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Enterprise Microblogging Use Cases: Help Reduce Your Inbox Clutter!


Roll-up: Businesses Love Microblogging “, which is pretty close to another one shared by her the previous day under the title “?

How connect.BASF Helped BASF Become a Social Business


The story behind connect.BASF though (BASF’s social business platform, based on IBM Connections ) is a special one. And big time!

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Social Business – Rethinking Innovation, Organization and Leadership


Well, here is one potential answer to them all: Social Business – Rethinking Innovation, Organization and Leadership.

Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Twitter For Business


Will Social Software follow the same trend? Welcome to Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking!

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The Business Value of Serendipity: Improving Your Presentation Skills


IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social ComputingThat’s right!

Social Learning at TELUS by Dan Pontefract


In case you haven’t seen it just yet, let me encourage you all and have a look into Social Learning at TELUS. In this case, at TELUS.

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IBM’s Social Business Jam – Are You Jamming Yet?


An opportunity not to be missed, if you ask me, specially, if you are interested in all things social, to say the least! Absolutely wonderful!

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work – A World Without Meetings?


We have just been moving away from that physical water cooler to a virtual one: The Social Web. No doubt it won’t leave you indifferent!

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Gotta Share! – The Ultimate Conference Event Experience


We just need to seize it and somehow I keep wondering which conference around Social Business, Social Computing and Enterprise 2.0,

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Top 10 Use Cases Enterprise Microsharing Will Help You Get Less Email


Also thinking that using email, versus social tools, to keep in touch with other family members sounds like a good approach to me. For sure!

Notes on "Apply Strategy and Governance to Social Computing Initiatives" (NewsGator)

Michael Sampson - Currents

NewsGator hosted a webinar this morning on strategy and governance for social computing initiatives. Although the call was about "social computing", Stacy started talking about intranet and portal governance. Metrics (that matter to the business, quantitative and qualititative). Microblogging. Processes.

The Connectbeam Social Computing Blog: Three Ways to Double the Value of Your Social Software

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

The Connectbeam Social Computing Blog A resource and viewpoint from Connectbeam on how social computing is changing the way we work.

Social Analytics: Another Front For Business Intelligence

Collaborative Thinking

While my core coverage is social computing (e.g., social media, social networking) - related domains that take up an increasing number of my research and client interaction cycles are: identity, analytics, and mobility. On the one hand - the need for comprehensive analytics when it comes to social activities is very real.

Social Learning: Learning Never Ends…


Social Learning : the video “), which she shared not long ago, and which talked, rather nicely, about this very same topic!

An Early (and Smart) Step Towards “Mainstreaming� Enterpise 2.0

Green Chameleon

What I mean by trend is that over the past two years all the major workplace software vendors - Microsoft, IBM Lotus, Open Text, Google, Oracle, EMC Documentum, SAP, Adobe and so on - have all launched (or acquired companies that provide the elements of) "renovated" platforms that have collaboration and social computing at their cores.

[Podcast] This Week in Lotus 018: A World Without Email? Or Blackberries?


You gotta listen to that story to realise the true power of enterprise microblogging behind the firewall. Yes, that’s what I thought.

Exploting the Power of the Word to Communicate Better by David Tebbutt


General Interest Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Personal KM Social Computing And still going strong. Quite the opposite!

Is Multitasking Bad for the Brain?


You are probably not going to believe it, but microblogging (Or microsharing, whatever term you would prefer to use). What do you reckon?

The Conference Call – Fun at Work or Fun in Work?


Yes, that impact of social tools like YouTube and the wonderfully hilarious The Conference Call by David Grady. Well, very easily. Hippie 2.0

Excellent Customer Support Summarised in a Single Word: ScreenFlow


Innovation Learning Life Social Computing Tools and Gadgets But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist altogether, right?

Enterprise 2.0 Conference – What to Expect – Day 3


world at the moment, specially with that growing obsession from every business to have a communities program. Goodness! For sure!), I surely am!

The Twitter Experiment - By Dr. Monica Rankin


Yes, I am back home and it is time for me to resume blogging again. Remember Learning to Change - Changing to Learn ? Very enlightening!

A World Without Email - Year 2, Weeks 11 to 14 (Email as a Collaboration Tool? No, Thanks!)


Or whatever social software tool of your choice. During the course of yesterday a couple of tweets (Thanks, Sandy & Stewart !) components.

A World Without Email – Year 3, Weeks 11 to 18 (Social Networks Spur the Demise of Email in the Workplace)


by making use of these social tools! conference event that will start taking place next week Monday. Yes, that’s right! Yes, two months!

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Highlights – Day One


Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom: How Online Social Networking Will Transform Your Life, Work and World. At all. Open Enterprise 2009. back then.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Highlights – Day Three


is not entering the enterprise space per se, but more how to adapt, evolve and improve the already existing business processes in place. Abroad.

KMers – Let Go of Control: Encourage and Monitor


Namely, it’s about controlling the message, employees will goof off, social media is a time waster and employees can’t be trusted.

Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


we will, finally, see that full transformation from email into social email, although I can tell you, right now!, Live Social. Wooohooo!

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Rex's Thought Spot: Beyond Serendipity for Enterprise 2.0

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

actually inhibits the potential of social computing technologies to drive greater value. a shift from emergence to social engineering.

Sometimes you need a community manager. Sometimes a manager is enough. | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Of course you didn’t because it’s obvious that you won’t achieve any business goal this way. Antoine Riboud. 1) When 2.0

Sorry, but I'm not a member

John Tropea - Delicious Community

That’s why, within communities, businesses can rely on a couple of passionate activists, the rest forming an inert mass. Antoine Riboud.

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Collaboration – If it Were That Easy We Would all Do It – Well

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Many individuals speak of collaboration as if it is a single business process or approach to communication and networking. Advertise with us!


My Favorite Tweets for September 2009

Portals and KM

RT @Gartner_inc: How high is the failure rate for social media initiatives? useful points by @jonhusband Social Computing Adoption … To Pilot or Not To Pilot [link] Sept8?? Business Benefits [link] Sept 8?? Making Sense of #Microblog Streaming and Awareness [link] 6:06 PM Sep 1st from TweetDeck. become squared?

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

It’s somewhat relevant as Om Malik has now asked a rhetorical question if Social Network tools are just a feature of website. The result?

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Imagine an Island and Then … Come Along! Welcome Back!


Reports on my recent business trips : Yes, that’s right! Well, you know, after all, blogs are dying , aren’t they? Or, maybe not.

Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Expertise Location and Social Sofware

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

In what follows, we explain in more detail why social computing canhelp companies manage their in-house expertise more effectively.

Which governance for your internal communities ? | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

John Tropea - Delicious Community

job profiler (0) Networks are always social and never virtual (0) Is web 2.0 dead or is business replacing buzzyness ? (0)

Looking at the tension in the collaboration process

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Business processes need to allow for “gaps” where collaboration can occur and not be an enemy of collaboration in the name of efficiency. I appreciate the recognition that there is tension between informal collaboration and formal business process. Social Media Versus Knowledge Management: Generational War? Business Model 2.0

The FASTForward Blog » Immersed in the ‘Internet Human Buzz’: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Immersed in the ‘Internet Human Buzz’ by Joe McKendrick October 7, 2007 at 9:04 pm · Filed under Community , Enterprise 2.0 , Messy World , Relationships , Social Computing , Social Media , SocialText , Web 2.0 I particuarly enjoyed Meserve's discussion of the many ways social networking sites.

The FASTForward Blog " More on War as the accelerant for Social Software: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

More on War as the accelerant for Social Software by Rob Paterson November 29, 2007 at 7:44 am · Filed under 2.0 Business Model 2.0