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Do social networks help farmers detect cattle disease? And what does that have to do with you?

Net-Map Toolbox

Could you tell if they were healthy or sick? copyright by MotleyPrincess on flickr). You are not a farmer in Africa, you don’t even own cattle?

Mapping a community – easy and not-so-easy

Learning Alliances

I’m resonating with how Joitske Hulsebosch has organized “ Tools for social network analysis from beginners to advanced levels.”

Technology: blog, vlog and visual learners

Joitske Hulsebosch

Just yesterday a colleague mentioned that it makes such a difference in workshops at all levels if you have visual materials (talking about Burkina Faso). Powered by Castpost In the video you see how my daughter (and a friend) have learned how to read and write the word HUT.

Technology: One liners that stick in your head

Joitske Hulsebosch

This reminds me of two quotes that have stayed with me lately: One via my colleague who overheard two small boys in Burkina Faso.

Five things meme in pictures

Joitske Hulsebosch

in Burkina Faso. The bloggers meme 'five things' has been going around for a long time now. Nancy White tagged me in December.

Competitive advantage from better interactions

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

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