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Another Special Day


And how it’s that flexibility and work life integration that would surely help knowledge workers become a lot more attached to the work they do, with a rather strong sense of belonging, ownership and co-responsibility for wanting things to work out just all right.

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“Ficciones y Aflicciones” By Ernesto Uria


And, indeed, I just did that, as I came back yesterday from my first one of those, this time around to Brussels , Belgium , where I had a wonderful time participating in a customer workshop talking about The Social Enterprise and its own wider adoption of social software.

2011 179

KM World and Enterprise Search Summit 2010 Notes: Designing Social Search in the Enterprise

Portals and KM

  It is an enterprise micro-blogging tool that I have covered a bit (see  Socialcast Adds Sharepoint and Outlook Integration, New Features, and Enhanced Metrics ). Here is its description: “System One Collaboration recombines the essentials of social software and semantic search in a highly integrated team productivity suite. It was developed by the Belgium based firm, Whatever.

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First Take: Microsoft Business Productivity Suite Online - Communications Online

Collaborative Thinking

there is no support for integrating with existing telephony (e.g., How will integration with other UC vendors be handled - if I have Avaya or Cisco - how will a hosted OCS interoperate with non-hosted versions of those tools?

P2P: an introduction to Peer to Peer by Michel Bauwens

The Bumble Bee

Communication is not top-down and based on strictly defined reporting rules, but feedback is systemic, integrated in the protocol of the cooperative system. P2P, as a uniquely human phenomenon integrates moral and intentional aspects.

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Enterprise 2.0 Knowledge Sharing Platform from Knowledge Plaza

Portals and KM

It was developed by the Belgium based firm, Whatever. There is browser and e-mail integration to simplify the process of adding content.

The HBR List 2009 - How Social Networks Network Best

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

The bees’ decision making highlights both information discoveryand information integration, two processes that are crucialto every organization but that have different requirements.A The bees’ process suggests that organizationsthat alternate as needed between the centralized structureand the richly connected network can shape information fl ow tooptimize both discovery and integration.

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Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » FrenchPod is a PLS

Ken Carroll

It also means that we can integrate the elements and that users can dive in, immerse themselves in the resources, and develop a live culture of learning the language. Marc in Belgium (aka marchey) Daves Whiteboard Says: May 29th, 2008 at 4:48 am Breaking out of the box (boîte, caja, xiá)… The FrenchPod language-learning site has joined its siblings, ChinesePod and SpanishPod. Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0

Communities of Practice | European Community of Practice

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The challenge is the initial and ongoing time investment to be able to integrate the tools and practices into your work routines that will enable you to go to a meeting without leaving your desk.