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Boston E 20 Notes: Interview with Cisco’s Raj Gossain

Portals and KM

They are also offering flexible deployment models: With this release, customers will have a choice of deployment models.   I noted to Raj that while all of these great efficiencies in synchronous and asynchronous communications can lead to tactical improvements, I wanted his views on how they can be used for strategic transformation. WebEx Social is designed to support this transformation in how enterprises operate.

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What do we mean by engagement online? | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Role model passsion, and your own engagement. Alternate synchronous with asynchronous as a way to keep the “heartbeat&# of a group going. For example in a three week online workshop I like a minimum of one synchronous telecon interspersed with asynchronous activity.

What do we mean by engagement online? Reprise from 20019

Full Circle Associates

Tomorrow I’m doing a web meeting with a group of people who are designing, stewarding and facilitating globally distributed online communities of work, practice and information sharing. Role model passsion, and your own engagement. What do we mean by engagement online?

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Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Updating my basic article on online facilitation

John Tropea - Delicious Community

In the early days of online interaction, facilitation most often was confined to asynchronous text based interactions, or synchronous chat. We can role model and describe processes to assist groups. Knowledgeable about design. Ideally, they are involved in the conceptualization, design and implementation of the online space to ensure that group member needs are accounted for. Part conversationalist, part counselor, part role model and sometimes even part bouncer.

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Enterprise 2.0: Jeffrey Stamps and Jessica Lipnack - Collaborating in the Transparent Enterprise. Strange Attractor: Picking out patterns in the chaos

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

With a background in journalism, publishing and web design, Suw is now one of the UK’s best known bloggers, frequently speaking at conferences and seminars. Can take this simple model and do a lot with it.

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