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First Net-Map Certification Training in Canada (March 31st – April 1st)

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” (If you have ever tried to learn one of the standard network analysis software packets, I would guess – drawing from my own experience – that those were not your feelings on the first day…).

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One Month Anniversary on the New Job as Lead Social Business Enabler


I cannot believe that, in just a few minutes from now, I will be celebrating the first month anniversary in my new job as the Lead Social Business Enabler at IBM and I hardly did notice how fast and furious it’s gone by. Where did April go?

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IBM Verse – It’s Here

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” … to unify the services people regularly invoke to get their work done, allowing individuals to apply analytics to prioritize activities; this should help organizations derive actual business insight from all the services used to collaborate.

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How Social Networking Can Improve Work Meetings


You may be thinking that one of the disadvantages of having moved into this new job as Lead Social Business Enabler at IBM is that I basically spend far too much time meeting up with my new team. Euan Semple (@euan) April 18, 2013. Finally, an Open Business without meetings.

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My App Gap Posts for April 2013

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Below are the ones for April.    I have been reviewing software for the AppGap and writing about other topics for this blog since January 2008.  I have met many great people and been exposed to some ground breaking software.

Collaboration Scenarios (April 6, 2010)

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Interesting academic article from January 2009 on collaboration in software teams. Basically, the researchers looked at communication patterns within a geographically-distributed software team, and using communication patterns reasoned via social network analysis, were able to predict 70% of failed builds based on the communication pattern for a particular build. SAP released SAP StreamWork , its collaboration decision-making software. Okay, so this is an idea.

News Updates (April 17, 2009)

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Central Desktop is hosting a Webinar on April 23, comparing its solution with SharePoint. Join us for a 60 minute free webinar, Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 from 10am to 11am Pacific, to learn why customers have chosen Central Desktop as their Sharepoint Alternative. In the fall of 2008, Burton Group conducted a series of in-depth interviews with 65 business and IT personnel representing 21 organizations to gain greater insight on enterprise social networking.

News Updates (April 24, 2009)

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GroupSwim is hosting a Webinar on May 5 about using social software to solve business problems. Social software is an affordable way to improve your company's ability to address the challenging economic environment - traditional means of collaborating and communicating, internally or externally, aren't cutting it. Collaboration in Business. GroupSwim Webinar.

News Updates (April 14, 2009)

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Focus on the Business. Focus on the business in technology strategy, not the technology. However, web strategy has little to do with platforms, and much more to do with supporting the goals of the business and establishing a common direction for your web activities. I’ve talked to several business units who felt they were left stranded, trying to find the best way to make use of SharePoint, when IT moved on to new projects. Enterprise 2.0 Disillusionment.

3 Benefits of KM, 3 Types of Community and Online Facilitation, Social Network Software, X-teams - Weekly Knowledge Management blog by Stan Garfield

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Centralized facilitation De-centralized facilitation Distributed facilitation KM Link of the Week Trampoline Systems Enterprise software that harnesses social behavior Enterprise software is changing. Trampoline has gone right back to the underlying social behavior and created software that harnesses human instincts instead of disabling them.

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Three Big Benefits of Social Software | Blogs |

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ITBusinessEdge Newsletters Welcome, Guest Log In | Register Home Topics Resource Centers Blogs News Knowledge Network White Papers Premium Tools Events Blogs : Ann All Business of Tech Alignment, staffing and culture are often more critical than software and apps About this Blogger RSS | Next > Subscribe Sign up now and get the best business technology insights direct to your inbox. Truth is, you can collaborate using traditional business communicatons tools like e-mail.

Messaging News (April 2009): Security Threats in Collaboration Platforms

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The April 2009 edition of Messaging News Magazine is out, with my article entitled Security Threats in Collaboration Platforms (starting on page 16): " Like beauty, you want security over collaboration platforms to be much more than skin deep. With an increasing volume of business conversations and transactions being communicated, coordinated and managed through collaboration tools, security is paramount.

Collaborative Thinking: Social Software`s Culture Clash

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Social Software`s Culture Clash March 15, 2008 in Enterprise 2.0 , Social Software | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Social Software`s Culture Clash : Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.

Collaborative Thinking: Social Software Vendor Roundup

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Socialtext Traction Software TeamPage Twiki Open Source Social Bookmark Systems BEA Pathways Cogenz Connectbeam IBM Lotus Connections dogear component Scuttle Open source Feed Syndication Platforms Attensa KnowNow NewsGator Social Network & Community Sites Typically offer a mix of user profiles, blogs, wikis, social networking, etc.

Collaborative Thinking: Why Is Social Software So Important?

Collaborative Thinking

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Lotusphere 2008: IBM Research - Glimpsing The Future | Main | Lotusphere 2008: Social Computing Keynote » January 22, 2008 Why Is Social Software So Important?

Using social software to reinvent the customer relationship | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

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On mySimon: Top Deals on Car Speakers And Subwoofers BNET Business Network: BNET TechRepublic ZDNet ZDNet Members login Newsletters Site Assistance RSS Feeds Home News & Blogs Videos White Papers Downloads Reviews Popular Enterprise Web 2.0

Green Chameleon » Information Neighbourhood as a Social Software Ecosystem

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Click To Play Now, Thomas Vander Wal has stirred up my thinking with what I think will be widely recognised as a very important seminal post called “ The Elements of the Social Software Stack&#.

Three Elements You Need for Successful Creation Spaces - John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison - Harvard Business Review

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Buy it now » Guide to Better Business Writing One-third of professionals write poorly. We pointed to World of Warcraft , and touched on SAPs Software Developer Network (SDN), and the world of big wave surfing. Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School.


The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool - The BrainYard - InformationWeek

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The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool. April 11, 2011. In my last column , I introduced the three main elements of a social business strategy -- process, management, and technology -- and focused on what it means to socialize a business process. Social-business processes require access to online communities in order to solicit ideas, get feedback, identify risks, and share results. DoubleDutch Doubles Down On Social and Location for Business.

First Take: Microsoft Business Productivity Suite Online - Communications Online

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Microsoft announced this week (Monday, March 2, 2009), that its Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), was available for trial in 19 countries. It disclosed Office Communications Online would be available in April 2009. Software-Plus-Services Strategy Reaches Worldwide.


Adoption Strategy for Office 365 at Merck

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The deployment of the new foundation is expected to be completed by mid-April. Using Group Policy to deploy Office 365 ProPlus, we rolled out the software by function within Germany, and by country in the rest of the world. The next phase of the program, set to begin in April of 2015, will really focus on scaling up Office 365, especially the Lync and SharePoint capabilities. We see Microsoft OneDrive for Business as a major catalyst in this next phase.

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More on community management (part 3 or “what’s in a name”) | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

It is about reconciling that businesses, in their interaction with the world (customer, vendors, regulators) have opened the door to a new way of being in the system that requires more than management. This site is both my weblog and my business site.

From Email to Basic Collaboration to Results-Oriented Work « The Decision Factor Blog

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A fresh perspective on business analytics. Business Intelligence. April 2013. April 2012. April 2011. A case for the evolution of collaborative and social software. The Evolution of Collaboration/Social Software. Business Intelligence.

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Enterprise 2.0 = Emergence Software | innovation Creators

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About Videos Whitepapers Enterprise 2.0 = Emergence Software October 10th, 2006 There is something very interesting happening in the field of enterprise technology. Ross Mayfield calls it Social Software in the Enterprise. Most famously, Dr. Andrew McAfee of the Harvard Business School called it Enterprise 2.0 It is called “ Emergence: the connected lives of ants, brains, cities and software “ As an economist, it appealed to me right away.

Social Software, Community, and Organization: Where Practice Meets Process « Skilful Minds

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Nevertheless, the distinction Ross makes, following Mike Gotta, about the difference between processes (how work is supposed to get done) and practices (how work actually gets done) really indicates a need to keep in focus the range of connections and interactions that social software enables.

Social software - the basics | Jon Mell - Web 2.0 ideas and strategy

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Categories Apple Basketball behaviour blogging ROI blogs business process exceptions clearspace community compliance corporate facebook cost saving customer insight Dell democratising information ease of use email Enterprise 2.0 Social software - the basics | Jon Mell - Web 2.0

In The Next Version - The Rise of Purposeful Collaboration: From Simply Sharing to Getting Work Done

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April 2 2013 01:30:00 AM. Purposeful collaboration from Alan Lepofsky Culture, Technology and Business Practices are evolving to adapt to today’s more social working environment. The first era of enterprise social was about collaborating more effectively by working more transparently and increasing participating via “social software”. With Purposeful Collaboration, “social” is built directly into the tools and business processes people use to get their jobs done.

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An adoption strategy for social software in enterprise. Strange Attractor: Picking out patterns in the chaos

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On her radar screen: the creativity of bipolar children , Democrats call for an "Innovation Agenda" , grocery store innovations , creating a culture of business experimentation , and more. What specific problems does social software solve?

Collaboration Loop - Jive Software Launches New Edition of Clearspace X

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As we begin 2009, not only is it difficult for companies to attract new business, it’s tough to keep your existing customers. Even if your customers are happy, budget restrictions may prevent them from repeat business. ″ business parable, Where in the World is my Team? This is the one place where business and IT professionals looking to leverage 2.0 A United Business Media company. Feb 20th, 2009 | Janetti Chon Crowdsourcing the Enterprise 2.0

The Power of Words – Back to Blogging!


Was it because I participated presenting in some amazing Social Business conference events both in Barcelona (April 5th) and Madrid (April 7th)? When I was basically mentioning how with all of the business travelling I was finding less and less time to blog, while on the road?

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#openedMOOC Week 2: Copyright, the Public Domain, and the Commons

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Software? The sharing economy is just part of a sales pitch, and a way of dressing up inequities and dodgy business practices. The first line of a Guardian article written by Stephen Poole in April 2016 is: ‘Sharing’ is one of the most rhetorically abused virtues of the age.

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The FASTForward Blog " More on War as the accelerant for Social Software: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

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More on War as the accelerant for Social Software by Rob Paterson November 29, 2007 at 7:44 am · Filed under 2.0 So back to social software. Leaders in business, education, healthcare etc all fear the outcome of adoption. How Simple Can Enterprise Software be?

Green Chameleon » Crowd as Author

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Crowd as Author You might think that social software spells the end for big book publishers. Working with Wharton Business School and the MIT Sloan Management School, they’ve just invited the best part of 2 million people to contribute to a “crowd book&# on the power of communities in business.

Build a Social Network Using Joomla! - Nettuts+

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In our sample, this is our purpose: To create and nurture business relationships by offering free network and support opportunities. Join Now User Comments ( ADD YOURS ) Yoosuf April 20th It’s nice and expected one!, A suggestion as like WP teaming series why not Joomlla Series Jeff as a site manager you can conceder ( Reply ) xQlusive April 20th This is an good overview for the things you need to build a community with Joomla cms. Reply ) Meshach April 20th Yeah.

The 2011 State of Community Management Report: Best Practices from Practitioners

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These organizations understand that using social technologies successfully requires both business process adaptation and people that understand how to manage these new social environments – at both a tactical and a strategic level.

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Free Ringtones Girl Caught in the Act and Captured

Online Social Networking

The title of this article is purely sensational — as you might expect on April Fools Day. Today we must also worry about viruses and malware, phishing and more sophisticated web-based scams including a plethora of silly business schemes, and widespread online fraud and identity theft. Think BEFORE you click on any link or respond to any pop up including those that offer to upgrade to new versions of your existing software.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. April was, Apparently, Animal Cruelty Month: Canadian Seal Hunt 2008: Another year of carnage, carefully hidden from public view , courtesy of the Harper government.

The social process | Web 2.0 and business process management

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In April 2009, demonstrators took to the streets of Chisinau, capital of Moldova, in their thousands to protest at the results of the country’s elections, which many believed had been rigged. ” The impact on process Aviva is also an organisation that is further down the road of business process management than most. to business processes promises to have just as evolutionary an impact as it does in the realm of knowledge management, if not greater, says Redshaw.

Future interactions design: tapping the wisdom of the crowd

Making CommunitySense

On April 3, I attended the Chi Sparks 2014 conference on human computer interaction, to present my paper on the Kids’ Knowledge Base. Preparing for the future.

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Will Adam Smith drive businesses in the future ? I'm doubtful. | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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front page Contact Subscribe ← Avoiding risk may be a very risky strategy Links for this week (weekly) → Will Adam Smith drive businesses in the future ? dissolves into businesses (2) McKinsey identifies 6 key sucess factors for enterprise 2.0 (0)