List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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offers an award-winning platform that facilitates the creation and management of these private business communities with world-class, easy-to-use tools that visually display relevant matches between people, companies, products - virtually anything.

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A Journey In Social Media: Giving Back, And A Request For Help

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Does Clearspace handle tasks well? Then our job would be to monitor new CoPs, and say "we noticed you created a CoP, lets set up a meeting so we can set you on the right path on how to use the tools, best structure your community, and how to facilitate and sustain a community (people need time and passion to run a community)." A Journey In Social Media A journal about my personal thoughts regarding evolving a comprehensive social media strategy at a large company.

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A Journey In Social Media: New Learnings Begin

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The internal team needs only to focus on two things - contextual organizing and content facilitating. This in fact would eliminate or almost eliminate any worry of creating multiple failures) Content facilitation is all about making the tools available to the external community - your clients and partners so that they can create the content easily and with intuitive, transparent technology (Clearspace).

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A Journey In Social Media: On Conversational Collaboration

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Posted at 10:20 PM | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference On Conversational Collaboration : » Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Report (February 21, 2008) from Effective Collaboration The People Part of Enterprise Collaboration and Virtual Teams Facilitate conversations. For most everything else, the Clearspace implementation is now being used.

Reflections on Community Management: AKA "What Do You Do"

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I see the online community manager role as having several key elements: ongoing facilitation, content creation, evangelism, and community evolution. Ongoing Facilitation : This is probably the activity that most people think of first. I have been focused on recording new podcasts (which are now in iTunes) and blogging regularly in addition to making sure that questions get answered (also part of facilitation).

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What Does it Take to Manage a Community?

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Facilitation. No one person can (or should) respond to every question or comment, so the community manager is frequently in the position of facilitating the discussions. In my case, the ability to administer the Clearspace installation, maintaining and writing web pages, bug tracking software, svn, etc.

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Go Big Always - Anatomy of the Enterprise Octopus

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Go Big Always Search Archives Anatomy of the Enterprise Octopus Some of you may have read the original Enterprise Octopus post , which introduced the icon and explained the difference between The Enterprise Octopus (people-centric work) and The Enterprise Filing Cabinet (file-centric work).

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A Journey In Social Media: Avoiding The eRoom Debacle

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I think we need to recognize that many communities will be temporal in nature, e.g. heres a big project were working on, and now its done and ready for archives. The Clearspace folks are pretty vocal on this, and Im seeing their point. I am arguing for a VERY lightweight top-level taxonomy as follows: -- Getting Started -- Active Communities -- New Communities -- Archived Communities.

Community 2.0 Conference Notes: Day 3 " humantech

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The Importance of Consumer Generated Content in Community Management by: Jeff Ubois, UC Berkeley (a) Jay Bryant: TV Guide (b) Max Kalehoff: Nielson BuzzMetrics (c) Bill Schreiner: AOL (d) Jeff Ubois: I am struck by how much people are talking about archiving at this conference. Jeff Ubois: Exciting to hear everyone talking about archiving. People are looking at federation — people want a distributed network of archiving. We are using website to facilitate user groups.