Chit Chat + Relationship Building = $

Michelle Laurie

Networking is a medium to create relationships, learn about people and ultimately build trust. The ability to connect, i.e. small talk, is what is moving careers. In summary, the heart of Knowledge Management is connecting people, ideas and experience.

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Job Description - Cisco Career Connection - Cisco Systems

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Manage cross-functional relationships for the development of new products - including working with engineering, manufacturing, finance, and sales to bring a product to market.

Everything Is Connected to Everything


Brian Cox where in less than two minutes he gets to explain in very simple terms how everything is connected to everything. Science.

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Trust and Networks

Alchemy of Change

When trust is low and relationships are plagued by suspicion, networks collapse into brittle organizational structures that rarely offset their operational costs in real world outcomes. I suggest the following: “Networks are voluntary connections between autonomous peers.&#.

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Social Network Sites As Connective Infrastructure

Collaborative Thinking

The idea of "connectivity infrastructure" I thought was very relevant and influenced some of the points I made in an earlier post " Enterprise 2.0: However, the organizational value is the more compelling aspect re: how these sites mediate the type of interactions and relationships necessary to master new roles and identities. Social network sites represent a connective infrastructure within personal networks.

Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

In Orlando at the Walt Disney World Dolphin, IBM is kicking off the Opening General Session for IBM Connect. IBM Connections 4.5 - nested folders, social tagging, document workflow. -. Foresee in Germany, have integrated Connections with a full touch capable table. -. Social Edition (coming in March), IBM Connections Content Manager 4.5 They want to build a relationship. network of 191 dealers worldwide; been building customer relationships over 85 years.

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Social Identity Applications: Manage Your Career Online


For a workforce such as programmers and technical professionals who increasingly take advantage of their ability to work with just a broadband internet connection with a capable laptop and cellphone to work in virtual teams, that identity is almost completely formed electronically. Professional relationships require a certain amount of collegiality, and an online identity, to be complete, must have all aspects of a conventional working relationship.

Connecting to (the new) Freedom House

Endless Knots

Gail] Snowden, who took over leadership at the center about two years after a 36-year banking career, said she is seeking out alums of the Freedom House who are now adults to rally to save it. There's a drive underway to rebuild Freedom House , the 60-year-old education and community center on the Roxbury-Dorchester line in Boston.

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Connect To Thrive | Psychology Today

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Connect To Thrive. Social Connection Improves Health, Well-Being & Longevity. But how many of us know that social connection is as important? Social connection improves physical health and psychological well-being. One telling study showed that lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity , smoking and high blood pressure. On the the flip side, strong social connection leads to a 50% increased chance of longevity.

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Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012 Highlights – Back to Basics of Conferences! #ls12 #ibmconnect


As more and more blog posts are starting to come along sharing further insights on some of the major highlights from the recent IBM Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012 events held last week in Orlando, Florida, I guess it’s now time for me to start sharing my two cents on what both events were like, what I learned, what I thought were some pretty interesting developments and happenings, as well as a bunch of other tidbits that I think would prove useful to share over here in this blog.

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Using social software to reinvent the customer relationship | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Application , Productivity , Web 2.0 , Product Marketing , Customer Relationship Management (CRM) The elimination of decades of inadequate communication channels will suddenly unleash a tide of many opportunities, as well as challenges, for most organizations.

Professional Networking – One size does not fit all

Net-Map Toolbox

” This central mantra of career networkers is very true… and fills a lot of people with unpleasant feelings from slight nervousness, to disgust, to the feeling of outright failure, if you think you are not good at “networking”, whatever that is supposed to mean.

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Starting a community of practice - fostering relationships

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Often we will help organisations kick their communities off with a work shop that has a number of objectives but perhaps the most important is to foster deeper connections among the potential members. This process is a one-on-one interview where each person talks about three highlights in their career and the listener retells their stories back to them. We encourage people to retell their stories in these small group conversations as this also helps to foster relationships.

Building Social Business: Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Pages Home About Gautam Indian HR Blogs Indian Social Media Strategists Linkbar Articles Media Mentions Thoughts Quora Facebook Twitter HR Community Welcome Follow @GautamGhosh May 19, 2011 Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating Tweet What causes people to connect with each other?

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SelectMinds Connects With $5.5M

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Sign Up | Login Go to Main Group Leah Messinger"s site RSS feeds reader About Me Leah Messinger Writer/Editor - Red Herring Belmont - United States My Site Menu My Articles My Profile My Feeds My articles My comments Topics Aol Apple Bebo British National Party Coca-Cola Comscore Facebook Fox Interactive Media Gartner Google Healthline Hitwise IDC Iphone Ivillage Mohr Davidow Ventures Myspace Nbc Social Networking Yahoo more topics Internet SelectMinds Connects With $5.5M

Amazing advice

Net-Map Toolbox

So what kinds of connections really have an impact on my strategic direction? One crucial prerequisite for advice, which makes a difference to me, is connection. I think the issue of connection is also related to the fact that I wouldn’t be open to advice from someone if I didn’t like them – even if my brain told me it was reasonable advice. How do you maintain your advice relationships? Being an entreprenneur career coaching musings

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Social Media is a Matter of the Heart

Leading Virtually

It was at his daughter’s wedding that he learned about the usefulness of social media for staying connected on a human level and enriching one’s life. His earlier thinking was that social media took time away from one’s career, family, and deep relationships.

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Life With Alacrity: Dunbar Triage: Too Many Connections

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

How do I maintain meaningful relationships with over 300 people? For me, its the quality of relationships that enhances my professional and personal life, not the sheer numbers." How does someone like a member of the US House of Representatives manage their relationships?

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The Skinny on Networking by Jim Randel

Online Social Networking

The Skinny on Networking explores both offline and online business networking and the connection between the two. Jim teaches networking to Billy and Beth and helps them step-by-step to overcome obstacles and advance in their careers.

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Social Media is a Matter of the Heart

Leading Virtually

It was at his daughter’s wedding that he learned about the usefulness of social media for staying connected on a human level and enriching one’s life. His earlier thinking was that social media took time away from one’s career, family, and deep relationships.

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Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Networks and learning

Ken Carroll

About Ken Carroll « Culture and TCFL There will be collaboration » Networks and learning Although they come in an infinite variety, all networks are ultimately about nodes and connections with things (like data, for example) passing through them.

The AppGap » Connecting … Virtual Teams: News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Connecting … Virtual Teams by Patti Anklam February 10, 2008 at 4:38 pm · Filed under Distributed Work , Enterprise 2.0 , Web 2.0 and how the social networking tools could be used to enhance the connectivity of virtual teams.

SIKM community presentation

Digital Habitats

The concept of “community of practice” has had a career because it makes social learning as a concept accessible. Patti Anklam: I think the complexity of the job also has a lot to do with the fact that the steward is constantly interacting in the context of human relationships.

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Board Gender Quotas? Why Wait?

Governance in a Networked World

In this article we review the status quo in terms of gender balance and then explore ‘relationship centred’ research looking for new and innovative initiatives. In other words Jane had benefited from being more astute about ‘who’ she connected with.

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Purpose Will Power Future Online Communities

Online Community Strategy

Belonging (through social connections), and 2.) Specifically, we saw large gains in feelings of Happiness, Resilience, Presence of Meaning, and Career Decision Self-Efficacy. Purpose. people’s identification of, and intention to pursue, particular highly valued, overarching life goals.”

Mock Thesis Proposal: Personal Support Networks During Periods Of Employee Transition, Part 1

Collaborative Thinking

Advice: the ability for an employee to pose questions to trusted individuals on professional dilemmas, career issues, or other work-related challenges. Information: A SNS provides employees with a wealth of information on colleagues (via profiles), relationships (via a social graph), interactions (via wall posts, forums, and micro-blogging), and content (via uploaded files). Abstract.

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Why Looking After Your Personal Brand in the Social Era Still Matters


In fact, perhaps a bit too scary that your career, from here onwards, may well depend on the fact of not only whether you have a digital footprint out there on the Internet, but also whether you may have left a mark, a legacy, on that very same Social Web. .

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Restoring the Human in Humanity by Simon Sinek


We have seen in the past , and over the course of time , indeed , how critical trust is in not only helping build healthy personal business relationships amongst knowledge workers , but, much more importantly , with customers and business partners.

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Is Your Social Capital Helping or Hindering Your Leadership Aspirations?

Governance in a Networked World

Your social capital is described as the assets that accrue from the network of personal relationships you have. There is no shortage of research supporting the importance of relationships (social capital) when identifying effective leaders.

2012 151

The Humanity of the Web: Reflections of a Social Computing Evangelist


I moved on to a career in humanities instead. The Internet changed my life 17 years ago, and my relationship with it is still going strong. And all of that, without using a single email but through the power of the Connected, Social Web.

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Trust and security in open networks

Jenny Connected

The second topic (unit) of the ccourses MOOC (Connected Courses. What happens when trust breaks down in online relationships? Active Co-Learning in Higher Ed) is Trust and Network Fluenc y. Source of image. Each unit in ccourses lasts for two weeks. For me this is good.

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Millenials Won’t Change Work; Work Will Change Millennials – Really?


We also still have office politics and intrigue, careerism, coalitions and rivalries, informal structures and processes, and all the other elements of a dense and hierarchical social system" Rather fascinating, don’t you think? Do you really think so? I mean, * really *?

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Companies with ‘Networked’ Board Directors have 85% Higher Growth Rates!

Governance in a Networked World

In essence we were looking for directors who had the best opportunity for bringing diversity of thought and opinions to their boards by being both independent and connected through joint board memberships. The above map shows how our ‘networked elite’ is connected to each other.

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Why it’s hard to talk about dialogic containers in English

Chris Corrigan

Over my career I’ve had the gift of working extensively in indigenous communities in North America and one of the features of many (but not all) indigenous languages is the fact that they are verb-based as opposed to English which is very noun-based. When they say those things, the English ear hears the word “time” or “space” (the nouns in the sentence), but the words the Elders use are pointing to the qualities of the relationships between things in the container of time or space.

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The Future of Work by 2020


Long gone are the times where we were aiming for long term careers and their big aspirations, for loyalty to a specific business or company, for a long-term opportunity to have an impact over the course of decades. Fascinating topic, don’t you think?

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Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week.

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Validating Social Computing by Living a Historial Moment at IBM


Yes, of course, I am referring to Lotus Connections. It’ll started back at the end of 2003 when the Connections Blogs component was first made available. all services became integrated with one another and IBM’s Lotus Connections became a Product.

Community Is A Management Approach, Not Just a Role

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Over the last nine months working with and speaking with a wide array of individuals who are practicing community management it has become apparent that community management is not only an explicit role or career but also a general approach to management.

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On Twitter and in the Workplace, It's Power to the Connectors - Rosabeth Moss Kanter - Harvard Business Review

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Connect with her on Facebook or at Formal hierarchies with clear reporting relationships gave people their position and their power. This changes the nature of career success. They dont need to be the formal boss if they have the connections.


Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

The idea is that I intend to build the social network of people that we meet or connect with as we travel to new places over a 40 day period. There is a connection to ‘Social Business’ here. When we find something, we can start to connect and bond. How did you first connect?

2014 130

The Divided Brain: Are we actually alive? Iain McGilchrist

Jenny Connected

the birth rate is declining and mother/infant relationships are under threat with increasing numbers of women working full time; 70% of internet activity is related to porn and 20-40% of 19-25 year olds have no interest in sex. Happiness comes from connection and community.

2015 138

Roles for Educators in MOOCs

Jenny Connected

It was suggested that teachers will never be erased from society but if that is true, what is it that teachers do (and here I mean trained teachers, or career teachers, as opposed to say parents as teachers), that others don’t or can’t do? A teacher has an identity – it’s something about who the teacher is and how the teacher is perceived by learners, as well as what the teacher does – it’s something about the relationship between teacher and learner’.

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A Social Theory of Learning, Schools and Landscapes of Practice

Jenny Connected

There was an interesting discussion at the Academic Betreat about the relationship between theory, practice and learning. This question of which comes first, theory or practice, has often been the subject of discussion in my teaching career and particularly when I was a teacher trainer. The title of the introductory chapter in Etienne Wenger’s 1998 book is ‘A social theory of learning’ – not ‘A social learning theory’.