The evidence is here: Visual portfolio mapping delivers better decisions

Governance in a Networked World

You find a link to the Dr Catherine Killen''s paper which will be presented at the Decision Sciences Institute''s Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland in November 2013 here.

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The advantages of moving from one kind of poverty to another


About the same time, I read this article in Science which begins by telling us that: ‘Nearly 9 million people in the United States live in “extreme-poverty” neighborhoods in which at least 40% of residents have incomes below the federal poverty threshold.’. cities: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Can the quality of life of people in poverty be improved, without changing their economic circumstances? Let’s talk millions.

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"Collaboration and Community" by Scott London

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Harry Boyte tells the story of when the leaders of BUILD, a local community organization in Baltimore, first met with their senator Paul Sarbanes. Wood and Barbara Grays analysis "Toward a Comprehensive Theory of Collaboration" in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science , Vol. "Stakeholder Collaboration and Innovation: A Study of Public Policy Initiation at the State Level" in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science , Vol.

2008 56 Visual Meetings Arrives at The Grove

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In an initial one I wrote about one of my favorite meetings, a spring retreat I conduct every year in Baltimore for their Leadership program.

Fresh Perspectives: New Network Theory Conference

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It discusses co-authorship networks, calls for a marketplace model to maximize the global brain, and to help transform the way science is done with: “an open source, community-driven framework/application for the integration and utilization of datasets, algorithms, tools, and computing resources.” Summit Hannover Reputation Economies in Cyberspace Sustainability: An Evolving Business Paradigm- AMA Webcast OD Network Conference 2007 October 21-24 Baltimore Enterprise 2.0

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At the Corner of Assertiveness & Cooperation: Collaboration > Trust Matters

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Trust, Trusting and Trustworthiness The Great Empathy Famine Buying Lessons from a Master Salesman The Shortest Route to Sales is Not the Direct Route 25 Behaviors that Foster Mistrust Trust at OHare Airport Introducing the May Carnival of Trust When You Cant Trust Your Leadership Rationalization - At the Heart of Ethical Challenges April 2009 Selling Through A Slump Consulting and the Art of Self-deprecation Marketing Science is Great in Theory.

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