Yi-Tan tech and business model case study

Learning Alliances

An IRC channel. The IRC channel supports the phone call and lets people share resources, heckle, queue up questions, and greet each other. There is a twitter-stream which seems to augment the email announcements and supplement, but not replace, the IRC channel.

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Green Chameleon » Trouble at the AOK Corral

Green Chameleon

Founded by Jerry Ash it uses a unique model: “star&# moderators - experts on some aspect of KM - are researched by Jerry, and brought in for 2-week long discussions. Conflict and dissent online are very tricky because we’re in stripped down text mode - the full range of human conflict handling affordances are not there and all the emotional content of what we’re thinking and feeling is channeled through clumsy sentences.

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Various ways to use social media as a facilitator or trainer

Joitske Hulsebosch

A great model has been developed by Jane Hart: how to use social media in e-learningtrajectories: We believe you may also use this model to think about how to use social media in face-to-face learning trajectories. (1) Jane Hart warns us that you should use the first model with caution.

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SIKM community presentation

Digital Habitats

A Peek at the public back-channel : The SIKM chat in Etherpad and Twiter. They were frequently going back and forth between one and the other. Yes… and, the attractor factor is emphasized now, and our past social process models were heavily relationship centric.

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Micro-blogging: Friend or Foe For Unified Communications

Collaborative Thinking

My premise (which I've publically discussed previously in this blog, sometimes under the term "social messaging") is that micro-blogging's broadcast model, coupled with its "follow", hashtag and other filtering/categorizing capability creates a "sense of space" within the stream. Historically, the industry has long lamented the use of communication channels for collaboration. Micro-blogging alters this model via a broadcast stream pattern of posts that are public (in general).

Online Facilitation, Twitter, Backchannel and Keynotes | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

So inspired by Cliff Atkinson’s book “ The Back Channel ,&# I decided to integrate a Twitter tool into the slides and thus into the body of the talk, consciously breaking in and out of the audience. Then I did a little hand raising poll to see how people felt about the concept of integrating a back channel into a face to face presentation to surface that yes, many of us have mixed feelings. I like to role model reciprocity.

Running a Pro Action Cafe for 300 people

Chris Corrigan

The inimitable Avril Orloff designed some templates for us and Matt Mayer and Brenna Atnikov were on hand to help hold space and to be good sounding boards for design and harvesting ideas.

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Collaboration online

Jenny Connected

Gilly Salmon’s 5-stage model provides very good guidelines on how to prepare for collaborative tasks online. These are usually designed into Stage 4 of the model after it has been established that everyone has successfully accessed the learning environment (Stage 1), participants are socialising easily and the learning community norms have become apparent (Stage 2) and information is being freely exchanged and a culture of open sharing exists (Stage 3).