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Portals and KM Blog Begins it Tenth Year

Portals and KM

I certainly would not have predicted that when I started the blog on May 2, 2004 with three posts: Is KM the Killer App for Portals? I had recently learned about blogs and sold a free-lance article to Portals Magazine on them.

Portals and KM Blog Begins it Eighth Year

Portals and KM

I certainly would not have predicted that when I started the blog on May 2, 2004 with three posts: Is KM the Killer App for Portals?   I had recently learned about blogs and sold a free-lance article to Portals Magazine on them. I picked the title as I had recently led the knowledge management and enterprise portals practice in a division of a large consulting firm. It is hard to imagine that I have been writing this blog for over seven years now.

How to be a great community manager

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Community managers should know the subject in depth, have energy for stimulating collaboration among the members, and be able to devote sufficient time to leadership activities. Adapting details from Knowledge Management Leaders & Community Managers: Whats Needed?

2016 21

Portals Not Going Away?

Portals and KM

Remember portals? collaboration systems have replaced portals. One firm even replaced their portal with Facebook and got a lot of PR for it. Perhaps but a recent Forrester report, Portal Servers Refuse To Go Quietly , by Tim Waters found that portals are still popular in many circles. As the report summary cited, “ portal server technologies continue to be widely deployed by enterprises. Downsized budgets can be an obstacle for new portal efforts.

Re-Imagining the Grants Management Process via the Digital Transformation Office

Michael Sampson - Currents

A common grants management system is a solid first step; well done Australia.

2015 31

Most Popular Portals and KM Blog Posts 2008

Portals and KM

I like the variety here as some are about knowledge management, some cover web 2.0 Knowledge Management 2.0 History of Knowledge Management in Six Parts: Introduction (2004). Some Knowledge Management Blogs (2005). I took a look at Google Analytics to see what posts people were looking at on this blog in 2008. It seems to get the best data.

KM 2

When Collect and Connect is not enough…

Chris Collison

One of the common constructs used to ‘frame’ knowledge management activities is that of Collect or Connect. Collect is often thought of to refer to the KM activities closest to document management and information management.

2014 34

Your Favorite Portals and KM Posts for Last Quarter and Last Year

Portals and KM

Knowledge Management 2.0 History of Knowledge Management in Six Parts: Introduction - 2004*. Some Knowledge Management Blogs - 2005 A few days ago this blog passed the 500,000 page view mark. It took almost five years to get there and I know some bloggers do this in a month but it does feel like a milestone. I never thought I would still be blogging five years later when I started in May 2004. Now I do not see stopping.

KM 2

Traditional Knowledge Management Systems - Adapt or Die


If you have been following this blog for a while, you would know how my professional background comes from various different areas associated for quite some time now with Knowledge Management, in particular, traditional Knowledge Management: Collaboration, Community Building, Learning, etc.

Facebook as a Corporate Portal Platform

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Facebook as a Corporate Portal Platform? There are some definite limitations to Facebook as a portal. The inconsistent behavior and security profiles of different Facebook applications will be familiar to any portal developer struggling with third-party portlets or Web Parts. In comparing the use of Facebook to the simplicity of SharePoint, Tony notes: “…the problem with SharePoint is that there is no native way to manage multiple instances of it.

Making Social CRM “Friend Discovery” Real

Alchemy of Change

“Friend Discovery&# is a new idea for Social CRM that connects the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database in an organization with the social networks of its customers and other stakeholders.

Portals and KM: eProject – Enterprise 2.0 Collaborative Business Applications

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Portals and KM This blog shares ideas and hopes to generate discussion on enterprise 2.0, and knowledge management to provide value to organizations through practical applications. The firm began as an online project management suite in the late 90s as part of the Web 1.0

Another Knowledge Management Blogs List

Portals and KM

In an explorative study about Knowledge Management weblogs Pumacy Technologies AG has been analyzing active knowledge management blogs by comparing figures from August 2008. Pumacy Technologies AG is solution provider for knowledge, process and innovation management. technologies for knowledge management. Their first step is a systematic survey of private and commercial blogs that cover knowledge management.

D-Day for Communities and Networks Connection

Making CommunitySense

However, when you feel the “Force Is Starting To Embrace You Again&# , a brand new Jedi sabre is awaiting to help you cut through the conceptual tangle and quickly zoom in on the most relevant developments: the Communities & Networks Connection blog portal. It is not a single blog, nor a group blog, but a true portal that combines a blog roll of featured bloggers in this area with advanced search and newspaper-style presentation options.

Green Chameleon » Leadership 2.0

Green Chameleon

Attended an iKMS talk last evening by Bonnie Cheuk of Environmental Resources Management (ERM). The talk was about the successful rollout of their Sharepoint portal named Minerva, which includes Web 2.0 What was remarkable to me was how participatory the leaders of ERM were in the rollout of the portal. blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Leadership 2.0

IBM Connections Conversations 1: Review of 3.0

Portals and KM

I recently had an extended conversation with Suzanne Livingston, Senior Product Manager for Connections. It also provides the means to better manage a document library for communities through integration with IBM Enterprise Content Manager and IBM FileNet.    Community moderation is offered and communities can manage their documents within Community Pages. The document library services are provided through Quickr for Websphere Portal.

Portals and KM: illumio – a Smart Content Filter that also offers Enhanced Collaboration and Content Sharing

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Portals and KM This blog shares ideas and hopes to generate discussion on enterprise 2.0, and knowledge management to provide value to organizations through practical applications. One of the public ones is the Knowledge Management group.

Jama Provides Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Capabilities to Product Requirements Management

Portals and KM

This was my experience with knowledge management in the 90s and early 2000s. Jama is a provider of collaborative requirements management software optimized for managing product innovation.

Collaborative Thinking: Modern managers are all the same - Telegraph

Collaborative Thinking

" Sandra Siebenhüter, of the Catholic University at Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in Germany, has been researching these "managers with no profile" The results of dozens of interviews reveal an alarming trend towards managers with incredibly similar CVs – and just about everything else.

Enterprise 2.0: A Transition From Destination Site To Platform Services

Collaborative Thinking

related solutions will expand from social network sites to social applications hosted on the social network site itself and social networking services capable of adding social context to productivity suites, collaboration tools, enterprise portals, business processes, and mobile applications. productivity suites, collaboration tools, enterprise portals, business processes, and mobile applications).

2011 49

Blog Cases from 2005: Jack Vinson on Knowledge Management

Portals and KM

Jack Vinson was one of the people I consulted with when I first started my Portals and KM blog in 2004. Jack continues writes the blog, Knowledge Jolt with Jack , with the current tag line: “This blog is about knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints and other topics. Jack was interested in knowledge management so he picked this topic. Jack simply wanted to try a blogging as another outlet for his thoughts on knowledge management.

Collaborative Thinking: Another Example Of Video In The Classroom

Collaborative Thinking

» February 29, 2008 Another Example Of Video In The Classroom Shades of things to come: Carleton University in Canada has created a video portal for students, according to Campus Technology , which allows them to share, annotate, search, index, and even remix class lecture videos. Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Getting Started With Web Conferencing | Main | Time-out for a festival.

Notes on ASK102 Ask the Product Managers

Michael Sampson - Currents

In the third-to-last slot at IBM Connect 2013, the Ask the Product Managers session is kicking off. Each product manager is introducing themselves: - Ed Brill - he will be moving to a new role in IBM in the mobility area. Lisa - Sametime (offering manager). Rene - Connections (on Pure, compliance, Content Manager). Jane - Domino offering management. Chris Baker - SmartCloud Notes offering manager. We need a product manager as the gatekeeper to app dev.

Measuring the Full Impact of Digital Capital

Portals and KM

This is McKinsey week on Portals and KM as I look back at what is happening in new technology. It is sometimes that the knowledge management people have been talking about for over twenty years. I hope you are having a nice summer.

2014 28

Notes on “Using SharePoint as the Canvas for Student Creativity and Inspired Solutions” (Lou Zulli)

Michael Sampson - Currents

” - CATNIP – Center for Advanced Technologies News and Information Portal. It is the learning management system at the Center for Advanced Technology. ” - … built a regular portal / intranet for all of Lakewood High School. Lou is talking about the use of SharePoint at Lakewood High School, and how students are deeply involved. Some notes: - Lakewood has been using SharePoint since 2001.

2014 34

Equilibrium MediaRich Digital Asset Management for SharePoint and Other Platforms

Portals and KM

Equilibrium offers a more comprehensive commercial product, the full MediaRich for Sharepoint, which has the same features offered by the Sharepoint freeware and the ability to turn on expanded API’s for for creating custom applications for web or intranet portal site.

Further thoughts and discussion about rhizomatic learning

Jenny Connected

8443/ess/portal/section/6f625859-7a2a-4100-a698-7fa18bdf7994. I opened it with some trepidation, as I wasn’t sure how well our presentation went, but on hearing the recording I was pleasantly surprised that it is more coherent than it felt to be at the time, and that in a very short session I think we managed to cover the main points we wanted to make and allow time for questions.

2014 38

Another Enterprise 2.0 App Goes Mobile - Brightidea Innovation Management

Portals and KM

Their WebStorm TM product is an Idea Collection and Ranking Portal that facilitates the innovation process. Brightidea brings the capabilities of social computing to the idea generation and implementation process. I have covered them before  (see: – Brings Focused Enterprise 2.0 Capabilities to Innovation ). Now collaboration is forecasted by Forrester to be one of the big drivers for smart phone usage in 2010 (see Smartphone Surge in 2010 ).

Prescient Releases the Social Intranet Study

Portals and KM

Portal Solutions (e.g. SharePoint or WebSphere) are the most popular technology platforms at 34%, while 27% of intranets are powered by Content Management Systems (e.g. Prescient Digital Media will be officially releasing their report on the Social Intranet Study at the Intranet Global Forum conference in NYC, Nov 9-10. I had a chance to look at a preliminary copy and there are some interesting findings.

ID and Other Reflections: Managing Diversity through Community Management

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Blogging about social business and community management, workplace learning, knowledge management, capability development and organizational learning with occasional digressions. Managing Diversity through Community Management. Knowledge Management. Management.

My New Role within OutStart’s Social Media Efforts

Portals and KM

They have won a number of awards including being named a Visionary in the Gartner Corporate Learning Systems Magic Quadrant since 2004, Top Learning Portal by, and Best of Elearning! Then in the 90s I become involved with knowledge management, but the initiatives I was connected with were more like the social nature of what is now called enterprise 2.0. These services certainly fit within the scope of my Portal’s and KM blog’s coverage.

Blog>> KM Practitioner Interview Series: Arief Amron

Green Chameleon

Arief Amron joined the Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia as Head of Knowledge Management in February 2014. The main bulk of our initiatives is in information management, specifically through the sharing of information via the library.

2016 11

Lotusphere 2011 Notes: IBM Social Business Partners

Portals and KM

Jim Engelking is Director of Business Development and Marketing for Genus Technologies , a US-based business partner specializing in integration between FileNet Content Manger, FileNet BPM, IBM Content Manager and IBM Lotus Software. This is another in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2011.

2011 49

Green Chameleon » Do Knowledge Managers Really Want to Share Knowledge?—Sharing as a Mating Game

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Do Knowledge Managers Really Want to Share Knowledge?—Sharing One of the questions asks what KM professional associations should do to support knowledge managers. Wake up Knowledge Managers!

Looking at the Social Enterprise with eXo CEO Benjamin Mestrallet

Portals and KM

provides a foundation for portal-based enterprise apps.  You can manage web sites. It is an application development platform and it can manage social interactions within the enterprise. It provides what can be called a social portal. Now much smaller companies are looking into the social aspects of company portals. Managers are able to more easily monitor what is happening within the enterprise and take action.

Is Oracle Beehive DBA(Dead Before Arrival)?

Michael Sampson - Currents

WebCenter Suite 11g received "significant enhancements" back in January , including in the collaboration area: " - Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g enables organizations to develop and deploy internal and external portals and websites, composite applications, mashups, and social and collaboration services all tightly integrated with enterprise applications. I haven't heard anything from Oracle in quite a while about Beehive, its next-generation collaboration suite.

OutStart’s Participate Enables the Social Side of Enterprise Work Processes

Portals and KM

It integrates social networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing technologies in a secure managed environment. There is automated management and capturing of question and answer exchanges for organic growth of the knowledge base over time.

Re-Inventing Collaboration: CRM as Social Technology

Alchemy of Change

Though we don’t often see it as such, CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) truly is a social technology. Organizations use CRM to manage relationships with customers and partners, and one day they’ll likely use it to manage relationships with employees. CRM is more than just a database for managing information about relationships, however. It started quite simply at first, with contact management solutions like ACT!

2011 70

Blog>> Users Demands for Collaboration Tools

Green Chameleon

The scope reached from communication tools, documents sharing, collaboration in teams, social networking and a personalized portal. The survey should some interesting results I would like to share: tools for mobile phones , especially for instant messaging, would be well appreciated; this supports travelling managers on the one hand and also blue-collar working without computer.

Are We In A "Post E2.0 Era"?

Collaborative Thinking

Other technologies such as portals, search, content management, instant messaging and presence tools helped round out the typical collaboration manifest (even though they were not technically collaboration tools per se). Portals represented the best-in-class capability back then to enable contextual collaboration since application and collaboration portlets could be composed into a single, integrated user experience.

2012 49