Promoting discussion in FutureLearn MOOCs

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Phil is interested in the problems of sustaining discussion in online forums and the role of the FutureLearn platform in this; FutureLearn claims to be a social learning platform. This tool displays the top 200 words from a forum thread as a word cloud.

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The beauty of endless distractions in discussion forums

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In all there are 16 forums in this first week, with 5 of these devoted to the subject matter of the literacy of cooperation and containing 183 posts. Some of the remaining 11 forums also contain posts related to the subject matter; in all there are 349 posts in these eleven forums (probably going up as I write) and we are not yet at the end of the first week. I have tried to capture some of the ideas from two of the forums to illustrate how wide ranging the discussion is.

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The beauty of endless distractions in discussion forums

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In all there are 16 forums in this first week, with 5 of these devoted to the subject matter of the literacy of cooperation and containing 183 posts. Some of the remaining 11 forums also contain posts related to the subject matter; in all there are 349 posts in these eleven forums (probably going up as I write) and we are not yet at the end of the first week. I have tried to capture some of the ideas from two of the forums to illustrate how wide ranging the discussion is.

Assessment of discussion forum posts in ModPo

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Because, I realize that it has fallen into the trap of believing that requiring posts to a discussion forum can in some way measure the success of learning. On checking I see that it does say this on the Announcements page in the very first post ‘a thought on plagiarism’ , but I failed to notice it until it was mentioned in the audio discussion between Al Filreis and Julia Bloch that was posted today. It is not as if ModPo is short of discussion in the forums.

#fslt12 MOOC – Week zero – discussion has started

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The discussions in the FSLT Moodle site are beginning to get going and quite a few people are already blogging or setting up their blogs. And there is also a Course Questions forum, where we will try to answer any queries as soon as we can.

Social Business Forum and a Touch with Reality


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I want to facilitate online discussions but how do I choose the right platform?

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A discussion forum functionality is key for this purpose, other things are nice to have but often blur the decision about the forum to choose. Often there are good functionality including announcing events, hold discussions and news announce.

Insider Trading, meet Outsider Traders, #SocialMedia style #Tesla

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The example below is from Tesla community but I betcha we could crowdsource Outsider Trading information on any product or brand or company… (Note: Australian Companies MUST report social media discussions that impact stock ). Wall Street should be monitoring social media.

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Obituary: Online Forums Have Died (? – 2012)

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photo credit: Global_5000 I am deeply saddened to announce that online forums have died, as confirmed by While it may be unclear when online forums were born, from the moment that people were able to discuss something with another human over [.]. They passed away quietly in their sleep last night at an unknown age. Developing Your Community

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Understanding the difference between Forums, Blogs, and Social Networks

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Blogs are like a keynote speech where the speaker (blogger) is in control of the discussion, but allows questions and comments from the audience. Forums enable the audience to connect with each other in a room full of roundtable discussions.

5 ways to enhance your social presence in online courses

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2 Your role in forums. What’s the right ratio of tutor to student postings in forums? Our rule of thumb: respond to almost every forum posting at the beginning of a course e.g. during the first week. Image by mrtopp.

Forums Are Everywhere and Here to Stay, So Skip the Tools Discussion and Focus on Your Objectives

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photo credit: jcfrog One question I get asked a lot goes something along the lines of “how will forums keep up with [something]?&# or “forums are old hat, why would people use them over [something]?&# or “why use forums when you can use [something]?&# However will forums survive? This is Limited Thinking Forums [.].

IBM THINK Forum – Servanthood – A New Kind of Leadership


I am not sure whether you may have been watching in the last couple of days, one of those special events that I can surely guarantee you is going to help out redefine the whole concept of Management AND Leadership as we know it.

No, I Won’t Close a Forum Thread Because You Don’t Know How to Act Responsibly

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photo credit: rmartz There is a particularly sensitive discussion being had on one of my communities right now and, as you probably know from dealing with sensitive discussions, they tend to take more attention from moderators than your average thread.

Consumers Increasing Their Use of Social Media To Discuss Brands

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The rise of Twitter is one vehicle but there are many others that have been around for a while such as blogs and forums. Tealeaf provides online customer experience management   (CEM). Their CEM solutions include both a customer behavior analysis suite and customer service optimization suite. I have written about them before (see: Understanding Your Online Customer's Moves with TeaLeaf ). They also sponsor an annual Online Consumer Survey.

Upgrading Discussion « Lisa’s (Online) Teaching Blog


"My problem was that discussion seemed text-heavy and overly directed. We call it discussion, but of course everyone is typing. Sometimes discussions got very lively, with (civil) disagreements and connections to modern events. Discussion just wasn’t broad enough, visual enough, connective enough, exciting enough, for me. " Tags: discussion forums howto online_facilitation

Discussions Are Not Warfare; Forums Are Not a Battlefield

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photo credit: Rob Shenk I was talking to a member the other day, in what was a very serious conversation about that member’s future on the site. Part of that conversation was an attempt on my part to get the member to refocus on what the community is about and not to get out of [.].

Blogs and forums

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People choose to blog in preference to posting to discussion forums because. People choose to discuss in forums in preference to blogging because. People feel a greater sense of proximity to other forum posters. Forum posting is less effort than blogging. Forum posting is more linear than blogging. There is a greater community presence in forums.

An online forum as a grafitti wall

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There is a forum for sharing with other participants. This is a nice example of how you should not use a forum. Not all forums have to be private, but if you want to discuss issues related to your weight, it helps when you have some feeling of privacy.

Online Community Business Forum in Santa Fe 2008

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One thing that is obvious after going to multiple events organized by Forum One is the nature of the ongoing community around these small conferences. I’ve been fortunate to be on quite a run of attending Forum one events.

Free online Forums

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I am looking for free online forums where you can set up group communication, for informal exchange and learning with the ability for parallel threads. I think it is good for groups that don't want to invest heavily in customized forums in the initial group stages, or are not sponsored by an organisation. The fact that the forum is free and easy to set up and delete can make the online experience for participants more experimental.

#SOCRMx Week 7: Objectivity and Subjectivity in Social Research

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It was interesting to see that more course participants got involved in discussion in the Week 6 forums. John Scott starts by drawing on the work of Kant and Mannheim to discuss how subjectivity, objectivity, relativity and truth have multi-faceted meanings.

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#SOCRMx End of Week 3 Reflections

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The majority of participants seem to be doing a Masters or a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, so completing the tasks and getting feedback from a tutor on those tasks must be a high priority for them and the tasks take quite a bit of time, not leaving much time for discussion.

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What is Emergent Learning? Why is it relevant?

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This week and next week we will be discussing these questions with the SCoPE community and others. If you are interested in learning environments which support emergent learning and would like to share and discuss your experiences, please join us. The discussion forum is now open.

Discussing big society without using the words 'big society'


A couple of days ago someone posted this note on the East Dulwich Forum (a very popular local site which covers an area in south London): sweep your own leaves, clean your own ice and snow: saving the council money balancing the budget. Posted by ataubin November 14, 04:48PM. At the Community Council Meeting on 10 November at St Faith's we were told Southwark has to cut 80 million from its budget. But where?

Green Chameleon » Trouble at the AOK Corral

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Trouble at the AOK Corral The AOK Forum has been a distinguished discussion forum in KM for several years. Founded by Jerry Ash it uses a unique model: “star&# moderators - experts on some aspect of KM - are researched by Jerry, and brought in for 2-week long discussions. to discuss their social practices.

SCoPE: Seminars: Understanding Collaboration


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Green Chameleon » The Prehistory of Knowledge Management

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Reminder on Our KM Forum Session This Week

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Thierry Hubert and I will speak at the December 17 meeting of Boston’s KM Forum.  We will   We will discuss:Deliver Us from Web 2.0 Using a couple of examples, one from the Internet where socially generated content is exploding, and one from the enterprise where social tools are also contributing their own content bloat, We will discuss the ideas that are driving a new product idea at  Darwin Ecosystem.

Emerging questions on Emergent Learning

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The SCoPE community discussion forums on emergent learning continue to be very stimulating – and in true emergent form are raising more questions than are being answered. See the open SCoPE discussion forums for more information.

From Social Insights to Social Business Innovation: MIT Enterprise Forum

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Last night I went to an interesting event sponsored by the MIT Enterprise Forum. moderated the panel discussion. It was part of their Innovation Series:  From Social Insights to Social Business Innovation.  I have the pleasure of attending an earlier event for startups where my Darwin Ecosystem partner Thierry Hubert presented our story. It was a very useful and innovative format where both a panel of experts and the audience provided feedback on our presentation.

Practical example: the tech forum in Kumasi

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Four institutions worked together to organise a tech forum in Kumasi: GINKS , a network on ICT for development, the Kofi Annan Centre , a center for exellence in ICT, Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology and IICD.

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Oldie but goodie: "CompuServe's Intranet Forum"

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September 13, 1997 Virtual Teams with Jessica Lipnack & Jeffrey Stamps CompuServe's Intranet Forum Anne/Moderator: Welcome to the Intranet Forum ! They also discuss the pros and cons of creating virtual teams and offer solid examples of successful teams which were  more efficient and cost-effective to their organizations. It's quite an experience for us to be online doing this forum.   Me and 2 of my brothers met in a CIS forum recently. 

Collaborative Thinking: PARC Forums: People & Social Technologies

Collaborative Thinking

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Enterprise-enabling Facebook | Main | Designing & Enabling Communities » December 19, 2007 PARC Forums: People & Social Technologies Both presentations are worth viewing. If you have tracked this space for some time (for me, since the early nineties), much of the discussion around control, structure, participation, etc.

ModPo – Learn how to undo the way in which we read

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For example, I can’t research the learning that takes place in the ModPo discussion forums. These TAs (past students) are also very knowledgeable and add great depth to the discussions about poetry through their alternative perspectives.

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#FLvirtualrome : An exciting MOOC about Ancient Rome

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I am intrigued that this course is able to do this through its content alone, without the need for social interaction, although there are plenty of opportunities for adding comments to the discussion forums and making social connections if you wish.

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Online Community Feature Overload and the Cost of Spreading Your Activity Too Thin

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photo credit: LOLren As people endeavor to add more features and sections to their forums and communities – more than “just” discussion threads – there is a great opportunity for additional value for all parties involved.

Organising Knowledge » Taxonosophy

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Taxonosophy Just in case “normal&# taxonomy work isn’t taxing enough for you, you might enjoy the Heidegger discussion forum , where taxonomies and ontologies are rearing their … heads.

The tech forum in Ghana meets face-to-face

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Today I co-facilitated a meeting of the 'tech forum' a group of ICT technicians who are active in ICT4D. It's always encouraging to see how energizing it is for people to engage in practice-related discussions, also today.


Advanced Social Media Course – August Sydney 2015

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The video courses are included with your attendance and are for life time, have an iPhone/iPad/Android etc app and include a discussion forum to ask me questions. Shares Looking for an advanced social media course in Sydney ?

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