10th Year Blogiversary – The Unfinished Journey of Blogging and Why It Matters


It’ was just an opportunity for me to highlight how blogging is alive and kicking if just a sample of the articles linked above contained hundreds of different blogging tips, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced blogger.

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Stories to TEL: Learning in networks and in communities of practice

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Although such groups may disappear once the problem is solved, they may last and become or become integrated in genuine communities of practice. Hershey, New York: IGI Global. New York, NY, USA: ACM. New York and London: Routledge; Taylor and Francis. Powered by Blogger. Stories to TEL. This is Peter Sloeps blog on all things Technology Enhanced Learning.

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Blog Cases from 2005: Renee Blodgett on Cimmunications and Marketing

Portals and KM

Many of her blogger friends were more introverted than Renee. Renee says, “If you have something compelling to say, people will come back for more and then, you not only have an audience but hundreds if not thousands of new connections.”. After Renee quietly started her blog, several well-known industry bloggers encouraged her to go live with her blog and told her not to worry what others thought of her content or her writing. She made a few new friends through this post.

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25 Common Social Media and Web Marketing Mistakes

Online Social Networking

Check new options at your disposal for consistency with your plan and expected return on time invested. You spent tens of thousands to engage top notch social media and web consultants, but you don’t want to spend a couple of thousand on the new website design they recommend.

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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This is software you can brand and integrate tightly into your existing domain. Awareness builds these features into complete communities for companies, or customers use the Awareness API and widgets to integrate Web 2.0 The foundation of our patent pending technology is a new Web 2.0

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Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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Introduction Since their introduction, social network sites (SNSs) such as MySpace, Facebook, Cyworld, and Bebo have attracted millions of users, many of whom have integrated these sites into their daily practices. New York: ACM Press. New York Times.

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Internet Evolution - Executive Clan Editor's Blog - Social Net-Based Onboarding Boosts Productivity

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If that is true, then getting new employees up to speed and contributing to the bottom line will be critical. consultant Sacha Chua , who says in about 85 percent of companies, new hire morale/passion dramatically declines after six months. Its no secret that new employees cost money.

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Ten leading platforms for creating online communities | Enterprise Web 2.0 | ZDNet.com

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Part of this is that we’re in the early days yet and online communities are a new discipline for most of us, having only recently begun a large-scale move form the edge of the network and more into the center of our daily work. That most of us are not fluent community facilitators is something that will almost certainly be addressed as a vital new workplace ability and one that we will have to acquire diligently to work effectively in the future.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: My(Work)Space

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home | archives & search | rough type store | nicholasgcarr.com « Understanding Google | Main | A star for "The Big Switch" » My(Work)Space November 28, 2007 The new edition of the Financial Times Digital Business podcast is out, and it includes, among other things, a commentary from me on the contrast between formal business software applications and informal social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

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An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks « emergent by design

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A synapse fired, a new connection was made, and I was brought to a new level of consciousness, a new way of seeing the world. I have suggestion about the economical mechanism which could start self-organising virtuous circle and it’s not solely based on any new currency or complementary moneylike thing (greetings to Tom Graves). i know i didn’t come up with anything new here, but i see i expressed something that has been resonating with many of us!

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Stowe Boyd: Building Social Applications at Climb to the Stars (Stephanie Booth)

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New social business model!) Journal where you can integrate music references. If you have an existing social app, and an entrenched body of users, to make people switch to your new product you need to be an order of magnitude better. and integrate them to iTunes, for example.

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Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: How Some Folks Have Tried to Describe Community - Update 2005

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Ive interspersed the old with the new. link] Hagel and Armstrong in their definitive book on business related online community, Net Gain , suggested there are five elements that define community which include: distinctive focus, integration of content and communications, a valuing of member generated content, an openness to competitive information/access and a commercial orientation. New York: Simon & Schuster.

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Community 2.0 Conference Notes: Day 3 " humantech

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Moderation… Shawn GolBill Schreiner: New ettiquette needs to be taught by parents. 230,000 new profiles are created per day! Opening a new marketplace for video. It is a whole new level of emotion / consumer expression. It is a new society — they have to learn to live in the new market. Max Kalehoff: Customer service is becoming the new marketing department. The desire to share is not new. There were new incentives to innovate.