Engineering Life Work Integration


Even better, we all know and embrace the many other good benefits from having unlimited vacation days , as I have also blogged about in the recent past sharing the experience of the delightful Maggie Fox from Social Media Group So why not do it?

Technology Stewardship: App Integration Testing

Digital Habitats

Cross-posted from Nancy’s Blog. So I went searching for a white board or pinboard app that had Slack integration. Why the integration? and Slack integration. I wonder if it has Slack integration? Good question about why integrate.

Badgeville Integrates with IBM Connections

Portals and KM

Recently I spoke with Chris Lynch about their integration with IBM Connections. Through the Badgeville for Yammer integration, those achievements were then published into the Yammer stream. Another feature in the Connections integration is reputation management.

Work Live Integration – 23 and 1/2 Hours


Instead, a long while ago I have made the transition into what some people have been calling work life integration, where one of key words / concepts that has started making the rounds in the last few years, that is, flexibility, is gaining more and more importance and relevance as we move forward.

Becoming a Successful Socially Integrated Enterprise – The Long Journey


Why are we embarking in such a journey to become a successful Socially Integrated Enterprise in the first place?

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Statistics: Why integrate Facebook into your business

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

From a brilliant blog post By The Numbers: How Facebook Says Likes & Social Plugins Help Websites by Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand (based on statistics given to him by Facebook). STATISTICS WITHIN What are the social media statistics of engaging on Facebook?

Beezy Integrates Yammer and SharePoint

Michael Sampson - Currents

Since its acquisition of Yammer in 2012, an improving level of integration between SharePoint and Yammer has been drip fed from Microsoft. It hasn’t been a speedy integration. Additionally, Beezy enriches the Yammer experience with additional enterprise collaboration capabilities (wikis, blogs, Q&A, Town Hall, etc.). The result is a truly integrated experience, leveraging the strengths of each platform.

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The Further Integration of Cloud Services

Portals and KM

This is the start of other tech week on this blog. Their platform offers a means for workers with little coding experience to create applications and workflows that integrate with its core SaaS CRM offering. Integrating cloud services is a good thing.

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Adaptation: The Key to Become a Socially Integrated Enterprise


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IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise


Over the last couple of weeks there have been a number of rather interesting and insightful blog posts that have been covering IBM’s journey to become a social business.

Testing G+ WordPress integration

Alchemy of Change

#gwp Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell. More Google gwp

Badgeville Integrates with IBM Connections

Portals and KM

Recently I spoke with Chris Lynch about their integration with IBM Connections. Through the Badgeville for Yammer integration, those achievements were then published into the Yammer stream. This sales best practices example is one of the ways that Badgeville integrates with IBM Connections. You can also reward participation in the wikis, blogs, for voting, contributing to ideation forums and other aspects across any department.

The Soothing Effect of Blogging


It’s hard to believe, even for myself, how the last time I wrote a blog post over here was a bit over two months ago. However, it doesn’t even feel totally awkward, as it used to be in the past, whenever I embarked on a longish blogging hiatus of sorts.

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BroadVision’s Clearvale Offers Integrated Enterprise Social Networking Platform

Portals and KM

However, these are often different programs using different tools that are not integrated.   You can create separate networks for each group but manage them as an integrated system. If they had done both he asked how many have integrated the two.

Integrating a blog into your website

Joitske Hulsebosch

Probably most organisations would ask the question whether to integrate a blog into their website or whether to host a blog in a separate space. There are some good considerations written down on Mark White's business blog. In my case, I have a blog and I want to build a website to make my advisory services clearer. Get clients now lists some reasons (in Dutch) why a blog can be more powerful than a website. Tags: blogging

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Integrating a 1-to-1 tablet initiative at primary level

e-Moderation Station

In this guest blog post Dimitris shares his experience from Doukas school in Athens which integrated ICT into the syllabus (one tablet PC per student) in 2009 and has become a Microsoft Case Study for adopting this approach. ICT educators: Dimitris Primalis. Image by gterez.

Socialtext Continues to Focus on Workplace Integration

Portals and KM

A couple of years ago they added Socialtext Signals, one of the first enterprise micro-blogging tools. A wrote about them a year ago on this blog (see Socialtext Adds Micro-messaging and Goes Mobile ). Eugene said that when Socialtext Signals and its microblogging capability, was introduced in 2008 the focus was on integration from the start. As I wrote in my 2010 interview with Ross Mayfield, it is fully integrated with the complete Socialtext platform.

The 1-minute guide to integrating technology into teaching

e-Moderation Station

One of the biggest challenges facing EFL (and other) teachers today is how to integrate technology into our classes in a meaningful and principled way. Some suggestions: Follow a couple of key blogs that review tools that teachers can use. blended edtech integration tips

Building an Integrated Social Media Dashboard

The Bumble Bee

I have been looking for way to monitor and track all my websites/blogs plus all my social media accounts (linkedIN, Twitter etc) from a single dashboard. I figured this would be pretty easy - a thing that most people would want to do! Not so - despite the abundance of great social media tools I found it surprisingly difficult to find one which met all my requirements. Social Networking

Facebook IM Integration

Collaborative Thinking

First thought: If Meebo can integrate with XMPP systems - why can't Microsoft? Second thought: Why hasn't IBM integrated with Facebook's XMPP-based IM system? Third (and last) thought: Given Cisco's acquisition of Jabber and efforts with WebEx Connect - you would imagine integration with Facebook as well. meeblog » Blog Archive » MySpaceIM, Facebook Chat, and Meebo! meeblog » Blog Archive » MySpaceIM, Facebook Chat, and Meebo!

Traction Team Page 5.1 Integrates Project Management Capabilities

Portals and KM

Traction Announces New Integrated Micro-blogging and Solid Revenue Growth for 2008 ) and continue to respect their accomplishments. I have been covering Traction TeamPage for several years (for ex.

Vizit 4.0 for SharePoint - with Integrated Conversations about Documents

Michael Sampson - Currents

Vizit Social eXchange integrates social conversations with SharePoint content, workflow, records management, and security. Vizit SX leverages social techniques such as instant messaging and micro-blogging to facilitate interactive conversations about SharePoint content. ".

Blogger integrates feedburner feeds

Joitske Hulsebosch

A short blogpost to alert all blogger-bloggers to the fact that feedburner and blogger have apparently collaborated to make the integrating of a feedburner feed into your blogger blog easy. Having a feedburner feed is very useful if you want to monitor the subscriptions to your blog. You go to settings, then site feed and add the URL of your feedburner feed. You can read more here.

IBM Plugging Holes In Connections/SharePoint Integration

Collaborative Thinking

If you are using SharePoint but are considering Lotus Connections for blogs, communities, social networking, etc., this type of integration could help people understand what the resulting user experience would be like. Despite this plug-in, I still believe IBM has made a fundamental and perhaps unrecoverable competitive mistake by not being radically more aggressive regarding SharePoint integration. Telligent is.NET friendly) or specific integration (e.g.,

A Great Example of Collaborative Tools Being Integrated into an Appropriate Way of Working

Michael Sampson - Currents

Writing on the StackExchange Blog , David lays out an argument for private offices. What I really liked in David’s article was his explanation of how they have integrated their physical working world (and the use of private offices with collaborative physical places) with the use of online collaborative tools: We are an online company: we’ve been remote from day one and still to this day over half of the team (aside from sales) works from home.

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BlogBridge Integrates Twitter with Its Latest Release

Portals and KM

This makes a lot of sense as Twitter is often used to share blog links. In the first case, a person gets the news from blogs and likes to keep a presence on Twitter. they simply choose ‘Tweet This’ while reading the blog, and up pops a box, with the shortened url pre-populated.

It’s All About Work Life Integration; It’s All About You!


Well, it’s been a long while since I shared a blog post on this topic, so I thought I would spend with you folks today a few minutes talking about it. Well, it starts with that concept I mentioned at the beginning of this post: it’s all about Work Life Integration!

Collaborative Thinking: Integrating SharePoint And Confluence

Collaborative Thinking

It would be valuable for Microsoft to continue down this path of providing well-defined and public interfaces (as opposed to vendor point-to-point deals) so that other blog and wiki vendors could integrate with the platform.

Back to Blogging, Again: Boira (2010 – … )


Did you notice the last time I created a blog post over here was on 11/11/11 to treasure the living memory of one of those loving creatures one learns to love, appreciate and live with in unconditional terms over the course of the years?

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Back to Blogging: Fosca (1998 – 2011)


It’s hard to believe the last time that I had a chance to drop by over here in this blog to create another entry was a bit over a month ago! I bet a bunch of you folks thought I had given up on blogging altogether ( once again, after this long hiatus!)

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MicroGuilds Musings on Scrum and Team Integration

Evolving Web

Technorati Tags: Agile , scrumban , scrum , scrummaster , guilds , microguilds Blogged at Modus Cooperandi in Seattle. Scrum and Agile are wonderful team organizational systems. It’s been easy to see the benefits, but over time, we’ve started to see some issues appear. Since the benefits are measurable and the battle to get Agile accepted has been hard-fought, those that have suggested there may be improvements to the system have been treated with suspicion.

The Power of Words – Back to Blogging!


Do you remember when I reflected back on the day about those dormant periods with my blogging over here? When I was basically mentioning how with all of the business travelling I was finding less and less time to blog, while on the road?

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Blog>> Taxonomy and Search Patterns for Search and Discovery

Green Chameleon

If taxonomy and search are integrated, they can be very powerful and vastly improve the user experience. So you have built and implemented a taxonomy but search is still not returning the desired results. What do you do? Taxonomy alone is limited in what it can do.

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Blogs as boundary objects


This is a piece from the current version of final chapter of my dissertation where I discuss blogging across various boundaries. While blogging might provide a window onto practices of the blogger, on a surface weblog is just an artefact: text, links and bits of other media.

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Reflections on Blogging and Real Life Distractions


A good number of people have been asking me offline over the last 3 and a half weeks whether I have finally abandoned this blog for good and moved into something else, since I have gone rather quiet as of late and no new blog posts have been making it thus far for a little while now.

Blog>> Letting Facets Fly

Green Chameleon

We design a faceted taxonomy and metadata framework to meet user and organisational sharing needs, we build information architecture specifications, and hand them over to the systems integrator (SI), who immediately trims them back to what they are familiar with – single hierarchy document library/ folder structures – especially frustrating when we know that the systems they use are capable of exploiting our designs.

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Open Text Adds Social Media, More Web 2.0 Features, and SAP Integration

Portals and KM

organizations to intelligently manage and deliver a broad set of corporate information to users over the Web, and features extensive usability upgrades, a new technology foundation, and deeper and more comprehensive integration with the Open Text ECM Suite and the SAP NetWeaver¿ Portal component.? They also offer Open Text Social Media that brings together many of the current social tools such as blog, micro-blogs, wikis, communities, profiles, and social search.

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10th Year Blogiversary – The Unfinished Journey of Blogging and Why It Matters


Remember the good old days when people were writing about the death of blogging thanks to social media tools ? Well, 21 years later , blogging is still alive and kicking , thank you very much! Who knew… The Death of Blogging? Yet, we keep on blogging.

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Blog>> Keynotes from IKO Conference

Green Chameleon

Patrick Lambe – The New Frontier in Knowledge Organisation: integrating methods, technologies and standards to deliver extraordinary results. Here are the slides for the three keynotes at our IKO Conference this week. We will be producing video versions of these as well, but they’ll take a little longer. Charlie Hull – The Future of Search: fishing the streams of Big Data. Matt Moore – Competence and Knowledge Organisation

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Blogging and Corporate Hippies by Luis Suarez


Bernie invited me to participate in the recording of an episode around blogging, after having read a recent article I wrote on the topic under the title “ Why Blogging Still Matters “ .

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Blog>> The Information Lifecycle

Green Chameleon

enrich the information sharing with context ; this can be relevant people, external information, micro-blogging, etc. What is your experience in integrating knowledge sharing activities in people’s daily work It has been a while now that I talked about my experience of putting incentives for KM initiatives in place.

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Enterprise Micro-Messaging: Standalone or Integrated with Comprehensive Collaboration Platform? Or Both?

Portals and KM

Here is a post on the collaboration platforms that are integrating micro-messaging. It’d be great if someone would reverse-engineer the core functionality into (collaboration platform) so we can have micro-blogging functionality in the same collaboration system…”. There is a population that sees integration of microblogging with other collaboration tools as necessary for far reaching adoption.”. What if email and collaboration both integrate microblogging?

What pragmatists might want to know about blogging


Behind my PhD research is an interest in translating practices of early adopters of weblogs into something that those that come after them might use: an understanding of relative advantage of blogging in knowledge-intensive environments and it’s compatibility with existing practices. Wondering how far it makes sense: would you show it to a colleague thinking about starting blogging? Is blogging for me? It is relatively easy to learn how to use blogging tools.

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