NetBase Partners with SAP Expanding Social Media Analysis Across the Enterprise

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This is exactly what NetBase is doing through its reseller relationship and collaboration with SAP.  Recently I spoke again with NetBase CMO, Lisa Joy Rosner, to catch up on the company’s latest moves. Lisa Joy mentioned that they now have a global partnership with SAP

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Rawn Shah’s Social Networking for Business: A Review

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One book at the top of the pile was Rawn Shah’s Social Networking for Business: Choosing the Right Tools and Resources to Fit Your Needs. The 2006 one drew 150,000 business partners. SAP Developer Network), and mass collaboration (e.g.,

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IBM Covers the Transformation of Business Email

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Business email remains big despite some attempts to get stuff out of an overcrowded inbox.  In 2009, there were over 800 million business email users worldwide, and that number is expected to jump to almost 970 million by 2014, according to IDC.

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SAP Big Data Startup of the Year” Award to TWeather

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Darwin Eocsystems’ technology is back in the business of winning awards. This time Tweathe r received “SAP Big Data Startup of the Year” awar d. Darwin was also named to the 100 companies that matter in 2010 by both KM World and eContent Magazine.

Social Networking at Work: A Business Revolution, or a Ruse? Knowledge@Wharton

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The Knowledge@Wharton web site recently asked whether business-centric social networking is a revolution, or a ruse? But while proponents tout the push for a more "social" business sector as a new era that will alter the way companies manage employees, skeptics say it could amount to nothing more than a ploy to help software companies sell more products. ". The argument that use of particular tools in one's private life means that businesses must offer them too.

The Role of Brands in Online Communities

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Building and hosting the network creates a business asset that is generative in value if managed properly. Examples include Autodesk’s AREA , SAP’s Community Network , Dell’s TechCenter and Lego’s CUUSO .

How Data Drives Effective Decision Making

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The New York Times ran a story, When There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Information , by Steve Lohr, that covered some of the value of using data to help with business decisions. looked at 179 large companies. They found that those that adopted “data-driven decision making” achieved productivity rates 5 to 6 percent higher than could be explained by other factors, including how much the companies invested in technology.

How Procter & Gamble Got Employees to Use Social Networking at Work - - Business Technology Leadership

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Learn More » CIO Executive Council A Peer-Advisory Service and Professional Association for CIOs Stakeholder Relationship Worksheet Hudson Highland Group CIO Michael Whitmer shares his stakeholder relationship worksheet, including background on why he developed it and how it has affected his relationships in the company. Executive Competencies Assessment Tool Assess Your Business Leadership Skills with the Councils new benchmarking tool.

From Email to Basic Collaboration to Results-Oriented Work « The Decision Factor Blog

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A fresh perspective on business analytics. This blog contains personal views, thoughts, and opinions from SAP employees, mentors, and friends working in the area of analytics. It’s not endorsed by SAP nor does it constitute an official communication of SAP.

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Social Analytics: Another Front For Business Intelligence

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I would expect other players to consider similar moves - although they may partner with vendors like SAP who provide social analytics. Analytics may be the key to the long-term success of the company as well - social messaging is something that will become a feature within larger platforms from IBM and Microsoft. Socialcast Introduces Social Business Intelligence®: The First Suite of Real-Time Enterprise Microblogging Analytics.

In The Next Version - It’s Like Facebook For Work. Wait It Is Facebook For Work

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In E20 companies began adopting "social tools" such as blogs, wikis and activity streams to enable employees to communicate and collaborate more openly than they were doing via email. The list I maintain of social software vendors contains over 50 companies, and (sadly) it is very out of date.

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My Favorite Tweets for December 1 – 15 2011

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RT @darwineco : EMC Survey: Only One-Third of Companies Making Effective Use of Data [link]. Gameification: How 'Kids' Games Transform Business [link]. SAP pays $3.4 Cloud Computing as a Threat to Older Tech Companies [link]. Here is another in a series of posts that provide access to my favorite tweets that contain links to useful information. 

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Notes on "Social Business: Moving the Business Needle Forward" at AusLUG 2013 - Chris Crummey, IBM

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IBM platform for social business - enabling "systems of engagement" solutions. We should be selling business outcomes. -. A "social business" - need to use it to attract new talent, and various other outcomes. Want to take the Activity Stream and turn it into a Business Stream. A social business card gives people direct access to your blogs, files, wikis, communities, etc. Can approve an SAP workflow item. -. company - makes people better.


All you ever learned about meetings is wrong

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This wastes time and saps the energy of the other participants. I have developed a radical new approach to meetings which I call "Egoless Meetings" which addresses three popular unwritten rules about good meeting practices which are unfortunately totally wrong. RULE 1 is that everybody gets to speak. RULE 2 is that discussions in themselves can be useful. RULE 3 is that when you meet you must work as a team not as individuals.

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5 Facebook Lessons to Improve Employee Engagement in Your Company

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Monday, December 3, 2007 5 Facebook Lessons to Improve Employee Engagement in Your Company So perhaps your company isnt sold on this whole Myspace/Facebook thing. Lessons that will help your company be successful. Companies often say, "you matter" but then only communicate in a "mass communication" or "form letters" that treats you like everyone else. Not just business clients.

The 2011 State of Community Management Report: Best Practices from Practitioners

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These organizations understand that using social technologies successfully requires both business process adaptation and people that understand how to manage these new social environments – at both a tactical and a strategic level.

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An Ant’s Eye Point-of-View: Recruiting on Social Media is more than LinkedIn

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We all know that finding the right employees for your company is key. Many companies post job openings on social networks, but your social recruiting strategy should include ongoing engagement. Keeping your current employees engaged externally can attract other like-minded individuals to your company. While other networks are used to some extent, LinkedIn is the number one network for companies to recruit new employees.

The State of Community Management Report: Best Practices from Practitioners

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To be successful, companies, and their internal cultures, need to empower community managers to help customers and employees – just as they would in a physical store. The Community Roundtable A peer network for community managers and social media practitioners.

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Thoughts on Conversation: Enterprise 2.0 Workshop at Somesso 09

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Somesso is an Enterprise 2.0 / business social media firm based in Switzerland. To be sure this is a challenge, given that E20 can be employed in nearly every aspect of a business to include business intelligence, customer support, production, advertising.the list goes on.

An Ant’s Eye Point-of-View: Ideation Communities

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While marketing may be ready to gather customer ideas to demonstrate that they are listening, product development and operations must be ready to act on ideas that are both popular with customers and align with the company’s business objectives. SAP’s Idea Place is not all-inclusive, but it lets users suggest products and solutions to add to the topic list. Collecting product and services ideas from your customers is a great idea, right?

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My Favorite Tweets for November 16 - 30 2011

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RT @webtechman : Gratitude As A Business Strategy [link] RT @franciscojsaez. via @dpontefract : "SAP to buy social networking company Jive?" 5 Top Challenges of Integrating Social Media Data w Business Applications [link]. research - Is Social Media Reaching a Plateau in America's Largest Companies? Microsoft Socl: inside the company's secret social network (exclusive) [link].

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Community management: The 'essential' capability of successful Enterprise 2.0 efforts | ZDNet

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advisory and consulting firm Hinchcliffe & Company , based in Alexandria, Virginia. In this vision they should be free of corporate heavy-handedness or even immediate business requirements, thereby allowed to grow organically and naturally to fruition without the chill of censorship or excessive expectation. Others believe that there must be some central oversight as well as guidance and support to accomplish anything useful with social software, especially in a business context.

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Changing the Way People Find Experts at CEMEX, Luis Garza (Social Connections V, Zurich)

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CEMEX is a global building company. Licensed Community Insights from IBM Research, to provide paths of action for community leaders to increase adoption and business value. - For linking to business processes, integrating SAP worklist items in the Activity Stream. Roadmap for social business - one direction is to integrate internal and external collaboration tools to core apps. Luis Garza from CEMEX is talking about how people now find experts at CEMEX.


The social process | Web 2.0 and business process management

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Aviva, the UK insurance company formerly known as Norwich Union, is a forward-thinking adopter of such technology. Already, the impact on the organisational dynamics within the company is beginning to manifest itself, according to CIO Toby Redshaw. ” The impact on process Aviva is also an organisation that is further down the road of business process management than most. That does suggest a very different way of designing and executing business processes.”

Talking about Mobility - a Briefing Paper by Martin White

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What is currently driving application development is access to business intelligence applications, where speed of decision and productivity gain are almost measureable and provide a convincing RoI for investment. There are many major IT companies with significant interests in this market sector, including Apple, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Symantec and Unisys.

Social Network Analysis in the public sector

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SAP Innovation: Social Networking at the Service of the French Public Sector | SAP Web 2.0. Alexis Naibo of the SAP BusinessObjects Innovation Center gave a demonstration of the SNA technology, explaining how it can import data from a wide variety of sources including internal business applications, corporate databases, and external interfaces. SAP Innovation: Social Networking at the Service of the French Public Sector | SAP Web 2.0.

The Business Case for In-house Social Networks

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On the thumbs-down side of the equation are top corporate brass who routinely express annoyance over employee involvement (on the company’s dime) at high-profile social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. percent of companies surveyed by Barracuda now block access to MySpace and/or Facebook. Right there is a key payoff of these tools: They enable faster ways to locate expertise within a company.

Clearstep Business Community : Whats your Governance Model Look Like.

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I tend to focus primarily on internal implementations for my clients and my company. Issue at SAP is that were not so good at being out in the open, highly politicized environment. Do any of your company policies cover ing the communities address these? Welcome, Guest L ogin R egister Username: Password: (?)

Lotusphere 2012 - Opening General Session

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last year IBM introduced social business. Social - "the application of social tools and culture to business processes and activities.". Social business is not limited to the deployment of new tools. It will impact the way that businesses work. Social business - social networking, content in motion (social content systems), and an insight-driven culture (analytics around processes, sentiment, the market, etc). Work to see what's possible for your business.

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12sprints for Collaborative Decision Making: Lots of Promise

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SAP released the public beta of 12sprints yesterday : " SAP AG has made its 12sprints collaborative decision-making project available via public beta and has formed a strategic research partnership with The 2.0 technologies and trusted information into their business processes.

News Updates -- Lotusphere 2009 Special (January 20, 2009)

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IBM and SAP Announce Alloy. IBM and SAP announced the forthcoming release of Alloy, an integration tool for Notes and SAP Business Suite. Alloy connects IBM Lotus Notes software with SAP Business Suite to get people to the core of their business. This will make it easier for professionals to do their jobs and enhance the investments they have made in their SAP applications.

Enterprise 2.0: A solution in search of a problem

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Talent at the end of the day is what makes or breaks a business.   Sometimes technology is applied to satisfy a desire to have more knowledge (fmri to map the brain territory in operation when we think of an object or concept - now a reality) and lastly, technology is a happy accident – a tool for one purpose turns out to have business benefits - Facebook like social networks, blogs wikis, and RSS – repurposed consumer tools for business.

Ant’s Eye View Opens Silicon Valley Office

Ant's Eyeview Blog

Ant’s Eye View is a true “practitioner brand&# , a company based on a team who have done real social media and customer engagement work inside big, complex companies. Silicon Valley is home to some of the most amazing, most innovative companies in the world. SAP, Symantec, and Apple amongst our clients. She started her own company in 1995 (Spanish language adventure travel) and sold it in 1998. * 2009 was an amazing year for Ant’s Eye View.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Community 2.0

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When I published Net Gain ten years ago, it unleashed a huge wave of investment – there was a period in 1998 when virtually every business plan submitted to VCs in Silicon Valley claimed to be establishing a virtual community. How will a company define success?

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Rex's Thought Spot: Beyond Serendipity for Enterprise 2.0

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is defined as " the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers. Borrowing heavily from facilitation techniques , these events are socially engineered to maximize business value.

‘Communities’ and ‘Networks’: A Conceptual and Linguistic 2.0 Mess | Sonnez en cas d'absence


R8WDSZFCZWAY Among the most overheard and misused buzzwords in companies are, you guessed it, ‘communities’ and ‘networks’. Lot has been written about the need or not to embed community-based outcome into existing business processes. Think of the SAP community, with 1.5M

Creating Passionate Users: How to Build a User Community, Part 1

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A lot of technical forums especially are extremely harsh, and have a culture where the regulars say things like, "If you think that, you have no business answering a question. In fact, you have no business even DREAMING about being a programmer. The company is not liable.

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Outside Innovation

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That's why modern companies must develop a new expertise: the ability to attract novel solutions to difficult or unanticipated problems from outside sources around the world. A conversation with Harvard Business School professor Karim R. Successful models developed by Apple, InnoCentive, SAP, and TopCoder create incentives for many entrants to generate a variety of products and services on a platform. The business model embraced by the firm. Interesting perspective.


Understanding the Real Structure within Your Organization with NetAge OrgScope

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They have been in the collaboration business for over 25 years and through many waves of technology. NetAge, which had been working with this company on improving collaboration for a number of years, proposed an idea to the newly-named EVP of the European region.


Microblogging In The Enterprise

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It was inevitable that Twitter-like services would emerge targeting a business audience. ESME is interesting because it focuses on real world application of Twitter style functionality in the SAP ecosphere. From early feedback the Vegas SAP TEchEd crowd didn???t Yammer has a business model that allows rapid uptake of their service, which is anchored around urls. So if your company is for example those with email addresses can join Yammer.