Yes! Ability to lead remotely is next 2.0 skill

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In an increasingly crowded field of me-too posters, Dan's got some original ideas: Do you set up time in your calendar to randomly phone, email or instant message team members? Do you track project updates and discuss options in an open manner with all team members? Dan Pontefract, who, though he lives in Vancouver, was able to tear himself away from the games long enough to write " The Ability to Lead Remote Employees Will Become the Next 2.0

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Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 – Some Highlights

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In other words, while Microsoft continues to deliver best-of-breed offerings in these respective market spaces (collaboration, mail and calendaring, real time, social, and office productivity apps), the Office Graph looks across the collection and presents a unified and coherent picture of what’s happening in relation to specific projects, initiatives, etc. In Office 365, it will work across people, profiles, conversations, emails, calendars, and files.

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Collaborating Externally with Your Customers: The Final Frontier of Enterprise 2.0


So that provoked that a whole bunch of interactions with customers were being buried, for good, in email or IM conversations that were rather difficult to track and too cumbersome to engage with at times.

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Lotusphere 2010: Notes from Day 1

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The next version of LotusLive Notes will provide email, calendar, contact management and instant messaging capabilities to customers in a multi-tenant environment. You can track Lotusphere 2010 news and views on Twitter (hashtag #ls10).

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News Updates (December 15, 2009)

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There you’re able to see the incoming messages from other people as well as the tasks that have been assigned to you in different projects. The collaboration area is where you have your project listing, calendar as well as all the people in the organization. It tracks and links group collaborative process-related activities and documents within the SharePoint group site and provides management and status reports on organizations’ unstructured, human processes.

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News Updates (February 9, 2010)

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However, a growing trend called co-working could help self-employed entrepreneurs both stay on track and develop valuable business connections. Facebook's instant messenger is currently baked into the site: pay a visit to Facebook and you're automatically logged into the messenger.

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Oracle Beehive 1.5: Still A Work-In-Progress

Collaborative Thinking

Enterprise Messaging (e-mail, calendar, tasks, contacts). Team Collaboration (document library, wiki, team calendar, micro-blogging, search, RSS, workflow, etc). Synchronous Collaboration (web/video conferencing, instant messaging, presence, voice chat). Analysis: Oracle makes the case the collaboration has been fragmented across three major domains (Enterprise Messaging, Team Collaboration, and Synchronous Collaboration).

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Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008


Firefox Web browser Free D ↑ 3 3 7= Google Reader 65 Google Reader RSS / Feed reader Free H ↓ 4 4 3= Skype 62 Skype Instant messaging, VoIP tool Free D ↑ 5 6 6 Wordpress 57.5

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Work Together: 60+ Collaborative Tools for Groups

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration - Centralized cash flow, documents, calendars and more for a team or small business. - A full work suite for project teams including spreadsheets, file sharing, calendar and more. - Track tasks, centralize communication, share documents and files, then collaborate with clients and remote teams. - Built for families or small groups to organize and share contacts, calendars, and projects.

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Mzinga (Acquired Prospero, March 2008) “We enable organizations to easily, quickly, and cost-effectively develop branded, integrated communities and social networks comprised of message boards, blogs, ratings, and chats and to manage them using a single, intuitive platform.&#

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Anecdote: Why people don't use collaboration tools

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I think we should stop encouraging people to use a new tool and just send them a URL and say, we are going to share our documents here, feel free to update the calendar and let people go for it.

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Vignette Collaboration

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Collaboration tailored to specific needs Vignette Collaboration offers features that are easily configured to meet the unique challenges of any organization: Ad hoc workspace creation Productivity application integration E-mail integration Instant messaging integration Enterprise Web 2.0

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Anecdote - Whitepapers - Building a collaborative workplace

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Some cultures foster collaboration while others stop it dead in its tracks. There were many other engineers from this firm working in Defence across Australia, so the employee posted a message to the organisation’s project management list server. In February 2006, another engineer posted a message to the group, advising that the new software standard had been formally adopted. Encourage people to perform a search on delicious for a tag they want to keep track of.

What's Next After Knowledge Management? A Scenario

How to Save the World

This discipline began about 15 years ago, and has largely followed the track of other business 'fads' like business process reengineering and total quality management -- a flurry of investment and enthusiasm, followed by disenchantment and finally abandonment. E-mail has disappeared, replaced by a virtual presence application that includes instant messaging, screensharing, voice/videoconferencing, filesharing, calendaring, tasklists.

VisiblePath Is A Lot Like LinkedIn, Except It’s Useful

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Silicon Valley-based VisiblePath is a lot like LinkedIn, but it automatically determines who your real network is, and how strong each individual relationship is, based on your emails and calendar items that involve them. The company is also creating ways to track interactions beyond Outlook, through phone calls and instant messages.

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