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Fulbright Commission, to lecture in four Indian states and conduct major international conferences on community-based education; and in 1982, for the Asia Foundation, to plan vocational education programs.

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Courses Online Facilitation Course Online Community Hosting Course Chat & Live Event Hosting Course Facilitating and Hosting a Virtual Community Facilitation Facilitating and Hosting a Virtual Community Some Considerations for Facilitating Online Interaction FaciliTips – Quick tips on online facilitation. Online and Offline Facilitation: What is the Difference? So You Want to be an Online Facilitator?

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Published by Nancy White at 11:23 am under events , facilitation , knowledge sharing I started drafting this post on May 12th and here it is the 10th of July. I was there to co facilitate a face to face follow up workshop on Knowledges Sharing for the CGIAR.

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offers an award-winning platform that facilitates the creation and management of these private business communities with world-class, easy-to-use tools that visually display relevant matches between people, companies, products - virtually anything.

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The Art of Hosting on Video: Three people pointed me to this video featuring three facilitators I know through Art of Hosting. And NOAA suggests seven of these areas (SW North America, E South America, S Europe, N Africa, S Africa, SE Asia, W Australia) will soon face 1000-year-long dust bowls. per harvest. BLOG Links for the Week -- February 14, 2009. "25 25 things about me" collage; thanks to Pete McGregor. for #25; all other photos except #8, #10, #16 by the author.

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I predict they will be the leaders of the future.DHagar A CIO Survival Guide to Healthcare Michael Singer 9/22/2010 10 comments The path to wellness within an enterprise may soon depend on the health of your companys business systems that facilitate and support key healthcare technologies.

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