SharePoint: Is It Worth Using as a Collaboration Tool?

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Im already subscribed SharePoint: Is It Worth Using as a Collaboration Tool? Then, we need to look at what kind of collaboration you’re planning on doing, because that’s really what should drive your decision to use a given tool.

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Leveraging Virtual Teams & Social Tools: Boston KM Forum - March 31

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Long title for what promises to be a good day with the Boston KM Forum on March 31: " Leveraging Virtual Teams & Social Tools for Business Advantage: Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, et al." In this symposium, we will explore virtual teams and social tools—and their value in leveraging knowledge.    We will discuss tools and techniques, share learnings, and hear case examples.

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Lotusphere 2012 - Opening General Session

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various Internet tools and services are linking people with PD to resources to help them. Social - "the application of social tools and culture to business processes and activities.". Social business is not limited to the deployment of new tools. It's the application of these tools to roles, processes, and outcomes that make it work. - When thinking about transformation, you stop thinking about individual tools - and a platform instead. -.

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From Enterprise 2.0 Boston To Catalyst San Diego: Enterprise Social Networking Workshop

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Bill Ives (Portals and KM) provided a write-up of the workshop delivered in Boston last week. Project teams need to overcome the perception that social tools and applications are not a critical investment. How interviewees felt their IT organizations were handling the topic of social networking, along with high-level impressions from participants regarding their experiences with different tools (e.g.,

Coveo Expresso Available as Free Basic Level Enterprise Search Tool

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I want to share this post I did that first appeared in AppGap to make you aware of a free search tool for those in a Microsoft environment. You can get Coveo’s capability for other platforms including the Mac environment, where I work, and Lotus Notes through their advanced search modules.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Highlights – IBM Blogger Q&A


First, an informal conversation (The Q&A part) with both Irene and Bob, to then continue with some demo time of several IBM technologies from the Enterprise Social Software space (Like IBM Lotus Connections v2.5 , Olympus , Sametime 3D and Beehive’s Honeybees ).

IBM’s Lotusphere 2010 Highlights – A Proposal for DIA


conference in Boston ? IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Productivity Tools Social Computing Travelling As you may have noticed, it’s been a bit over a week since the last time I have been able to put together a blog post over here.

Is Social Business Ready to Face Internet Traffic Jams?


At least, that’s what has just happened to myself, upon my return from my recent business trip to Boston for the Enterprise 2.0 It’s an old concept, I know, coming from groupware, ( Lotus Notes anyone?)

The State of Social Network Analysis in Business: LINKS Workshop Report

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My goals in attending were to understand how UCINET , the analysis tool developed by Steve Borgatti "thinks" and grow my expertise at applying SNA to projects to improve collaboration effectiveness. IBM showed the way with their Atlas for Lotus Connections but are other vendors following?

Enterprise 2.0 Conference – What to Expect – The Pre-Event


event taking place in Boston next week, here is the first of a couple of entries where I will be covering briefly the actual agenda of the event and, perhaps much more interestingly, what you may expect from each of the sessions per day. pre-event in Boston.

How Procter & Gamble Got Employees to Use Social Networking at Work - - Business Technology Leadership

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Karlyn, attorney at Foley & Lardner in Boston, will share tips on negotiating tactics and new, creative contract terms to help mid-market CIOs make better deals. Executive Competencies Assessment Tool Assess Your Business Leadership Skills with the Councils new benchmarking tool. tools into a single platform to unlock weak and potential ties—employees with common goals or interests who have little to no contact. Get the right management tools for the job.


Luis Suarez’s E-Mail Liberation – An Inspiration to the Rest of Us

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conference in Boston in June. He is "just saying that it needs to be re-purposed and used for what it was meant to be in the first place: A communication tool for one on one conversations of a sensitive, private or confidential nature.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference – What to Expect – Day 3


conference event, taking place in Boston, and which will start in just a few hours from now. event in Boston. And with this one other blog post I am just about to put together I’m concluding what you can expect from the upcoming Enterprise 2.0

News Updates (March 2, 2009)

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Conference in Boston in June: (1) transition strategies for Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Plaza is a relatively new offering in the enterprise collaboration space and offers a very sophisticated set of tools aimed primarily at knowledge workers, and whose development has been influenced by a very large international consulting company. Cost Savings with Lotus Software. John outlines an approach to use Lotus Software to reduce business costs. " Taming SharePoint.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Social Networking Workshop

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conference in Boston (June 22-25), you might find the workshop below worth attending. Project teams need to overcome the perception that social tools and applications are not a critical investment. How interviewees felt their IT organizations were handling with the topic of social networking, along with high-level impressions from participants regarding their experiences with different tools (e.g., IBM Lotus Connections, Jive Software, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server).

News Updates (February 8, 2010)

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IBM Lotus really beefed up the collaboration capabilities with a new online meeting experience, new mobility support, and a social views capability that makes it easier to find people you collaborate with the most. CorasWorks released SharePoint 2010 updates to its SharePoint add-on tools. " Project Wonderland is a Java-based virtual world platform which has been piloted by a few educational institutions, including Boston College, U.K.’s Write and Google Wave.

Dion Hinchcliffe Enterprise 2.0 Conference Workshop – Part Two

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at the Boston Enterprise 2.0 There is currently no one stop shop for all tool categories but there are suites. It can also be adapted to implement many of the social emergent tools but usually requires some work. Mashups are being used and Serena, Jackbe, IBM (Lotus Mashups), Microsoft (Popfly) have tools. Sezwho is one tool that works across platforms. You need to allow time for people to learn the tools and methods.

How to Manage Your Business in a Recession: "#1 Reset Priorities to Face the New Reality"

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Make sure you see my flowchart about making decisions on face-to-face travel, which was part of a serendipitious collaborative effort with Jessica Lipnack (Boston) and Oscar Berg (Sweden). Meetings that are more about co-creation of content than discussion and decision making can be supported through online meeting tools like Citrix GoToMeeting , LotusLive Meetings , Microsoft Office Live Meeting, and many more (my personal favorite is Citrix GoToMeeting -- it just always works!).

News Updates (May 21, 2009)

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Speaking at a JP Morgan event in Boston, Ozzie said that enterprises still don't trust that they will be provided with the high service levels they would need to move applications onto large networks run by a small number of vendors. The application is designed to add secure, synchronised file sharing and version management, simultaneous, multi-author document creation and editing, and communication and co-ordination tools. Ozzie on the Shift to Cloud Computing.

News Updates (March 10, 2009)

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CorasWorks released the Beta of Breeze, a hosted collaboration service built on Microsoft SharePoint, and combined with other CorasWorks tools. tools may indeed improve productivity. Overview of how GM is using collaboration tools to support business processes. " Leveraging Virtual Teams and Social Tools Forum. Jessica Lipnack and others are co-running a full day forum on virtual teams and social tools, in Boston, on March 31. " CorasWorks Breeze.

Enterprise RSS - RRW Readers Speak Out

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I thought the idea of a common subsytem for feeds was great but Microsoft missed an opportunity by not positioning the Windows RSS Platform as a universal tool for all desktop feed readers. At E20 in Boston last year Attensa showcased another very interesting use case of RSS. I am not a proponent of using consumer tools to access enterprise (intranet) feeds due to possible security and confidentiality reasons (e.g., A lot of great comments over at the main article: R.I.P

More White-Label Options For Social Network Sites

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but mostly I hear these points presented in isolation, without insight on the business value gained in the interim from using tools that sometimes far exceed what existing large vendors offer - and rarely do I find IT groups doing the necessary due diligence to comprehend the social aspects of these systems - most are still stopping at the functional comparison stage.)

Column 2 : Enterprise 2.0: Group Intelligence Panel

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Group Intelligence Panel Luis Solis of GroupSystems moderated a panel on Group Intelligence Across the Enterprise: 5 Keys to Success, with David Marshak of the Unified Communications & Collaboration group at IBM , Alex Pentland of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and John Abele of Boston Scientific. Marshak discussed IBM’s internal community tools, which I’ve heard about from friends of mine who work at IBM. Column 2 BPM, Enterprise 2.0