroll

I think it’s the early career epiphanies that make the greatest impact. It’s hard to capture how invigorating this was at the time, but this set my teaching practices and career on a new course. Muriel Saville-Troike describes (2005) how SLA theory struggles to integrate linguistics, psychology, and sociology, like so many blind men touching the elephant. Here, I share mine. This post is my contribution to Dave Ferguson’s Work/Learn Carnival. 1989.

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Productivity Delivered (Share 2012, Atlanta) #share2012 @sharepoint

Michael Sampson - Currents

Gideon is now in the SharePoint product team, but spent 14 years in IT in the Israeli army earlier in his career. integrate the social fabric of the organization. aspects - support corporate developers, software vendors, and systems integrators. -. Gideon Bibliowicz, Senior Product Manager from Microsoft is talking about "Productivity Delivered." Was involved in developing a medical system in SharePoint.

2012 114

The Perks of Freelance Work


Work – Life Integration : And, finally, one of my favourite topics of conversation from over the course of years, the well known dilemma of work – life balance, whether it really exists or whether it’s another myth we have bought into. It’s all about integration though.

2016 153

Encouraging a Young Social Change Agent

Hildy Gottlieb

Abbas: I think shifting realities of career create a lot of anxiety in Gen Y – myself included. Me: Can you share more re: “shifting realities of career&# ? It requires living and working and being with integrity.

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The Anthill is Exploding! Welcoming Caitlin Angeloff to the team

Ant's Eyeview Blog

She also served Director of Integrated Marketing for, a leading on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) company where she oversaw brand awareness, web marketing and channel marketing.

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Outside Innovation

Collaborative Thinking

Those motivated by extrinsic rewards like money and career may choose markets. Depending on the type of platform business model (integrated, product, or two-sided), the host firm has a choice about the amount of control it exerts over outside innovators. Interesting perspective. although while reading I thought that more insight on relationships and networks might have helped the thesis. Markets or Communities? The Best Ways to Manage Outside Innovation — HBS Working Knowledge.

Social Network Marketing Campaigns: Features Attributes

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

In terms of working with and using the tools and classes of software we’re now calling social media - wikis, blogs, social networks , ideas markets, and their various predecessors - I’ve got more than a little experience as a user and implementer of them throughout my career.

Fast Forward Summit Notes: Jeff Fried on Business Transformation Powered by Search

Green Chameleon

Career Builder was neck & neck with a few years ago. Now Career Builder, a Fast customer, is well ahead by providing a better search experience for users. Much of data is very structured and was hard to integrate. Jeff Fried, the VP Product Management, at Fast led an interesting session Business Transformation Powered by Search at the recent Fast Forward Summit in Boston.

2008 109

A Century of Progress


I am sure you may have noticed how the last couple of days this blog has been a bit quiet. If you have been following me recently on twitter, you would know that I have been away on what promised to be the last business trip for me for what is left of this year.

2009 164

Developing digital literacies in practice


But it's very important to me that the Developing Digital Literacies programme involves groups of staff that have always taken this person-centred, culturally-situated approach to student development i.e. careers/employability staff, and learning development/learning skills staff.

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