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F-Suites for C-Suites: 4 Futures Thinking Toolkits To Help C-Suite Leaders Thrive in a World of Change « emergent by design

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With this model in mind, a CLA map might look something like this: Other tools in this suite include: Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi), used to understand and inform personal and collective growth through internal modeling. leave one → metalifestream permalink. Mark Roest permalink.

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Collaborative Thinking: Social Media & Financial Services

Collaborative Thinking

While these generations may not have as much money as baby boomers or even Gen Xers, they are perhaps the group with the most potential because they have little or no established relationships with financial institutions, points out Janet Barkwell, VP of client strategies for Toronto-based RBC (US$539 billion in assets). We're in the voting stage right now, and the public actually gets to select who the bloggers will be.

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Core Principles for the New Economy: Human Agency & Enlightened Self-Interest « emergent by design

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An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks « emergent by design

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I had no idea how ’seeing patterns’ would be an asset that would bring me any type of opportunity, because I’d never been appreciated for it before. Reply March 18, 2010 Venessa Miemis permalink thanks for support. Reply March 16, 2010 petervan permalink Fabulous post. Reply March 16, 2010 jazzmann91 permalink Incredible. Reply March 16, 2010 Venessa Miemis permalink thank you for pointing that out.

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Global Neighbourhoods: SM Global Report: Beeline's Francois Gossieaux

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