Workshops in Europe in October

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Anyway, the schedule for the first week is: - Tuesday October 7, Doing Business with IBM Connections workshop in Poland with Epacta (public seminar, contact Epacta for registration details). I will be presenting a round of workshops in different European cities in October. The first week of my tour is booked, and there are various organizations with some interest in the second week. I’ll have to wait to see what comes of that interest, and whether those move through to firm bookings.

Europe in May 2014 – Seven Workshops, Three Countries

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In less than eight weeks I will be back in Europe to present seven workshops in three countries. Wednesday May 7, Doing Business with IBM Connections. Tuesday May 13, Doing Business with IBM Connections. Wednesday May 14, Doing Business with IBM Connections. Friday May 16, Doing Business with IBM Connections. It’s going to be a great – albeit full-on – visit in early May, and I’m greatly looking forward to it.

2014 30

Dear Social Business Evangelist, Where Art Thou?


There used to be a time when social business evangelists were perceived, mainly, as disruptors, to a certain degree, of any given status quo within the corporate environment out there at large. We are no longer seeing ourselves, social business evangelists as disruptors? Our business.

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The Network of Europe’s E. Coli (EHEC) Crisis

Net-Map Toolbox

Network analysis is great for getting some clarity and a sense of direction in complex, messy, multi-actor situations, and I guess that is a pretty good description of the situation in Europe’s E. Does this look like a killer? picture by yogendra174 on flickr).

An Update on my Trip to Europe in October – Two Workshops in London

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I will in Europe for the first couple of weeks of October, presenting public and private workshops in various cities. Monday is the Doing Business with IBM Connections workshop, and Tuesday is User Adoption Strategies workshop. You can see my current schedule which includes Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, and now London. On Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 October, I will be in London to present two workshops.

Six Weeks Until Europe

Michael Sampson - Currents

In six weeks I'm heading to Europe for a user adoption workshop, and a couple of conferences.

Lotusphere 2011 Notes: Becoming a Social Business Client Panel

Portals and KM

Mike started with some of the challenges businesses face today: information overload, complexity and connections.    How can you anticipate and deal with the new legal issues with social business? He said there is another moment of change now around the Web for business.

2011 28

Europe in June - Social Connections V

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Social Connections is a user group focused on IBM Connections and social collaboration technology, with a mixed business and technical bent. The workshop is on Thursday June 27 , and is called Doing Business with IBM Connections.

Solutions for An Ageing Population in the Era of Open Business


If you look into the corporate world of today, I am sure you would be able to identify a whole bunch of rather cringing and devastating business problems that somehow we keep trying to solve, but fail miserably in the attempt. Open Business

2013 11

It is done. The History of Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013)

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The year that was 2010 was focused on getting User Adoption Strategies done, and then I moved into quite a busy time of travel - with doing the New Zealand to Europe trip four times in seven months. The book is finally finished. with the last screenshot taken at 11.10am today.

2013 19

Europe Tour in October 2010: 29 Business Days and Counting

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In 29 business days, I get on board an Air New Zealand plane and fly to London for two weeks of presentations, masterclasses, and workshops in Europe. I have a lot to do in the next 29 days to finalize my preparation, but here's what's coming up once I hit the ground running in Europe: Monday October 4. I'm running an inhouse workshop on collaboration and SharePoint. Tuesday October 5. Stockholm.

Heading to the UK and Europe in Late June 2013

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I will be in Europe in late June 2013. Thursday June 27, the Doing Business with IBM Connections Workshop at Social Connections V in Zurich. I can be anywhere in the UK or Europe on these days, as long as I can catch any connecting flights on Tuesday evening so as to get to Amsterdam on Tuesday night - in advance of the workshop with Silverside on Wednesday. Doing Business with IBM Connections Workshop.

A Week in Europe - June 24 to 28

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On Friday I will be starting another trip to Europe. Thursday 27th - the Doing Business with IBM Connections workshop in Zurich, as the pre-conference workshop at Social Connections V. It''s become something of an annual pilgrimage (sometimes more often than that), and for this year the first trip just about to start. After waiting for this week to come for months, it is finally here. and I''m almost ready to head away.

#Movistar Killed the Web Star


A couple of years ago I blogged on how Social Business is all about People to People Business and, ironically , featuring Movistar themselves as a success story. A well seasoned Social / Open Business evangelist and 2.0 Freelancing General Interest Open Business Open Leadershi

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Let The Next Adventure Begin – The With Whom (#CAWW)


From here onwards I’m going to be working together AND networking with … friends, in the true sense of the word “friends” That’s right, plenty of the folks from the #CAWW network are people who I already know for over 10 years, way before Social Networking for Business or Social Business were the new buzzwords. I tell you, if you have been in the space of Social Business and Social Networking for a good while you probably know already vast majority of them.

2014 65

Communities in the Crowd Economy: #CSWEurope15

Online Community Strategy

This week I am participating in Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2015 in Brussels. The study had 3 key findings, including the emergence of a distinct new business model of “Network Orchestrator”. These communities translate into real value for the customer and for the host business.

2015 40

Collaborative Economy Roundup for the Week Ending October 30

Online Community Strategy

via Science|Business – “At a Brussels news conference, top EU officials had different perspectives on taxi-sharing and other aspects of the ‘sharing’ economy.” – Bonus: Bill spoke at Crowdsourcing Week Europe last week in Brussels (the conference was amazing).

2015 33

My First Year as a Consultant and what 2016 Holds for Online Communities (I hope)

Online Community Strategy

Having a number of prominent speaking engagements, including SxSWi, Social Business Forum 2015 (Milan), The Silicon Valley Boomer Business Summit and Crowdsourcing Week Europe (Brussels) . In 2015, it seemed like Digital Transformation ate the business world.

2015 18

Connectivity – The Achilles Heel of Remote Knowledge Web Work


And while I can see how that may well not be too worrying for companies and businesses, since it’s just an isolated case or two, perhaps a few hundred (tops), the reality is that for you it’s like the whole world just collapsed and decided to stop spinning around.

2013 28

The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool - The BrainYard - InformationWeek

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool. In my last column , I introduced the three main elements of a social business strategy -- process, management, and technology -- and focused on what it means to socialize a business process. Social-business processes require access to online communities in order to solicit ideas, get feedback, identify risks, and share results. DoubleDutch Doubles Down On Social and Location for Business. GDC Europe.

I Think I May Have Just Experienced The Future…


As a road / air warrior, I get to travel a fair bit and visit not just mainland Spain, but a bunch of other countries in Europe, and North America.

2012 112

An Update on my European Tour – Eight Engagements in 10 Days

Michael Sampson - Currents

At the end of next week I’m heading to Europe for a two week workshop tour. Wednesday May 7 – Doing Business with IBM Connections ( Norway with IBSG ). Tuesday May 13 – Doing Business with IBM Connections ( Denmark, with IntraVision ). Wednesday May 14 – Doing Business with IBM Connections ( Switzerland, with WebGate ). The Doing Business with IBM Connections Workshop in Denmark with IntraVision is now also the DanNotes event for May.

Notes on "Social Business: Moving the Business Needle Forward" at AusLUG 2013 - Chris Crummey, IBM

Michael Sampson - Currents

IBM platform for social business - enabling "systems of engagement" solutions. We should be selling business outcomes. -. some examples: Omron (Europe), Illy Coffee, Slumberland, IBM w3. A "social business" - need to use it to attract new talent, and various other outcomes. Want to take the Activity Stream and turn it into a Business Stream. A social business card gives people direct access to your blogs, files, wikis, communities, etc.

Is Social Business Ready to Face Internet Traffic Jams?


At least, that’s what has just happened to myself, upon my return from my recent business trip to Boston for the Enterprise 2.0 And at what costs then for businesses out there? . Do you feel that Social Business is ready today to face Internet traffic jams?

4 Meetings, 6 Planes, and lots of amazing friends | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

This site is both my weblog and my business site.

How the World Sees the US | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

In Europe (probably much of the rest of the world – but I don’t have much experience traveling there), there seems to be a great hunger for a more moral American government. This site is both my weblog and my business site.

The Tribulations of Business Travelling with Delta Airlines


Yes, indeed, once again, travelling for business has taken a new low for yours truly that I am not sure I would even be capable of recovering from any time soon. The way business travelling should well be, a standard, even if too long in transit, but very doable.

Can Twitter Benefit Business Executives?

Leading Virtually

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal covered the increasing use of Twitter in Europe and provided a variety of examples of how European firms are benefiting from Twitter. What I found noteworthy in the WSJ article is the increasing adoption of Twitter by business executives.

Organising Knowledge » Conference on Dynamic Taxonomies and Facetted Search

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Conference on Dynamic Taxonomies and Facetted Search There’s some very interesting work being done in Europe (and some great folks in Italy) working on taxonomies, folksonomies and search. Recent posts Updates on Expertise Project and the Origins Business Narrative Conference Find the Pain, Fix It The Negative Archetypes of Gov 2.0

Can Cloud Computing Elevate the Role of IT, Making It More Strategic?

Portals and KM

Here is an interesting study by IDG that found that cloud computing is enabling a more central role for IT in shaping business strategy and driving innovation. and Europe. These changes will likely trigger a demand for more business and management experience in senior IT professionals. Nearly 70 percent of respondents feel an increasing number of CIOs and senior IT staff will have a business (as opposed to a technology) background in the future.

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Social Connections VII – Next Week in Stockholm

Michael Sampson - Currents

The event provides two days of content and discussions on social business and IBM Connections. I wish I could go to this one … but having just got back from Europe, I can’t. During this session, we’re going to look at some of the business situations we find ourselves in. The seventh Social Connections event is being held in Stockholm next week. I attended and spoke at the fifth event in Zurich (June 2013).

2014 19

Inform 2015 in Melbourne – “My” Talk on IBM Connections in the Wild

Michael Sampson - Currents

Organisations have been using IBM Connections for several years to create new ways of working and encourage a more social approach to business communication.

2015 25

Green Chameleon » A Brief History of Arrangement

Green Chameleon

Until the 1730s, at least in Europe, the practices of arrangement, classification, categorization, and taxonomy work, were all part of the same cluster of concepts. Born in the same year (1707), Linnaeus and Buffon occupied very different social stations, sat at opposite ends of Europe, and set out opposing positions on the ordering and arrangement of knowledge about species.

3-3-3. Three Workshops, Three Countries, Three Days

Michael Sampson - Currents

In late June I head to Europe for a week. Doing Business with IBM Connections. I''ll be presenting three workshops, in three countries, over three days. Each workshop is based on one of my recent books. Here''s the roster: Collaboration Roadmap Masterclass. in London on Tuesday June 25. User Adoption Strategies. in Gouda, with Silverside, on Wednesday June 26. in Zurich, at Social Connections V, on Thursday June 27. Anyone up for all of them? Upcoming Events

Social Media Training: 3 Day Intensive Advanced Class

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Please note: I will be in Europe from next week for the month of May and then in Asia for most of June, so after Friday 4th May, please contact Cheryll via email Computer Based Session: Build a business hub on emergent social tools such as Google Plus and Pinterest . COMPUTER SESSION: Maximise Facebook Business Page and tools to ensure engagement and FBO . The Social Economy is the economy of the future and will change the way we do business forever.

2012 64

Thoughts About The Future of SharePoint

Michael Sampson - Currents

The extension of the OneDrive for Business look-and-feel to SharePoint document libraries was good. Microsoft said that it has delivered “rock solid sync” in OneDrive for Business. The fact Microsoft is adding new data centres in Europe will help a lot with organisations facing regulatory mandates and data sovereignty issues. Some 12 hours ago (4.30am New Zealand time) I joined Microsoft’s live broadcast of its Future of SharePoint event.

2016 62

Social Connections VI – Prague

Michael Sampson - Currents

As you may know, I’m heading to Europe at the end of next week for a two week workshop tour. What if you knew the nuts and bolts of getting your management and senior leadership teams all involved right from the start to help facilitate the final social business transformation you have always been looking for? When the tour was originally under design, the intent was to align it with Social Connections VI – which at one point was going to be held in mid May.

2014 27

Getting to Poland

Michael Sampson - Currents

I marvel at the ability of people here and across Europe to move easily between different languages. Tomorrow is the first of the five engagements I have on this tour – the Doing Business with IBM Connections 5.0 On Friday evening I left New Zealand and headed to Warsaw. This involved four flights – three with Air New Zealand to get to London Heathrow, and then one with British Airways to get to Warsaw.

Where Did February Disappear?

Michael Sampson - Currents

He took me to see the space shuttle, and after seeing the Shuttle, we spent most of the afternoon discussing business. - calls with various people about projects for 2014, including a workshop tour of Europe in May, a conference keynote and workshop in Australia, and some partnering opportunities around business engagement and adoption strategies. Friday next week is the last day of February. Where have those weeks gone?

2014 19

Thoughts About The Future of SharePoint

Michael Sampson - Currents

The extension of the OneDrive for Business look-and-feel to SharePoint document libraries was good. Microsoft said that it has delivered “rock solid sync” in OneDrive for Business. The fact Microsoft is adding new data centres in Europe will help a lot with organisations facing regulatory mandates and data sovereignty issues. Some 12 hours ago (4.30am New Zealand time) I joined Microsoft’s live broadcast of its Future of SharePoint event.

2016 53