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Links of the Quarter: September 29, 2015

How to Save the World

Even if the essential infrastructure of civilization survives (which is unlikely in the face of the utter economic collapse that such massive forced migration will bring about), that infrastructure will simply be abandoned, since it will be of no use to post-collapse nomadic humans.

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Links of the Quarter: May 28, 2015

How to Save the World

Then we will see a Great Migration of humans, similar to what occurred during the last Ice Age, except instead of a few million people in motion, it will be a few billion. He also seems to think a Great Migration is in the cards. New Yorker cartoon by Jacob Samuel.

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Links of the Month: Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to Save the World

cartoon by jim benton. Humans Have Covered the Globe Longer Than We Thought: Simplistic anthropologists would like us to believe that we migrated slowly and opportunistically from proto-human African settlements to the rest of the planet, but evidence keeps confounding them.

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