The Great Unbundling and Collapse of Local Newspapers

Alchemy of Change

Part 2 of 5: This post builds on my summary of a recent report from the FCC entitled “The Information Needs of Communities: The Changing Media Landscape in a Broadband Age.&# Platforms for Crowdsourcing Local Information. Part 1: The Information Needs of Communities.

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"Collaboration and Community" by Scott London

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If the right people are brought together in constructive ways and with the appropriate information they can not only create authentic visions and strategies for addressing their joint problems but also, in many cases, overcome their limited perspectives of what is possible. Stakeholders may have different levels of expertise and different access to information about the problems. observe, in order to prevent discussions from degenerating into "information exchange session[s]."[30]

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Fresh Perspectives: New Network Theory Conference

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Read on to learn from network studies regarding bird flu, health information, life cycles and "Linking and the network imaginary”. Your smart-tagged dog can meet other dogs and exchange information. When your dog returns home, that information can be downloaded, you can learn about your dogs’ friends, the owners of those dogs, set up dog dates and so on. 21st Century Organization Trends, thought leaders, and workable models for the successful 21st century organization.

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