Do People in Virtual Teams Need Face Time?

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The “masterclass” was presented online to 10-12 people in Australia. ”), one of the questions from a delegate in the discussion was about virtual teams, and whether face-to-face (in-person) time was necessary.

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Notes on CUST115 ABS on Visual Social Communications

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9 offices located in all capital cities across Australia. business strategy - to decentralize staff across Australia (so as to attract better qualified staff across a larger geographical footprint, rather than been limited to the head office in Canberra). Lots of virtual teams. ease collaboration across virtual teams, eg., time zones, getting access to virtual teams.

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News Updates (July 29, 2009)

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From Australia, " As governments and the public sector start to do the same [get value from Web 2.0], they will encounter the same challenge as others have, which is that these new tools don’t just change structures and processes, they change behaviour as well. Virtual Team Technology.

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Swarms on primetime TV

The Bumble Bee

In South Australia a sea of mice raid farms as millions consume and destroy on a scale that defies belief. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks. musicians/bands, sports teams, film-makers) and good cause sponsors (e.g.

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News Updates (February 9, 2010)

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Document Savings in Australia. Objective says that local governments in Australia are wasting $500 million a year via ineffective document collaboration. The Virtual Team Builders Blog suggests email best practices. Co-Working.

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Green Chameleon » Touch

Green Chameleon

And why do organisations insist on believing they can completely remove face to face meetings – basic human contact – from their virtual teams and communities of practice once they have put collaboration infrastructure in place?

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