Engineering Life Work Integration


After all, it’s a beautiful, wonderful world out there and every extra hour that we spend doing overtime or not having that time off for ourselves to do other things as part of that personal work life integration strategy you should all start working your way through on it, you are losing out.

Work Live Integration – 23 and 1/2 Hours


Instead, a long while ago I have made the transition into what some people have been calling work life integration, where one of key words / concepts that has started making the rounds in the last few years, that is, flexibility, is gaining more and more importance and relevance as we move forward.

Becoming a Successful Socially Integrated Enterprise – The Long Journey


Why are we embarking in such a journey to become a successful Socially Integrated Enterprise in the first place?

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Statistics: Why integrate Facebook into your business

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Here’s what Facebook says about media sites using Like buttons and other social plugins: The average media site integrated with Facebook has seen a 300% increase in referral traffic. If they appear at both the top and bottom of articles.

IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise


Let’s just look, for a minute, into some of the social analytics that have been shared in both articles referenced above… If you take a look into them closely you will notice how a good number of them are rather staggering, to say the least.

Collaborative Thinking: Integrating SharePoint And Confluence

Collaborative Thinking

It would be valuable for Microsoft to continue down this path of providing well-defined and public interfaces (as opposed to vendor point-to-point deals) so that other blog and wiki vendors could integrate with the platform.

A Great Example of Collaborative Tools Being Integrated into an Appropriate Way of Working

Michael Sampson - Currents

What I really liked in David’s article was his explanation of how they have integrated their physical working world (and the use of private offices with collaborative physical places) with the use of online collaborative tools: We are an online company: we’ve been remote from day one and still to this day over half of the team (aside from sales) works from home. Writing on the StackExchange Blog , David lays out an argument for private offices.

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It’s All About Work Life Integration; It’s All About You!


Because, in my own experience, it’s not about striking a good work life balance, but eventually it’s all about Work Life Integration. Well, it starts with that concept I mentioned at the beginning of this post: it’s all about Work Life Integration!

Top 10 Twitter-LinkedIn Integration Takeaways

Online Social Networking

Take for example the recent integration of LinkedIn with Twitter. The Twitter-LinkedIn integration helps LinkedIn by adding new life and meaning to its neglected status-update function and by adding much more dynamic content to the site as a whole. The Twitter-LinkedIn integration helps Twitter by attracting new professional users from LinkedIn who were previously too skeptical to join. Did you enjoy this article?

Blogging Innovation: Is Collaboration or Competition Better for Innovation? - Latest innovation articles, videos, and insights

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Kevin Boudreau and Karim Lakhani wrote an excellent article earlier this year in the MIT Sloane Management Review on this very topic. I encourage you to read the article as it addresses factors like intrinsic and extrinsic forms of motivation.

Gran Canaria – A Mini-Continent to Rediscover


And that’s exactly what I am hoping to share with you all with this new series of weekly articles. . Life Travelling Work Life Integration elsua-treats Gran-Canaria

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The Soothing Effect of Blogging


And, for that matter, I don’t miss a single bit my LinkedIn account either, that I deleted a couple of months back (as I wrote over in this article ). It’s hard to believe, even for myself, how the last time I wrote a blog post over here was a bit over two months ago.

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The Perks of Being an Early Riser


This is more of an article to reflect how the time that I used to allocate for those external activities needs to shift accordingly to match a new reality: at the end of the day, both my body and my brain are just wonderfully fried.

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Want to Trust Your Employees? Give Them All Unlimited Vacation Days


Indeed, in a rather inspiring and incredibly thought-provoking article, Joe Reynolds (From Red Frog Events ) shares the story of how over at his company (Red Frog) they celebrate vacation. but more a full integration of your personal life into work and work into your personal life.

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Wear Sunscreen When Looking Up


Nearly 30 million views (at the point of writing this article) would probably confirm that …. Humanise Learning Life Work Life Integration

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2014, The Year That Was


I thought what a better way to resume my blogging mojo than perhaps put together this article where I can reflect on a rather personal account of what has happened month by month sharing some of the highlights (and lowlights!) And nearly four months later… I am back to blogging. Again.

2014 206

There Can Be No Resilience Without Transformation


Perhaps what kicked off that week of denial was that article I put over here under the heading “ Google Plus – Who Owns the Filter Bubble? IBM Innovation Learning Life Open Business Personal KM Work Life Integration #elsuasworkbook Hippie2.0

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The Social Enterprise – Welcome to the Era of Intrapreneurship!


However, there is one particular article out there that became one of my all time favourite ones around this very same topic, and more than anything else, because it describes, pretty well, how work has evolved with the emergence of the Social Web in the last few years.

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10 Strategies for Integrating Learning and Work (part 2)


In my last post I listed ten strategies for integrating learning with work. 10 STRATEGIES FOR INTEGRATING LEARNING AND WORK. Here is an article by Richard McDermott with some good ideas for keeping a valuable CoP alive: How to Avoid a Midlife crises in your CoPs. However, from the perspective of integrating learning and work, social media is a technical platform (like none before it) for sharing, collaborating and communicating while work is being accomplished.

CoP 35

Ideas from an integrated business and farming mind

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

The first installment, Lesson # 1: Manage Your Brand , is the first of seven articles drawing business lessons from the recent McCain campaign for the presidency of the United States. Colleague Marilyn Holt runs a private M&A consultancy and runs a farm and writes. I've pointed to her blog before; today I want to point to a few more of her writings that some of you may find interesting. First, she writes tips for Business Week.

Why I Fired Myself from IBM


A couple of days back, my good friend and fellow CAWW , Ayelet Baron put together a rather interesting, inspiring and very thought-provoking article over at The Huffington Post under the suggestive title “ Sometimes, You Need to Fire Yourself? Well, as Ayelet mentioned on that article , referenced above, I had to start thinking about firing myself, which is eventually what I did, after two years of waiting for the right moment to do so.

2014 171

The Social Enterprise and The Circular Economy


It’s the backbeat to the song we’re singing “ Of course, as I finished off reading through her blog post I just couldn’t help thinking about the “ Figure it out “ part of her article and start thinking about potential solutions.

2011 225

Let The Next Adventure Begin – The Origins


Once again, and probably for the zillionth time already, I am now back to my (no longer) regular blogging schedule and, after nearly two months since the last article I wrote over here, I have got a piece of news to share that may come as a surprise to some of you folks. And you are just an integral part of them and whatever physical and virtual barriers they are no longer an issue. IBM Learning Life Open Business Open Leadership Work Life Integration

2014 175

You Are Not Perfect! Live With It


I discovered it by pure chance a few weeks back and I am now completely hooked up to it, mostly not only because of the top quality articles, publications, videos, etc. IBM Innovation Learning Life Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Enterprise Work Life IntegrationI really like Inc.

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The Trials and Tribulations of an Independent Freelancer – The Path to Self-Discovery


This article by Heather Bussing explains quite nicely plenty of the reasons why I decided to have the account deleted. Probably as a result of that work life integration I have become such a huge fan of in the last few years. elsua Learning Life Work Life Integration

2014 168

Vacation Is A State Of Mind


Indeed, while everyone tries to go and aim for that Work / Life Balance or, as of late, Work / Life Integration, I am starting to be more and move convinced by the day that there isn’t such a balance nor such integration after all.

2011 203

The Joy of Choice


It’s a beautifully written article where he’s on a mission to help us all re-think the purpose of our online (inter)connectedness and to challenge, in a rather healthy, and very much needed, way, whether we do really need to be connected all the time.

2012 207

Facebook Credit: Zuckerberg next Treasurer of the Internet App2User

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

And I saw a guy raving about how he wants to integrate Facebook Credits (he currently uses Offerpal) with his social betting game. Facebook has just announced it’s plans to expand it’s Facebook currency.

Back to Blogging, Again: Boira (2010 – … )


And did you notice the last time I put together another article before that one? Fun Stuff and Musings General Interest Gran Canaria Life Metablogging Work Life Integration

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How to Use Employee Engagement to Boost Your Business


Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Metablogging Personal KM Social Computing Work Life IntegrationCurating good, relevant content that matters to you is just such a wonderful thing!

Reflections from 2011 – And Health It Is!


In that article I mentioned above I wrote about those three wishes being as follows: Stay Healthy, Sustainable Prosperity and Be More Human. General Interest Learning Life Metablogging Work Life Integration

2011 196

This Is What The Circular Economy Looks Like


Innovation Learning Life Metablogging Work Life IntegrationOk, here we go, folks! Here comes 2012 and it looks like it’s going to be busier and more hectic than ever! Are you ready for it? We better be, because there is no way back!

2012 179

My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #8


Fun Stuff and Musings General Interest Knowledge Tools Life Productivity Tools Social Computing Tools and Gadgets Work Life Integration #elsuapps ipad

2010 193

Social Business Forum and a Touch with Reality


I meant it as an article reflecting on some personal changes I am seeing, AND experiencing myself, that I cannot longer control (Not even sure anymore I would want to control them in the first place!)

2011 192

My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #2


You would remember how I am putting together these short articles based on the Daily #iPad App series I keep sharing over in Twitter, more than anything else as a reference for myself that I can keep mentioning back and forth, whenever people would be asking me about my favourite iPad apps.

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My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #6


Earlier on this week I bumped into a couple of those articles that I thought I would share over here, as an additional and rather relevant reading for my Top 5 Picks of Week #6 , which is where we are at the moment.

2010 189

The Liquid Network: Where Good Ideas Come From


Wired’s recently published article under the title “ ?Kevin IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Life Social Computing Work Life Integration

2010 193

The Hybrid Experiment


IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Metablogging Personal KM Productivity Tools Work Life Integration

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Updating my basic article on online facilitation

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Home About Full Circle Resources Contact Us Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Sunday, April 29, 2007 Updating my basic article on online facilitation OK, what do you think should a) come out of this article, b) is missing and needs adding in, and c)needs to be better reframed for the current context. This article had its genesis in 1999 and has been updated about every two years.

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My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #3


I’m still planning to keep these posts on the short side of things; so instead of a fully commentary on an article, it will probably be just a pointer for you to head over to what I think would be a worth while reading.

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My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #7


His article surely is a worth while read to figure out what other businesses out there are doing in this space. Article is in Spanish, but you would be able to see how straight forward it is and how well it actually works.

2010 184

My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #9


First though I would want to share with you folks a couple of rather helpful articles you may want to check out, specially, if you are a librarian or perhaps an English language teacher.

2010 184

My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #5


So, after pointing folks to those articles put together by Jason, you may be wondering what I am missing the most out of the iPad’s current user experience at the moment, right?

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