The Selfish Blogger Syndrome

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‘Selfish Blogger’ – This jumped out of the page of Tony Bates’ blog post. Tony asks: Could I have done something that would have resulted in more comments, more discussion and more integration of the discussion in this MOOC? I think it is a problem of the design of the MOOC, which actually promotes ‘the selfish blogger syndrome’. I should say at this point that I am a self-confessed selfish blogger and likely to remain so.

The Selfish Blogger – A discussion :-)

Jenny Connected

there has actually been some discussion about The Selfish Blogger Syndrome, which I would like to respond to with this post. On reflection I find blogging just a bit too distant for discussion. I value it for reflection and thinking things through, but for me discussion – in the deeper sense – happens in smaller more intimate groups away from the public arena. And Alan: I do think that postings in small isolated blogs *can* be integrated into larger discussions.

Reflections on Community Manager Appreciation Day

Online Community Strategy

Manager Community, Dell; + Lionel Menchaca , Chief Blogger, Dell; + Amy Muller , Chief Community Officer & Co-Founder, Get Satisfaction; + Mark Harrison , Community Manager, Google Earth & SketchUp; + Patrick O’Keefe , Author of Managing Online Forums / iFroggy Networks; + Jim Storer , Principal/Founder of The Community Roundtable; and. Today was the third annual Community Manager’s Appreciation Day, or #CMAD.

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Social Business Forum and a Touch with Reality


I’ll be sharing some initial reflections as well on an absolutely wonderful piece of research done by the IBM Almaden Research folks with Tara Matthews leading the efforts in this very same area of figuring out the next generation of the collaboration landscape.

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The Power of Words – Back to Blogging!


Do you remember when I reflected back on the day about those dormant periods with my blogging over here? IBM Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing Travelling Work Life Integration

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The Hybrid Experiment


If I could go ahead and blog about all of the stuff that I would want to I would be a full time blogger blogging away several times a day and never get tired of it!);

Blogging for knowledge workers: incubating ideas


However, having a vision and installing blogging software is not enough: getting blogging to work in an organisation means helping potential bloggers to find out how weblogs might be useful for them personally and how to sustain blogging in a long-term. While blogging is personal, most of its advantages are the result being part of an ecosystem, where weblogs are connected not only by links, but also by relations between bloggers. Integration

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What pragmatists might want to know about blogging


Uses of a weblog for conversations with self are up to an individual blogger: a weblog can serve as a tool to collect personally relevant notes and organise them in a variety of ways; this collection then provides an input for reflection and reuse. For example, it might replace email for sharing news with a team, be used for documenting one’s work to reflect on it over time, or to find out who might be the person to discuss a problem. Integration

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10th Year Blogiversary – The Unfinished Journey of Blogging and Why It Matters


It’ was just an opportunity for me to highlight how blogging is alive and kicking if just a sample of the articles linked above contained hundreds of different blogging tips, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced blogger.

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The Meaning of Depth and Breadth in Education

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As one blogger has put it, ‘The exact mix between coverage and depth is elusive…’ and these questions continue to be difficult to answer, particularly in the current age when specialisation may be regarded as counter-productive given the changing job market and uncertainty about the future of work.

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Open teaching and learning

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This has been a pleasure and illuminating in many respects, and has caused me to reflect once again on the meaning of ‘openness’ in teaching and learning. Source of image . My work in July has been more face-to-face than I have been used to in recent years.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

August 20, 2008 Understanding Media Redux: Making Better Use of Space and Time Online L ast month I contrasted the wordle (a collage of words with size proportionate to frequency of use) of the contents of my personal profile and my friend Sionas , and commented on how hers seemed more reflective of me than mine did. The thoughts expressed herein are strictly those of the blogger. Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays.

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Mathemagenic " PhD conclusions in a thousand words: blogging practices of knowledge workers


Blogging is used for sense-making supported by writing, multiple ways to organise and assess one’s own blog posts and conversations with other bloggers. Over time ideas captured and organised in weblogs provide a fertile ground for reflection and reuse.

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*Rough* Notes from the Online Community Roundtable: 1/11 at / The WELL

Online Community Strategy

Having had to screen candidates, lots of qualified and experienced people from both marketing and community perspectives – sometimes they want a brand blogger, othertimes they want a true community manager – if we start to differentiate roles, then these may help polarize things. Lit blogger and Book bloggers – book bloggers all acted as a community versus lit bloggers are broadcast editorial blogging.

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Blog Cases from 2005: Renee Blodgett on Cimmunications and Marketing

Portals and KM

One motivator for Renee was her many passionate interests, which were reflected on her blog. Many of her blogger friends were more introverted than Renee. After Renee quietly started her blog, several well-known industry bloggers encouraged her to go live with her blog and told her not to worry what others thought of her content or her writing. Now that her blog is an integral part of her life, she looks at a subject like an artist.

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MirandaNet: Common ties

Community Capers

MirandaNet’s activity is clearly situated in schools and authentic contexts for the integration of ICTs. Two examples of the community’s past involvement in research can be seen in the Scoop and Interactive Whiteboard projects (our guest bloggers next week will give us an update on the latest projects and activities). Over a year members reflected on and made explicit their requirements for such a community tool and the designers were given feedback and ideas for refinements.

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Social Network Marketing Campaigns: Features Attributes

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Most bloggers are promoting (marketing is promotion) their passion. Integration with other marketing activities : Successful marketing campaigns aren’t single channel, in fact they utilizie multiple channels and mediums to enhance the overall activity.

Encouraging a Young Social Change Agent

Hildy Gottlieb

It requires living and working and being with integrity. We learn it from experimenting, exploring, reflecting. Find bloggers and “experts” you like. Find bloggers and “experts” you can’t stand.

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Researching as a team

Jenny Connected

We have created a folder on the wiki for research reflections and these activities go in there. You prefer to systematically analyse ideas, a typical blogger with strong reflections. Since they often are so good listeners and have strong integrity they often end up very appreciated leaders. . This week, the research project has been a lot of fun. Loads of activity with everyone throwing in their ideas.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

This is software you can brand and integrate tightly into your existing domain. Awareness builds these features into complete communities for companies, or customers use the Awareness API and widgets to integrate Web 2.0

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4 Meta Skills for Learning Professionals | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Some of the skills that support self awareness are reflection, ability to ask great questions, listening, and seeking the feedback of others. Skills include ability to envision multiple possibilities, planning and reflection.

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Instant Communities: List of companies that provide Web Collaboration Suites or Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Of course it also has lots of CMS functionality builtin, such as versioning, flexible workflows, locking support, link integrity checking, an AJAX-interface for editing pages (just click any element on the page and edit it in-place) and much more.

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Blogging to grow ideas: weblog research ethics


In this post I do not mention the paper, but I reflect on the dilemmas I face working on it, asking “what would you do when using quotes or stories from public weblogs as examples in your research?&# I reflect on the irony of being researcher who is researched and my uneasy feelings of discovering something that was supposed to be private. 3 September 2008 Bloggers as public intellectuals and writing about them in a research report. This piece is from my dissertation.

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Need Your Feedback on my Triangulating Thinking | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

This paper examines each phase, reflects on how this external triangulation relates to some exemplar learning theories, and finally, offers some examples and suggests how designing this external triangulation into learning and work efforts can increase project success.

Need Your Feedback on my Triangulating Thinking | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

This paper examines each phase, reflects on how this external triangulation relates to some exemplar learning theories, and finally, offers some examples and suggests how designing this external triangulation into learning and work efforts can increase project success.

Social Media & Enterprise 2.0 Musings: Opportunity's a knocking here at EMC - Check out EMC's Open Community Roles

John Tropea - Delicious Community

A Reflection on #E2Conf Boston EMC Monster Mash 2010 Winners Announced at #EMCWorld General Adoption Techniques for Social Media and Community Tips for Corporate Bloggers Live from EMC World 2010 - updated with #emcworld blogs Spots4Bots @ #EMCWorld 2010 – Geo-tagging at its best!

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Silver Bullet - Real Social Networking Enterprise Value | Enterprise 2.0 Blogs

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Reduce content location time - experts are now integrated into views that provide browsing and search capability. Follow This Blog Post Login or register to post comments This post and comment(s) reflect the personal perspectives of community members, and not necessarily those of their employers or of AIIM International | Share Do you use social media tools outside of officially sanctioned company tools to get work done? Skip to Navigation Enterprise 2.0

Core Principles for the New Economy: Human Agency & Enlightened Self-Interest « emergent by design

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Share this: Share Facebook Email Digg Twitter StumbleUpon Reddit Print Like this: Like One blogger likes this post. Not sure what to call this except “integration” Reply. Recognized in Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2011! Skip to content. emergent by design. future of facebook project. future of money project. support. who’s the architect? Core Principles for the New Economy: Human Agency & Enlightened Self-Interest. January 10, 2012.

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10 Community Manager Responsibilities that Don't Involve Twitter.


site reflects the image and personality that you portray online, and more broadly, the brand’s image.

Internet Evolution - Executive Clan Editor's Blog - Social Net-Based Onboarding Boosts Productivity

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But as IBM blogger Jennifer Okimoto points out , the cost of not augmenting your hiring practices could be even more lethal in the end. close this box] The ThinkerNet does not reflect the views of TechWeb.

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On Twitter and in the Workplace, It's Power to the Connectors - Rosabeth Moss Kanter -

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Fewer people act as power-holders monopolizing information or decision-making, and more people serve as integrators using relationships and persuasion to get things done. People who read this also read: * * * Never miss a new post from your favorite blogger again with the Daily Alert email.


An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks « emergent by design

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I tried getting a job the old-fashioned way, sending out applications and crossing my fingers, hoping somehow my worth would be reflected on that dreaded piece of paper we call the resume. (Oh, If you have any connection with your strengths, if you have acknowledged and pursued developing them, it’s probably reflected in what you do for a living. emergent by design Home who’s the architect?

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The Four Tenets of the Community Manager

John Tropea - Delicious Community

So to be clear, there should not be a conflict I will update the language to reflect this better.

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The AppGap " " Collaboration — What's in it for me?!: News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

The viewpoint i am working on is to look at the WIIFM in the form of value that the blogger receives … sort of like a price they receive for selling what they know! About | Contributors | Contact us | Subscribe: via RSS , via Twitter UPCOMING WEBINAR: No Time, No Budget, Fewer People?

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

doesnt integrate with yourpersonal calendar (e.g. It workedthrough e-mail but was not integrated with common work calendaring andscheduling software like Outlook. Then Id need to map those, over time,against the categories (play, meaningful conversation, reflection,creation, action) of activities I intend this time to be spent in, andif necessary tweak the allotments to different communities to bringthem into balance with my ideal balance of different productiveactivities.

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An adoption strategy for social software in enterprise. Strange Attractor: Picking out patterns in the chaos

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

With a background in journalism, publishing and web design, Suw is now one of the UK’s best known bloggers, frequently speaking at conferences and seminars. How can the software be simply integrated into their existing working processes?

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Stowe Boyd: Building Social Applications at Climb to the Stars (Stephanie Booth)

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

They might not reflect accurately what Stowe told us, and might even be outright wrong in some places. Journal where you can integrate music references. and integrate them to iTunes, for example.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

These are parts of me, reflections of the partsof me. And why I have no use for most religions that presumeto tell us what our purpose is and how we should live, or for themodern scientific cults that teach us how to control and programourselves to live integrally. The thoughts expressed herein are strictly those of the blogger. Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays.

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Video and Debate: Who really owns the Community?

John Tropea - Delicious Community

If we look at it from a sociological point of view, those who provide products and services have always been an integral part of any community, whether it is the lone merchant or the family business or the company town.

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Full Circle Associates " Notes from the Seattle Online Community Meetup

John Tropea - Delicious Community

If you are a K scale blogger segregated area. Want to integrate existing content into social network — what we intend to do is relaunch our content on a platform that does a couple of things.

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: How Some Folks Have Tried to Describe Community - Update 2005

John Tropea - Delicious Community

link] Hagel and Armstrong in their definitive book on business related online community, Net Gain , suggested there are five elements that define community which include: distinctive focus, integration of content and communications, a valuing of member generated content, an openness to competitive information/access and a commercial orientation. I feel the blogger community has tremendous potential to help expand the community and expand the understanding and involvement of members.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

As long as we are part of modern society, and modern political andeconomic systems, it is impossible to reach this goal, because a hugeamount of non-renewable consumption, pollution and waste is involved inthe production and distribution of everything we buy, and because weare an integral part of systems that are vastly wasteful anddestructive. It should have a space for socialactivity, a space for quiet work and reflection, and a space forsleeping.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

I think it is enormously helpful, in order to get outside yourselfand see the purpose of setworks, to appreciate that youre not you, butmerely a reflection of their (the organs in a bag of water that you call your body) evolvingsurvival setworks. The thoughts expressed herein are strictly those of the blogger. Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays.

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