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At the University of Arizona, psychologist and neuroscientist Richard Lane hopes to make brain-imaging techniques more relevant by using those techniques to study the neuroanatomy of emotions and their expressions. And Pennebaker is continuing to investigate the link between expressive writing and biological changes, such as improved sleep, that are integral to health.

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One reason why I love English football

Chris Corrigan

there are no real home teams, and with the exception of a few that will never leave, the NHL can whimsically move franchises hither and yon, even to the desert of Arizona if they wish, which on the face of it doesn’t seem like a very good place to move a team from Winnipeg.

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Spanish is useful throughout the USA but especially in SW states like Arizona, New Mexico and California, as well as Florida or Texas– you basically can’t get a job there w/o Spanish, due to these states’ histories emerging from Mexico War or similar conflicts. If we want integration of China into the world economy to succeed, we need to build a bridge starting on both ends of the culture gap. Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0

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