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There has been some discussion about whether academics should blog. Sometimes I feel that I can’t get the blog posts I want to make out fast enough. The advantage of blogging is that it can release you from the conventions of academic writing of the type done for journal articles.

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Pedagogy First Blog

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At the beginning of March I was contacted by Lisa Lane and invited to write a blog post for her Programme for Online Teaching Blog. blog is taking over the main page at the Program for Online Teaching. In the meantime, what a great idea to keep people engaged, connected and interested, by setting up a multi-author blog. I’m not sure exactly how many blog posts there have been since the beginning of March, but probably about 20.

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The Soothing Effect of Blogging


It’s hard to believe, even for myself, how the last time I wrote a blog post over here was a bit over two months ago. However, it doesn’t even feel totally awkward, as it used to be in the past, whenever I embarked on a longish blogging hiatus of sorts.

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Blog>> Practitioner Guidelines for Knowledge Audits

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These guidelines were compiled by the participants in the Kuala Lumpur Knowledge Management Roundtable, May 3 2017, hosted by Securities Commission Malaysia. BEFORE THE KNOWLEDGE AUDIT. a)Framing: Examine the organisation’s structure, and the distinct functions of each department. Get hold of the department business process workflows.

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Blog>> Orchestrating the Intranet for Knowledge Management

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Patrick’s taxonomy development infographic has sparked off a little friendly competition in the office. The infographic you see above is my attempt at explaining the different pieces of an intranet puzzle that KM practitioners may have to deal with, and how they all fit together.

About blogging, tunneling visions and knowledge entrepreneurship

Joitske Hulsebosch

Julie is doing research for the university of Amsterdam (VU) into (micro-)blogging as part of her PdD research about knowledge and power in the development sector. She interviewed 7 professional ICT4D bloggers (used interviews to identify those) and analysed their blogs.

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Blog>> Developing a KM Maturity Assessment that Supports Action Planning

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I have always been very cautious about KM Maturity Assessments. They carry a lot of assumptions about how KM should be implemented, that may not always be true for everybody. They often have features that get in the way of action planning that really matches the need of the organisation concerned. They can just be paper exercises to support a check-box mentality rather than supporting a real capability development.

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Blog>> Knowledge Audit Infographic Poster

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Here’s our latest infographic poster (formatted for A2 printing) on our knowledge audit process. We also have a video tutorial on the process here. Let us know if you have any questions! Download the full-size poster here (2MB file

2014 52

Blog>> The Information Lifecycle

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enrich the information sharing with context ; this can be relevant people, external information, micro-blogging, etc. It has been a while now that I talked about my experience of putting incentives for KM initiatives in place. These thoughts are very valid for global activities, though we are starting in our company to look at a second approach: implement knowledge sharing in people’s daily activities without imposing additional work.

2011 53

Blogging as Reflective Practice on this Sunny Monday Morning

Michelle Laurie

I started this blog in 2007 as a way to keep in touch with a remote team while working in the field in West Africa. Kootenay Life Uncategorized wiki Blogging career conversations Reflective practice

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Should CEOs Blog?


Earlier on this month, my good friend, Euan Semple wrote a short blog post on the topic of how tough it is to put together that initial first blog entry, if you are new to blogging, and even more so if you are an executive.

2013 34

ALTC2013 Blogging connections

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One of the pleasures of ALT-C 2013 for me was that I discovered/met two readers of this blog who I was not aware of. These contacts were very meaningful for me and from them I was reminded of two reasons why blogging works for me. Blogging for me is about personal reflection. One of these two readers told me that for him his blogging days had dried up two years ago. Writing/blogging is not for everyone. Blogging props up my appalling memory.

2013 18

Why Blogging Still Matters


It’s been a little while since the last time that I had a chance to write another post over here in this blog, so I guess it’s now time for another experiment then. No, I know what you may be thinking, but I am not going to stop blogging nor give up on writing for that matter.

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On Blogging

Web Social Architecture

After nearly a year at Razorfish, I’m resuscitating my blog. Because blogging gets me out of the weeds and makes me smarter. In a way, I kind of think blogs are dead. But for me, the practice of blogging is so very useful—it wakes me up to the interest and meaning of day-to-day things, and not doing it for the past year has made me dumber and less happy. Here are a couple tidbits about how I approach blogging in a way that really works for me: .

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Blog>> Visual Collections for Sharing and Collaboration

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Since a few months there is a big trend on the web: visualisation of data and information. It is definitely not a new trend, though it is accelerating fast; new tools like have been launched and Pinterest has developed to the third most popular social sharing tool in 2012.

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Blog>> Storytelling and Ignorance

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In this TED talk, filmwriter Andrew Stanton has an interesting turn of phrase about what makes stories compelling: “A well organized absence of information draws us in ”

Blog>> Knowledge Retention: Beyond Guidelines and Rhetoric

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Shortly after my mom turned 50, she decided to retire. Soon after that, I began to notice oddities in our conversations. She would tell me things that didn’t make sense. When I pressed her for context, she seemed disoriented.

15 years of blogging, FB and what’s next


Ton’s post on 15 Years of Blogging made me realise that I had reached similar milestone all the way back in June. From all my online experiences blogging has given me the most. That brings me to more blogging, less Facebook again. It has a lot of people from my “old times” blogging and professional network , that are hard to reach via blogs now since my RSS reading habits broke and lots of people are hardly blogging anyway.

I Will Dispense This Advice on Blogging


The thing is vast majority of that advice about blogs keeps missing the whole point on what blogging is all about right from the start. So I thought for today I’ll take the liberty of dispensing this piece of advice on blogging itself: Ignore me, for your own good! Blog now!

2016 28

Blog>> Trends in Knowledge Management

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Traditionally, KM was more often than not a top-down driven approach. For example, document taxonomies and knowledge sharing procedures were defined; identified experts shared their knowledge in defined communities. Today, we can identify six strong trends that lead into new concepts of knowledge sharing and collaboration: Exploring. People are inherently curious for more based on their interest: a) Social media allows us to discover new content which is shared by our peers, friends, etc.

Blog>> Knowledge Management in Intranets

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Tools that should be implemented in my eyes are: (micro-) blogging for thoughts, status & location updates, question, etc. Knowledge sharing happens partially with technology, and also successfully without software. For this post, let’s focus on the first: technology. When we look at web-based KM tools, then they are normally hosted in the companies’ intranet. In my experience, these knowledge sharing tools are often add-ons to the classic intranet platform.

Blog>> UNICEF Knowledge Exchange Toolbox

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The United Nations Children’s Fund has just released a set of tools and techniques for facilitating knowledge sharing, some of which have been written by very experienced facilitators. Check out their complete Toolbox

Back to Blogging, Again: Boira (2010 – … )


Did you notice the last time I created a blog post over here was on 11/11/11 to treasure the living memory of one of those loving creatures one learns to love, appreciate and live with in unconditional terms over the course of the years?

2010 58

Blog>> Social Internet is the new KM

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With great interest I have read Roan Yong’s “ Knowledge Management in 2012? Probably Dead ”. And yes, I agree to what he has stated: KM got too academic - or always was? And the social web will be what will replace it. Roan’s article triggered more thoughts which are too long to just pack in the article’s comments: there are more problems of today’s KM than to be blown up; and why the social web is KM at it’s core.

2012 64

Blog>> The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook - now available for pre-ordering

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My next book, co-authored with Nick Milton is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon! “ The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook: A Step by Step Guide to Embedding Effective Knowledge Management in Your Organization ” will be published by Kogan Page in April 2016.

2016 77

Blog>> Too Busy for Knowledge Sharing

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We have started our knowledge sharing initiative a good three years ago with a focus on global knowledge sharing; share your knowledge with everyone around the globe (within our company, though).

Blog>> Putting Stories to Work: Shawn Callahan’s New Book on Business Storytelling

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Whenever I have a conversation with Shawn Callahan I come away feeling stimulated and enriched. We have a way of riffing off each other’s ideas and insights in a completely delightful way. It’s like taking a journey of discovery together.

2016 74

Finding your blogging voice: lessons from Jack Kerouac

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This morning I found a pingback on my last post about blogging and conscious incompetence. This came from Lisa Lane’s (online) teaching blog and her post – To Not Speak. But thinking about the beautiful blogging voices (Bonnie, Lisa and Paul and others) that seem to be undergoing, as Lisa puts it, ‘a crisis of confidence’, I am reminded of Jack Kerouac’s Belief & Technique for Modern Prose. That’s not to say that blogging needs always to be fast and furious.

2013 25

The Tenth Anniversary of Portals and KM Blog

Portals and KM

Some good articles on blogs and blogs on blog s, and I s RSS TNBT ? I honor the blog's past content I will do posts on technology this week. Two people encouraged me to start a blog, Cesar Brea and Jack Vinson and they remain active bloggers.

2014 49

The Power of Words – Back to Blogging!


Do you remember when I reflected back on the day about those dormant periods with my blogging over here? When I was basically mentioning how with all of the business travelling I was finding less and less time to blog, while on the road?

2011 54

Blog>> Life As A Knowledge Worker

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I was searching for a photo of Peter Drucker when I came across this 14-year-old article by him on the experiences that had shaped him. The third experience, where he talked about learning a new subject every 3 years, resonates with me.

2011 56

Back to Blogging: Fosca (1998 – 2011)


It’s hard to believe the last time that I had a chance to drop by over here in this blog to create another entry was a bit over a month ago! I bet a bunch of you folks thought I had given up on blogging altogether ( once again, after this long hiatus!)

2011 51

Blog>> User Adoption and Valuating Performance

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© Synergy Corporate Technologies. In my position to push knowledge sharing and collaboration tools in a global organisation, I am dealing a lot with how can we motivate the people to adopt a new way of working together and the tools we are developing.

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Blog>> Why is Knowledge Sharing Important?

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My colleague Edgar dropped me a note about some workshops on knowledge sharing that he’s preparing for about a hundred practitioners in a knowledge sharing programme organised through the FAO. He asked me these questions, which he believes need to be answered in the programme: 1. what’s knowledge sharing? why is it important for organisations and specifically for projects? is all knowledge sharing good? why should we encourage knowledge sharing?

Blog>> Tripadvisor’s Contribution Model Applied

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One of my current challenges is to find ways to attract employees at our company to contribute their knowledge to our global knowledge sharing platform.

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Blog Aggregation

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As with other MOOCs, the #fslt12 MOOC offers blog aggregation. Ultimately the decision was to aggregate the blog feeds into our WordPress home site. I have also been very interested in the work that Gordon Lockhart has been doing on scraping blog comments. This year one of the participants, Mel Chua was keen to try out the Planet Aggregator to pull in blog posts about communities of practice or which reference CPsquare.

Blog Aggregation

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As with other MOOCs, the #fslt12 MOOC offers blog aggregation. Ultimately the decision was to aggregate the blog feeds into our WordPress home site. I have also been very interested in the work that Gordon Lockhart has been doing on scraping blog comments. This year one of the participants, Mel Chua was keen to try out the Planet Aggregator to pull in blog posts about communities of practice or which reference CPsquare.

Blog>> KM Practitioner Interview Series: Arief Amron

Green Chameleon

Arief Amron joined the Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia as Head of Knowledge Management in February 2014. Prior to that, he was with Maybank for 2 years and with Bank Negara for 14 years (of which 5 were in a KM role). Can you walk us through the current KM initiatives at the SC?

2016 21

Why we blog

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Last night I attended a pre-course meeting in Collaborate in which the course convenors and a few course participants discussed why we blog. Participants are also asked to tag blog posts with ‘potcert’. After that, I persisted with blogging but became more careful about what I posted.

Portals and KM Blog Begins it Tenth Year

Portals and KM

It is hard to imagine that I have been writing this blog for over nine years now. I certainly would not have predicted that when I started the blog on May 2, 2004 with three posts: Is KM the Killer App for Portals? Some good articles on blogs and blogs on blogs , and Is RSS TNBT ?