Metrics and Assessment Tools for Effective Virtual Teams

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Ajay just asked this question: " Are there any metrics or Assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of a Virtual or Distributed Team? What metrics or assessment tools do you use for this? Tags: Virtual Teams I want to be able to implement some of these recommendations that I have been reading, but would like a way to measure pre and post implementation to understand how much of a difference these really make. ".

The social networks of virtual teams - The Bumble Bee

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Manifesto | About | Contact | Library | Gallery | Archives | Site map The social networks of virtual teams April 21, 2006 | article by Ken Thompson in Bioteams Features (83) Stumble It! Such a team may be the last to know of important changes in its environment.

Why Social Networking Can Mean Serious Business for Your Virtual Teams

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Read about Guided Insights blended facilitation services and our Bridging the Distance Webinars for more about fostering greater collaboration among your teams, whether face-to-face or virtual. Reflect your team demographics when choosing the best social networking tools.

And then I said.

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Manuela Zoninsein's " Keep it Personal: Technology certainly has its place when managing virtual teams, but it’s the relationships that truly count ," in this month's PM Network, hits all the right notes about virtual working.

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Interesting notion: Spend 3/4 of your time with those not co-located

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It's not just because " Selling a Global Business: Teamwork Working Like Clockwork Around the Clock " quotes us (thanks) that I'm pulling out its virtual team guidelines. Find the best time zones for the team and alternate between them. Wake up the team by raising your expectations of them. Spend 70-80% of time with team members that are NOT co-located. Assess team and leader skills, and design training to close gaps.

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Collaborative Thinking: Enterprise 2.0: A Critical Assessment

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A Critical Assessment This document is now published for Burton Group clients, the summary is below. In this Burton Group report, Principal Analyst Mike Gotta offers an assessment of E2.0 A Critical Assessment : Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. This link will bring you our team page.

The Leading Virtually Digest, March 20, 2009

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Posts to which it is related: Supportive and Critical Communication in Virtual Teams , Improving Virtual Team Leadership Using Technology. This is precisely why a new kind of leadership - virtual leadership - is necessary for teams and companies who want to adopt collaborative technologies. Systems like TelePresence don’t do away with the need for a savvy team leader any more than fax machines substituted for leadership.

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YouTeamFast: New Blog on working with Teams

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I am pleased to launch the YouTeamFast blog/online resource which pulls together Twenty One of my best techniques for assessing, mobilising, operating and improving teams and is the second website in my YouWorkFast series.

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Solving collaboration issues with technology is a myth

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That''s the same as always: you have to stay alert to human interaction, pay attention to non-verbal communication in virtual teams. I work with an online assessment tool, the Intercultural Readiness Check, which is based on three areas: Connect, Perform and Enjoy.

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Bioteams 101: Introduction to Bioteams Principles

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A Bioteam is a team which has a life of its own and requires an alternative model to traditional command and control. Beliefs Zone: Team beliefs about Co-operation, Consequences and Confidence. Leadership zone: Treat every team member as a leader. Rule 2: Team Intelligence.

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Have you discovered the power of Serendipitous Collaboration yet?

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Step7: Then it's time to do a quick "tidy up," to name and assess scope for each of the merged clusters as "collaborative product offers." The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks. Tags: Virtual Collaboration Networks

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Enterprise 2.0: Leading Collaborative Teams

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Each is doing different but related things to make it easier for distant teams to work together. Co-author of six books, she is an expert on virtual teams, networked organizations, and social media. 2009 Green Teams Knowledge management Technology Telecommuting Virtual reality

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Discover Bioteams via Experiential Learning

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I recommend an Experiential Learning approach which allows you to evolve your own unique take on bioteaming which takes full advantage of the hidden learning and experiences you and your organization already have about 'natural teams'. Make sure you document your conclusions as a team.

Goal Setting to Close the Knowing-Doing Gap

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In my previous post , I referred you to articles about how to lead virtual teams. Research suggests that assessing how you are doing relative to your goals could easily become an evaluation of one’s self in addition to an evaluation of outcomes.

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Bioteams and the beliefs of high performing teams

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Team Beliefs are the fuel which can really energise or kill team effectiveness. Unfortunately this is often the most neglected aspect of a high-performing team initiative. In this article I remind people of the key beliefs of high-performing teams. In a earler article, The seven beliefs of high performing teams , I suggested that members of High-Performing Teams (HPTs) share a common set of beliefs. The major output of the 3 teams was software products.

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Social Workplace for Government 2.0 by Deb Lavoy


Thus virtual and physical come together as one. What a wonderful deck on assessing and evaluating the benefits, barriers and overview of technologies within the social software space around the whole industry of Government.

Knoco stories: When communities of practice are not the answer

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If you are trying to create something, then maybe you need a conference, or a knowledge exchange, or a virtual team. KM assessment. (7). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Knoco stories. From the knowledge management front-line. Wednesday, 8 January 2014.

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Column 2 : Enterprise 2.0: Reports from the Frontier

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Boudinet continued on with information on how they developed a collaborative environment and culture at Volvo with global virtual teams, once the technology was in place to support such collaboration. ProdexNet uses a number of different processes for virtual team collaboration, including regularly-scheduled meetings and informal phone conversations, and encourages smaller team sizes of 5-7 people. Column 2 BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and technology trends in business.

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The Technology-Collaboration Disconnect - BusinessWeek

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Among more than 50 large organizations assessed by The Corporate Executive Boards IT Practice, the best have begun with an understanding of the capabilities knowledge workers need, not the capabilities new technologies provide. Execution: Is the proliferation of virtual teams breaking our decision making? The tools became a resource to allow teams to work better rather than a task on top of assignments.

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Leadership Maxims, Avoiding a CoP Mid-Life Crisis, Library Clips, Knowledge and Learning Toolkit, Ten Commandments for Business Failure

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Healthy communities mature into "influence structures" or active teams of peers who demand or are asked to take on influential roles in their organizations. These teams set short- and long-term goals, establish formal roles and structures, and assume vital organizational tasks. It might establish annual goal-setting and assessment processes or simply make sure the purpose of its work is clearly articulated.

Collaborative Thinking: Building a Culture of Collaboration

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The opportunity for HR teams to redefine themselves (from an administrative function to a strategic partner for other business units) is immense given shifting employee demographic trends and the battle for talent in the marketplace that will occur over the next decade. " Research suggests that to achieve collaboration results, knowledge-sharing companies must assess their culture, no matter what technologies they adopt. This link will bring you our team page.

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Implementing the Cisco Collaboration Framework

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review team—which included members from. technologies such as virtual workspaces, social networking tools, web conferencing. and virtual companies), have put collaboration in. tools, including blogs, virtual workspaces, wikis, desktop video, telepresence conferences, web. teams—and thesecapabilities make the basics of. foundation for virtual, global teams. Wikis, blogs, virtual workspaces, video. to group or team in a collaborative setting.

At the Corner of Assertiveness & Cooperation: Collaboration > Trust Matters

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Trust Quotes #5: Neil Rackham Trust and Virtual Teams The Difference Between Wrong and Illegal The Trust Reader Volume 4 Trust Quotes #4: Peter Firestein on Trust, Character and Reputation How to Soft Sell a Hard Drive Too Big to Trust? The Path of Redemption Leads to Trust The ROI of Business Friendships The Trouble with Buying Processes Madoff: Investment Fund, or Virtual Reality Game? The Thomas-Kilmann assessment suggests that its Collaboration.

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