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Conversely, as experienced practitioners migrate to the “indies&# the commercial conferences increasingly cater to the novices, and so their content continues to be conventional, high level, accelerating the exit of the experienced. Search Green Chameleon and Straits Knowledge Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

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It also occurred to me (slow learner, remember) that if I were to migrate semi-annually to two. With a semi-annual migration, I can bump up the scores of temperate-zone places. Here's my updated list, ranked by score, with Northern (May-Oct) sites in blue and the Southern (Nov-Apr) sites in green (those in black text are warm all year): Area. For the US, a Green Card costs US$500,000 (about CA$700,000). For Australia, you can stay up to one year.

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Posted by Stuart French at 8:01 AM Labels: culture , organisational , theory 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home About me Stuart French Melbourne, Australia I currently work in the healthcare technology field.

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Jenny Ambrozek wrote @ July 2nd, 2008 at 10:50 am Jenni Beattie, Sydney, Australia based owner of the Network PR Facebook Group and contributor to our Facebook Groups Investigation was unfortunately unable to participate in the webinar. What impact will Green IT have on the future of work?

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If you wish to maintain any COP functionality you will need to migrate the particular COP into a Sharepoint teams site.". It then emerged that no migration project plan had been put in place. skip to main | skip to sidebar Nov 4, 2008 Of KM Metrics, Whales, Hermit Crabs and other things Metrics matter. But do they tell the whole story ? Is it just about a sites "hits" rating ?

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