The Information Needs of Communities

Alchemy of Change

I first heard the phrase ‘harvest strategy’ in the nineties, when it was briefly mentioned in a board meeting at the Baltimore Sun. Part 1 of 5: This is the first in a five-part-series on the decline, fall and possible renaissance of local news.

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The Great Unbundling and Collapse of Local Newspapers

Alchemy of Change

There’s a revealing quote on page thirty-eight of the report from John Carroll, former editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, the Baltimore Sun, and the Los Angeles Times.

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"Collaboration and Community" by Scott London

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Harry Boyte tells the story of when the leaders of BUILD, a local community organization in Baltimore, first met with their senator Paul Sarbanes. Future commissions fall under the rubric of anticipatory democracy, a term coined by Alvin Toffler in his influential book Future Shock (New York: Random House, 1970, see especially pp. Anticipatory democracy is a process combining citizen participation and long-range goal-setting. 132; Pamela Varley, "Electronic Democracy."

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At the Corner of Assertiveness & Cooperation: Collaboration > Trust Matters

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Why Influence Is Only Halfway to Trust What Malpractice Suits Teach Us About Trust Trust in Singapore Trust-based Selling Program June 19 in the Baltimore-Washington Area Why Corporate Training May Be Less Effective Than Bird Training Is "Brand Trust" An Oxymoron?

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