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Social Media Club of Boston 5th Anniversary Celebration: The Evolution of Social Business

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Last night I attended the Social Media Club of Boston 5 th Anniversary Celebration: The Evolution of Social Business. It featured a panel with Alistar Rennie, General Manager, Social Business and Collaboration Solutions, IBM; Andy Carusone from Lowe’s Home Improvement; and Ric Fulop, North Bridge Venture Partners.

Social Business – *The* Ecosystem


Digital Business: The Transactional Era. They are just as critical for your business to keep thriving as your customers. Think of it.

Complete Listing of My 2011 Enterprise 2.0 Boston Conference Notes

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Conference in Boston so I could remember what I experienced. Views from the Top of Boston. Conference Notes: Business Leadership Roundtable with Andrew McAfee. Here is the complete series of notes I took on the 2011 Enterprise 2.0 These are close to real time so I have an excuse for typos this time. I hope you find them useful.

2011 38

Visions of Business Ecosystems

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These are all descriptions of business ecosystems. The Corvallis Business Ecosystem. Technology Business Ecosystem. Please share!

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What are Business Ecosystems?

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Business Ecosystem Model developed by Dr. James F. I recently wrote about business ecosystems, adaptability, and change leadership.

Boston E20 Notes: The Post-2.0 Era: Social in the Context of My Work

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conference in Boston. Here is the session description: “The widespread adoption of Facebook, the embrace of activity streams by business applications, and the success of smartphone applications have significantly changed information worker expectations since Enterprise 2.0 It could be in a workspace, business app, or email.

Boston E20 Notes: Building a Unified Communications and Collaboration Roadmap

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conference in Boston. Their research finds that the more business involvement in IT projects, the higher the success.    

2012 21

Boston E20 Notes: Building an Online Community from Strategy, Planning, and Launch to Effective Engagement and Adoption

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conference in Boston.   Communities can be a low cost way to improve your business results on an ongoing basis.

The Business Value of Stories

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With the advent of text and storage devices such as clay tablets and papyrus, other forms of documentation became possible and stories went underground in certain contexts such as business. More business projects are starting to include the collection of stories as a part of their communication plans. Boston: Butterworth Heinemann.

Boston E20 Notes: The Iceberg Effect of Community Management

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conference in Boston.   Jason manages a community that is focused on innovation revenue about their business of managing events. I am pleased to be back for my sixth Enterprise 2.0 Here is a link to a summary of last year’s notes. This is another of my notes for this year. There will be more to follow. He curates content.

The Trials and Tribulations of a Mobile Knowledge Worker in a Social Business World


About the fact that we may not even be able to witness that final business transformation we have been eagerly anticipating all along after all?

Social Task Management – When Social Business Got Down to Work – #e2conf Highlights


Cross-post from CMSWire …] Social Business (at long last!) conference event that took place last week in Boston. Ready? So here we go:

Social Business Forum 2011 – On Collaboration by Luis Suarez


event in Boston is approaching really fast and before you know it it’s already here! Yes, that’s right! But first things first.

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Social Business Forum Highlights – Highlights from Breakout Sessions and Final Keynote


Once again, I am on the road on to another business trip. This time around to Boston, MA, to attend and present at *the* Enterprise 2.0


Engineers without Fears

So I missed the Boston KM Forum but Jack took to me Popsignal in the evening. Jack got busy with the Wii while I went after free T-shirts from TripAdvisor and slingpage followed by some vociferous debating with the HBSP online crew. My last day in Boston was spent having lunch with the effervescent Doug Cornelius. JACK VINSON!!!

Was today's Boston Sunday Globe the last we'll ever see?

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Summary of My 2012 Boston Enterprise 2.0 Notes

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conference in Boston. Boston E20 Notes: Organization Next Workshop: Bridging the Participation Gap – Networks, Learning, and "Play" Boston E20 Notes: Building an Online Community from Strategy, Planning, and Launch to Effective Engagement and Adoption. Boston E20 Notes: The Iceberg Effect of Community Management.

"'Let's [not] meet'"

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Eli Stein cartoon, reprinted with permission Scott Kirsner's round-up today on how people feel about meetings - and what they do about it - is "likely" to be one of the most "liked" articles in modern Boston Globism. BusinessOther than.

2011 23

Is that a Boston Globe in my driveway?

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Photo of Tom Winship, editor of The Boston Globe for 20 years, from Intl Center for Journalists , which Winship helped found, posted here in honor of the Globe's truly remarkable heritage Happened again. The daily reports in the Boston Globe indicate that negotiations between The Times Co. The morning newspaper actually arrived.

Boston E20 Notes: An Expert Look Into the Technology Behind Social Business

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conference in Boston. I attended session - On the Back-End: An Expert Look Into the Technology Behind Social Business led by Patrick Stokes, Chief Product Officer, Buddy Media Here is the session description: “These days, social media means big business. I am pleased to be back for my sixth Enterprise 2.0 Don’t speak tech?

My New Business Card for Enterprise 2.0 in Boston – Did You Get Yours Already?


and you end up with several dozens of business cards you keep promising yourself you will look back into when heading back home. A poken.

The Business of Community Networking Conference, March 24-26, Boston. Please Join Us

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As conference contributor Patti Anklam wrote in describing The Business of Community Networking Conference scheduled for Boston, March 24-26: "This conference is focused on businesses that want to engage customers in interacting, networking, and exchanging knowledge using social media. I look forward to meeting you in Boston.

"Let's take that online" -- Boston KM Forum

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Lovely day spent with the Boston KM Forum's "Leveraging Virtual Teams & Social Tools for Business Advantage: Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, et al.

Boston E 20 Notes: Interview with IBM’s Jeff Schick

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conference in Boston. Jeff started by discussing some of the issues with social business. Social business is not just about small incremental improvements but it holds the potential for transformational improvements in the business. I asked about use cases and Jeff said to start with a business process.

Boston E 20 Notes: Interview with Cisco’s Raj Gossain

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conference in Boston. Hierarchy helps to manage certain business processed but can be a real impediment to the demands of market acceleration and globally engaged work group. This market direction builds on WebEx leadership in meetings business. It is the number two cloud provider for business applications. There are 6.5

21st Century Organizations @ Business of Community Networking: IBM, Avon, CondoDomain, AMA Boston & the National Collegiate Scouting Association

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The joy of the Business of Community Networking conference, in which we just participated, was access to terrific case examples. Erica does not hesitate to use her individual enthusiasm for her company and work to help build the business. Clearly Avon is prepared to experiment and evolve to operate in today's connected world.

Leveraging Virtual Teams & Social Tools: Boston KM Forum - March 31

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Long title for what promises to be a good day with the Boston KM Forum on March 31: " Leveraging Virtual Teams & Social Tools for Business Advantage: Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, et al." But what value have they had for business enterprises?  Business   And books and articles on virtual teaming abound.

Enterprise 2.0 Boston June 2010 Highlights: Making Technology Work in Organizations

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Axelrod in " Open netWORKing Organizations Co-generating Business Value " Perhaps my perception would be different if I'd attended more Enterprise 2.0

Trip to Boston to Attend and Present at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference


If my last blog post I was sharing with you folks how busy things were in general; well, last week was no different. I show up. I don’t.

A new low for Bank of America

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Warning: if you have a banking problem and if, like me, you are a Bank of America business customer by virtue of a corporate round-up (my original perfectly fine BayBank was bought by BankBoston -- nee Bank of Boston --. Business

Boston Enterprise 2.0 Conference Voting is Now Open – Your Votes Will be Appreciated

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They have just opened voting for Boston Enterprise 2.0 This is an appeal to vote for the proposed Boston Enterprise 2.0 Blogs were one of the initial social media, emerging on the political scene in 04 and business in 05. in Boston. Conference sessions. It will run through January 20. There are three: one on my own.

Join our Enterprise 2.0 Conference 2010 Session in June in Boston

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conference in Boston on June 14-17. and I always get to see so many virtual colleagues in person   Here is a post on the panel session I participated in last year, Thoughts on Twitter and Business for Enterprise 2.0 I have presented at this conference for the past three years and I am very pleased to do it again. Conference.

Business Community Leaders: Francois Gossieaux Needs You

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Facebook Group to our 2007 Facebook Groups in Business Investigation (FGIBI). . Jenny Ambrozek. *

From Enterprise 2.0 Boston To Catalyst San Diego: Enterprise Social Networking Workshop

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Bill Ives (Portals and KM) provided a write-up of the workshop delivered in Boston last week. Common issues proponents of social networking face include: establishing the business case, acquiring funding, determining metrics, developing governance policies, and addressing security concerns. social circle at the conference.

"How Robin Chase Reinvented the Transportation Industry"

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About a dozen years ago, I was one of a couple of dozen women in Boston selected to present at one of Springboard's New England Venture Forum. Business TechnologyTo prepare, we were divided into small discussion groups of four or five.

How Procter & Gamble Got Employees to Use Social Networking at Work - - Business Technology Leadership

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Karlyn, attorney at Foley & Lardner in Boston, will share tips on negotiating tactics and new, creative contract terms to help mid-market CIOs make better deals. Executive Competencies Assessment Tool Assess Your Business Leadership Skills with the Councils new benchmarking tool. Five minute business analytics assessment.

Do You Know Outstanding Social Business Leaders for 2013?

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is seeking Outstanding Social Business Leaders For 2013. The Brainyard. In 2012, they honored Bonobos , Cemex , Ford Motor Co.    

Microsharing: It is All About the Tools. It is Not About the Tools - My Notes from Enterprise 2.0 Boston Conference

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conference in Boston , June 14- 17. They have communities for each business area.   Eugene talked about the phrase “in the flow of work” and said they only look for clients who have a business case. Marcia asked how can the activity stream be used for business reasons and not but just serendipity? My notes follow.

The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool - The BrainYard - InformationWeek

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The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool. In my last column , I introduced the three main elements of a social business strategy -- process, management, and technology -- and focused on what it means to socialize a business process. DoubleDutch Doubles Down On Social and Location for Business. COMMENTARY. WHITEPAPERS.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference 2012: Social, Business, Culture

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Conference last month in Boston: " The Enterprise 2.0 Conference in mid-June in Boston is the premier conference each year for discussing, debating, exploring, and showcasing the latest work in applying Enterprise 2.0 Conference 2012: Social, Business, Culture. On The Smarter Office, I just posted my review of the Enterprise 2.0