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When Context Transcends Change Management


What if everything we have been told about Change Management over the course of the last few decades was all just … plain wrong? That hurts.

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Social Business – Where Bosses and Managers Become Servant Leaders


“[…] a management philosophy which implies a comprehensive view of the quality of people, work and community spirit. Well, we may not.

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Don’t Underestimate the Value of Your Community Managers


To train the entire organization on social media, internal social software, social business, social processes and workflows and community management.

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Blog>> Orchestrating the Intranet for Knowledge Management

Green Chameleon

Patrick’s taxonomy development infographic has sparked off a little friendly competition in the office.

Transforming the Workplace with Radical Management by Steve Denning


Well, it’s been, all along, about culture, corporate culture , about organizational change , about change management (i.e. To name: .

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How to Help Managers Lead Change

Partnering Resources

What can I do to help my managers lead change? Make sure your managers always know what’s going on. Image: Lindsay Phillips on

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Blog>> The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook - now available for pre-ordering

Green Chameleon

My next book, co-authored with Nick Milton is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon! Check it out

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The 10 Key Principles of Change Management

The Bumble Bee

Change Management is a great example of 'osmosis'. Checkout some of my other articles on Change Management. Be very careful with email.

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Community Managers and the Art of Facilitating Communities Effectively


Of course, I am talking about the role of the Community Manager , or Community Facilitator , which has been my preferred term from the beginning.

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Blog>> Trends in Knowledge Management

Green Chameleon

builds on management to pass some control on to the network; they empower the knowledge workers to work and act autonomous. This has been my view on the new trends in knowledge management, which have been emerged in the last few years. Traditionally, KM was more often than not a top-down driven approach. Semantics. Enterprise 2.0.

Community Manager in Residence

Managing Communities

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Blog>> Knowledge Management in Intranets

Green Chameleon

individual usage: personal information management: documents, bookmarks, notes / manage personal relationships and contacts. bookmark management which allows to aggregate related information from internal and external sources with relevant tags. For this post, let’s focus on the first: technology. suppliers) into communities.

Appreciative Inquiry and Knowledge Management? No problem.

Chris Collison

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) pre-dates Knowledge Management. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve come to appreciate(!) My response? Discover.

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Personal Management Software destroys internet authenticity and democracy

The Bumble Bee

The aim is to create the perception of a (fake) upswell in sentiment on a given topic (a practice is known as astroturfing ). News & Media

The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources AND Management’s Hands


It’s easier to manage individuals than to facilitate communities and/or networks working together towards a common set of objectives. And in this case from one particular group: Management / Leadership. Knowledge Management Learning Open Business Open Leadership And it will continue to be here for many years to come.

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CommunityBuilders: The State of Community Management 2011 with Rachel Happe


So I am pleased to share over here with all of you “ The State of Community Management 2011 with Rachel Happe “ That’s right!

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10 Fresh Tips for Community Managers


online_facilitation community_management

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Mary Poppins Online Community – Social Media Manager Leah Howard

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

We grabbed a drink, Vashti held the camera and we chatted on about Facebook, Twitter, audiences, story lines and the future of social entertainment.

Managing Meetings in SharePoint 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

Within the context of SharePoint 2013, AvePoint offers a Meetings App for this scenario. Assigning, aggregating, and synchronizing tasks and actions.

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Business Continuity Management: The Ideal topic for Business Simulation

The Bumble Bee

Business Simulation

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An Open Letter to Project Managers, the New Rock Stars

Partnering Resources

First things first: Project managers rock. There is simply too much at risk for companies to let so much depend on the project managers. Stop resisting project management methodology. Request a meeting with the project management office to talk about the specific rule, how it gets in the way, and some alternatives. Adapt.

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Is this Knowledge Management’s most effective tool?

Chris Collison

One of knowledge management’s most powerful tools. There are a lot of KM-related words beginning with the letter C. Here’s a clue. Not so sure?

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The Secret Ingredient for Customer Lifecycle Marketing? Community Management.

Online Community Strategy

Community Management. Treat Engagement & Retention as a Community Management Opportunity. The missing ingredient?

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Martin White on Intranet Management

Michael Sampson - Currents

Martin White's new book, The Intranet Management Handbook , is now available. Facet Publishing, The Intranet Management Handbook.

How Teachers can Manage Student Contact on Facebook

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Looking to see if Social Media Privacy can be managed? Are you concerned about Privacy and Facebook with students and teachers? Create a List.

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Community Management is Not New

Managing Communities

There is a problem that I’ve found with a good number of people who refer to themselves as online community managers, builders or professionals. Managing StaffThey dismiss, choose to ignore and, in general, don’t really respect what came before them, most of which is still relevant to this day. That’s a mistake.

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Email Management = Top Information Management Pain Point

Michael Sampson - Currents

Whereas IT budgetary allocations for social media were in close alignment with just 11 percent of respondents focusing on managing Web 2.0 information, the research indicates that just 16 percent of organisations assigned the majority of their budget to addressing email management, despite being the UK’s top pain point. My Comments.

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Community Managers and the Art of Facilitating Communities Effectively – Part Deux


IBM Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social ComputingYes, I know! So let’s go then!

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How to be a great community manager

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Community managers and ESN leaders should Schedule, Host, Answer, Post, Expand ( SHAPE ): S chedule: Line up speakers and set up events.

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Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Management Innovation eXchange. Its time to reinvent management. Management Innovation eXchange. relationship management, 3.

Top 50 Knowledge Management Blogs

Portals and KM

Here is a useful list of knowledge management blogs to start the year. It includes three categories: general knowledge management, Web 2.0 and content management, and collaboration. The list from Biz-gasm offers a brief description of each listing so they took some time to get to know the sources.  

Community Managers and Sick Days

Managing Communities

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Gary Hamel, New Humanism, and management 2.0

Ken Carroll

Gary Hamel is the leading thinker on management 2.0 My own diagnosis of the problem is that management 1.0 Management 2.0

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What Does it Take to Be a Great Community Manager?

Managing Communities

photo credit: achimh Earlier this week, William Ruzvidzo invited me to answer a question on Quora, “What does it take to be a great community manager?” ” Mr. Rudvidzo is a Community Manager at 49Pixels. A great community manager has experience. Managing the CommunityI think [.].

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Rick Rubin-Inspired Thoughts on Community Management

Managing Communities

Managing the Community For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you.

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Social Task Management – When Social Business Got Down to Work – #e2conf Highlights


Social Task Management: A New Level of Engagement. W elcome to Social Task Management, I guess! Social Business is Maturing. Ready?

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Celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day 2015 #CMAD

Managing Communities

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From Community Management to Command Centers


online_community community_management online_facilitation listening

2011 24

Internal and external community managers are not the same

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Management & HR. & Social Business / Internal and external community managers are not the same. Management & HR.

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Round-Trip Editing in Connections Content Manager

Michael Sampson - Currents

As part of the announcement around Mac Sync, Luis from IBM also mentioned that round-trip editing is available for Connections Content Manager : IBM Connections Content Manager (CCM) users can now do round-trip editing. For example, a Word document, will be opened with the desktop app of Office 365. IBM Connections

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