Visions of Business Ecosystems

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These are all descriptions of business ecosystems. In this post, we’ll look at a few different ways organizations depict and understand their business ecosystems. The Corvallis Business Ecosystem. The Corvallis Business Ecosystem map shows the elements of the start-up ecosystem.

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What are Business Ecosystems?

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Business Ecosystem Model developed by Dr. James F. I recently wrote about business ecosystems, adaptability, and change leadership. This post takes us back to the basics: what are business ecosystems? Why are Business Ecosystems Important? What are Business Ecosystems?

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Curing Business Ecosystems Blindness

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Evolution into business ecosystems. Business ecosystems are complex and ever-changing. Ecosystem entities are organizations that your company depends on in order to do its business. Business Ecosystems StrategyImage by Dion Hinchcliffe, Dachis Group.

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Business Continuity Management: The Ideal topic for Business Simulation

The Bumble Bee

I have invited leading Business Continuity Management (BCM) expert Pierre Wettergren to write a short guest blog on to introduce this increasingly critical topic. Business Simulation

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Risky Business

How to Save the World

It would be unfortunate if the population were to discover, from a Davos report to the global business/political corpocracy, that one of the greatest risks to our planet is… the global business/political corpocracy.

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Busy is the new smoking

Joitske Hulsebosch

Unfortunately I got too busy myself during the first three months of this year. Want to be less busy? My daughter in the third year of secondary school went on a three-days internship and returned with the observation: "They talk all day, I have a painfull ass from all those meetings!"

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Being Better: Strategic Leadership for Business Ecosystems

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Adaptive Business Ecosystems. Image from the Alliance for Business Innovation. Today’s businesses are not single entities. The methods you learned in business school are probably not helping you (unless you had some really hip professors). You’re in a business ecosystem.

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Radical Connectedness and the Evolution of Business

Alchemy of Change

Back then, we relied on legal contracts to ensure each party upheld its responsibilities in a collaborative value creation process because we lacked the tools to coordinate lots of small, loosely joined pieces of work (or “business processes”) between firms.

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Business models for communities

Learning Alliances

I’ve been thinking about these issues for the past five years, noticing that many communities have unconscious business models that situate them in their world. Because I was passing through on the way to Effat University , they organized a session about business models.

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Social Business in 2013 – An Opportunity (Open Business)


This piece would also highlight a shift of focus and purpose for yours truly with regards to the overall theme of Social Networking for Business. And, yes, businesses eventually do. And that’s where Social Business kicks in. A business problem.

2013 249

High performance leadership/decisions: business game findings

The Bumble Bee

Over the part few years I have been running in-house business games with a number of major enterprises who form executive teams for a global enterprise for a three year period over a single (intensive) day. Business Simulation

2013 203

Start a Content Business

Ken Carroll

How To Start a Content Business. W hat do you need to start a content business? You see, building a business around content is kind of like a three act play: A ct One : You show people how to solve a problem. Content Business. Content Business. Business Models .

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Social Business Is People to People Business – The Iberia Story


As part of the series of “ Social Business Is People to People Business “, here’s the next take of what living social is all about. Yes, just that, 2 or 3 exchanges in Twitter and we are back in business! That, folks, is what a Social Business is all about!

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The Forest and the Trees: Managing in Business Ecosystems

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The Forest and the Trees: Managing Business Ecosystems. It’s time for us to pay attention to our business ecosystems. What is a business ecosystem? In the olden days, businesses competed against one or maybe a few specific rivals. Business Ecosystems Strategy

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Change Leadership Challenge 2: Compelling Business Case

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The second factor in successful change leadership is creating a clear, compelling business case for change. Workers are more likely to change when the business case is obvious, specific and urgent. Business cases like this one get attention.

2014 243

Play is serious business!

Viv Mcwaters

Play is serious business! The post Play is serious business! Too right! “Play is absolutely fundamental for children’s physical, social, mental, and emotional development.” ” Professor Roger Hart.

2014 130

Open Business – From Adoption into Adaptation


So far, the journey has been incredibly fascinating, if anything, because we are just about to enter the last stage of Social Business Adoption and Enablement: Adaptation. Social Business Mandates. ” Open Business #elsuasworkbook Hippie2.0

2013 266

Social Business – *The* Ecosystem


Well, more than anything else, because it’s probably one of the best, most comprehensive reads you will do to find out where Social Business comes from, where we are nowadays and what lies ahead as our next challenge. Digital Business: The Transactional Era.

2012 242

Silos Kill Business

Michael Sampson - Currents

In a recent blog post, he talks about how silos kill business , and recommends tighter communication / coordination / collaboration instead: “ If there’s been one overarching theme I’ve heard in dozens of discussions with people the past few months at various conferences, it’s this: so many businesses have put various marketing components in silos that never communicate. Incongruous communications that confuse the customer and deter the prospect from doing business with you.

2014 139

Business Reimagined by Dave Coplin, Microsoft

Michael Sampson - Currents

Over the past few days I have been reading Dave Coplin’s book, Business Reimagined: Why work isn’t working and what you can do about it (2013). If you have any interest in re-imagining how to work or do business, please check out Dave’s book.

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A real-life Groupon business story

Community Guy

Our office neighbors, Paloma , recently went through the Groupon experience to promote their spa business. We are very pleased with the amount of business Groupon brought in because it seems so far to have significantly bolstered our regular/pre-booked client base. Business Strategy

Our Egos and Business

Alchemy of Change

The Ego in Business – the latest article in Alchemy of Change’s successor site, The Vital Edge. What happens when egos get too wrapped up in work? When we confuse our title, position and even our organization with our sense of self?

2013 142

Facebook Business Page Management

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Do you need a Business page on Facebook managed? We have grown Facebook Business Pages from a few thousand fans to 1 million and we look after brands such as reality TV shows (Junior Masterchef), and to journalists as well as small business and government pages.

A real-life Groupon business story

Community Guy

Our office neighbors, Paloma , recently went through the Groupon experience to promote their spa business. We are very pleased with the amount of business Groupon brought in because it seems so far to have significantly bolstered our regular/pre-booked client base. Business Strategy

Aligning Collaboration with Business Processes

Portals and KM

The reported noted that, “only 9% of businesses report that collaboration technology has impacted their time-to-market for new products, with improved innovation and partner relationships also ranking low on the list.”

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The Joy of Business Travelling


However, adapting to that new mentality towards business travelling, where a while ago I decided to just take it as it is, hasn’t been easy. Fun Stuff and Musings General Interest IBM Learning Life Open Business Travelling

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Social Business in 2013 – A Commitment


More than anything else, because over the course of the last few months, perhaps couple of years, I have seen very little of it, as I have blogged about a couple of times in articles like Why Social Business Keeps Failing to Deliver or Dear Social Business Evangelist, Where Art Thou?

2013 234

Essential Qualities of Open Business Ambassadors


After all, I committed this year to get rid of the Social Business moniker for myself, remember?, So what are some other key characteristics from Open Business Champions? Open: Indeed, Open Business is about being just that: open.

2013 237

Creating Business Value

Alchemy of Change

Stop for a moment and think of something you own that you really value. Mission & Outcomes mission value

2013 142

CrossFit for Business

Michael Sampson - Currents

Nicholas proposes applying the ideas of CrossFit to business : Cross-fit is a high intensity interval training methodology and is brilliant for those who want to get really, really fit. How about cross-fit for business? It also has a strong following amongst specialist athletes. Traditionally a runner would get excellent at their craft by er… running.

2014 126

The Sole of a Business

Alchemy of Change

Shoe repair man, Mr. Lee, teaches me the beauty of business and its ability to be of service to society. Creating Meaning alchemyofchange Google

2012 185

Social Business in 2013 – A Challenge


More than anything else, because in the last three months, while I was mostly away from this blog, I kept bumping into a couple of relatively new challenges that I think are going to present lots of great opportunities for us all in the year ahead in the space of Social Business.

2013 227

Defining What Social Means in Business

Alchemy of Change

The Battle to Define "Social Business": A David and Goliath Story. Mission & Outcomes Social Media & Information Technology social business

2013 130

Facebook Help: Social Media Online Consult for Small Business Saturday

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I might be able to help you there … with a Small Business Saturday and Social Media Online Consult. But I’m going to trial social media consults online for small business. What do you get with your Social Media Consult for Small Business Saturday? (I

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Stress-Free Business Travel (well, reduced stress anyway)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Neoman Studios and CT Business Travel published an infographic on 24 life hacks for stress-free business travel. I doubt business travel can ever be stress-free per se, but there are definitely some valid strategies in the infographic for reducing the stress. Business Travel

2015 148

Open Business and The Power of Habit


So when thinking about that Social / Open Business Transformation I just couldn’t help thinking whether we have got it figured out how we can inspire those new habits in terms of how people connect, collaborate and share their knowledge across.

2013 210

The Future of Open Business At Stake


and Social Business, the social evangelists, were starting to become rather scarce and very rare to be seen out there on the Social Web. “ I suppose I know now where a good number of those social business evangelists are hanging out nowadays.

2013 209

Challenges of Social Business in the Workplace


A couple of weeks ago the smart and talented folks from Bloomfire approached me through Twitter to ask me whether I would be willing to participate on an interview around Social Business and be featured on the series of bloggers and influencers they have got going on for a little while now. Why aren’t more Enterprise 2.0 / Social Business vendors doing the same thing? . The challenge AND the opportunity while embarking on the so-called Social Business Transformation journey.

2014 184

Lessons from the Octopus: Business Ecosystems, Adaptability, and Change Leadership

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A camouflaged octopus has much to teach organizations about thriving in business ecosystems. It turns out that there’s plenty to learn from these creatures about adaptability, change leadership, and business ecosystems. Business Ecosystems Change Leadership Leadership Team Performance

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Review of Business Goes Virtual

Portals and KM

I recently received a review copy of Business Goes Virtual: Realizing the Value of Collaboration, Social and Virtual Strategies by John P. The book examines four virtual business strategies that are showing promise.

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Social Impact Strategy and Business

Alchemy of Change

Social impact strategy aligns societal and business objectives, creating enormous brand value in the process. Mission & Outcomes impact mission strategy

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15 Principles of Business Game Design for team-based learning

The Bumble Bee

I develop custom business games for team-based experiential learning workshops which usually have a significant computer element. Business Simulation

2012 192

Radical Transparency in the Era of Open Business


Remember, long gone are the days where you were alone in your own little cubicle, your own little silo, minding your own business, fighting everyone out there, so you could just get ahead of everyone that could get in between you and your quarterly / yearly bonus.

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